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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why An iPhone Could Actually Be Good For Your 3-Year-Old

Neil Swidey, Boston Globe

Parents who hand smart phones to their preschoolers as a distraction are shocked to see how quickly the kids become pros. They may worry about such early screen time. But for this generation of “mobile kids,” portable, wireless technology promises to improve the way they learn. Tweet

Why Your 3-year-old Needs An iPhone

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET News

If putting an iPhone into their hands makes them happier and smarter, and, well, hushed in concentration, then might this not be a good thing? Tweet

Noise Buster 7.0 Adds Snow Leopard Support, Enhancements


The application is designed to remove noise in the color and luminance layers of images, both separately and together. The upgrade delivers a series of new features including support for Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, 64-bit Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Snow Leopard, as well as improvements to both the noise reduction algorithm and interface. Tweet

Get Cozy With Comics On Your iPhone

Don Reisinger, CNET News

If you're a fan of comic books, you should also be a fan of the iPhone. Apple's smartphone is home to several neat comic-book apps designed specifically for those who want to enjoy harrowing stories of their favorite heroes in the Digital Age. Tweet

Three iPhone Things That Bug Me

Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

1. Cover Flow.

2. Mobile Safari likes to crash.

3. iTunes likes to automatically start playing when I remove or insert the headphone. Tweet

Mac Mini (Late 2009) Benchmarks

James Galbraith, Macworld

With its considerably faster 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 4GB of RAM, it’s no surprise that the new $799 Mac mini was noticeably faster in our tests. Tweet

Chinese iPhone Has No Wi-Fi

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

The reason for this omission is the Chinese government's efforts since 2003 - in fits and starts - to promote a proprietary security standard for 802.11 devices called WAPI (WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure; WLAN standard for wireless local area network). Tweet

New iMac Owners Complain About Performance Problems

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Owners of Apple's new iMacs, including the pricier 27-in. model, have reported major performance problems with their machines, including extremely sluggish playback of Flash-based video, according to posts on Apple's support forum. Tweet

By Heng-Cheong Leong