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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brandon Perlow: Apple's Influence On Visual Arts Is Rotting To The Core

Jason Perlow, ZDNet

Once the preferred platform of visual arts production and digital content creation, the Macintosh’s market share has eroded due to its inability to pace with advances in PC hardware and commodity system pricing.

Apple Says Children Were Used To Build iPhone, iPod

Connie Guglielmo, Reuters

Apple Inc. said three of its suppliers hired 11 underage workers to help build the iPhone, iPod and Macintosh computer last year, a violation it uncovered as part of its onsite audit of 102 factories.

The company said it stopped doing business with at least one unnamed supplier after finding repeated violations and “inadequate actions” to address the problems.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The iPhone’s Peephole

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

The iPhone may be a closed door, but there is a peephole, Safari. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the device, you might want to look through it.

Accessory Makers Hope To Profit Off iPad

Yukari Iwatani Kane, Wall Street Journal

A month before Apple Inc.'s iPad tablet computer is due to ship, accessory makers are already lining up cases, batteries and other products in the hopes of profiting off the device.

Was Apple's Bikini Ban Too Reactionary?

Tom Kaneshige, CIO

An app developer gets swept up in Apple's raid on "sexy apps" and becomes collateral damage for four days before Apple mysteriously reinstates the app.

iPhone Backup Battery Damage

Ted Landau, Macworld

In the future, whenever I have any accessory connected to my iPhone, it will staying far away from my pants pocket.

iTunes Prize Winner To Steve Jobs: “Yeah Right, Who Is This Really?”

Rolling Stone

When Steve Jobs personally called Woodstock, Georgia native Louie Sulcer to tell him he’d won Apple’s iTunes Store 10 Billion Song Sold contest, Sulcer first thought was that he was being pranked.

Half Of iPhone Users Buy At Least An App A Month

Lance Whitney, CNET

Although iPhone and Android users download and spend time using about the same number of applications, iPhone users are more apt to buy one, according to a report released Thursday by AdMob.

Is Monogamy Good For Technology?

Matt Asay, CNET News

Apple creates wonderful technology. I've long been a customer. But I don't want it to be my only vendor, any more than I wanted Microsoft to be such. I'm therefore betting on Google to break the choke hold and will happily pay it for its troubles.

Who Cares If Apple Bans Some Porn In Apps Store? Overheated Bloggers, That’s Who!

Kara Swisher, Wall Street Journal

What Apple is doing is not unlike any big retailer, like Walmart (WMT), banning porn sales in stores.

Apple Admits To Yellow-tint iMac Issues

Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

Apple confirmed the existence of yellow-tint and display issues in new iMacs and counsels users to contact AppleCare for a fix.

Yet More On The Unfolding Future-of-Flash-and-the-Web Saga

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

From Apple’s perspective, when it comes to software platforms, theirs is best (Cocoa/Cocoa Touch), because they have complete control. Everyone’s is good (the web), because Apple has control over their own implementation and can influence the future direction of the standards. What Apple doesn’t want is someone else’s proprietary platform, where they have no control at all. That’s what Flash is.

Apple Files For Ownership Of 'Magic Trackpad' Trademark


Apple this week filed for ownership of the term "Magic Trackpad" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, perhaps signaling the name for a new product, or a rebranding of the company's existing trackpads.

Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Mac Tweeters Not To Miss

Michael deAgonia, Computerworld

If you're a Mac fan, you'll quickly find that there are a lot of Apple-focused tweeters out there. As a Mac expert and aficionado, I thought I'd share a few who I've found to be worth my Twitter time. Here's a list of 10 tweeters, both well-known and obscure, whose Mac tweets keep me informed and engaged. In this list, a tweeter's popularity is less important than the usefulness of his tweets.

Why Apple's App Store Policies Are Wrong

Don Reisinger, eWeek

Admittedly, it’s a tough balance. And Apple’s position on not wanting to offend others makes some sense. But what doesn’t make sense is exactly how its App Store works. What constitutes an “objectionable” app? What sorts of apps are more likely to be accepted than others? We might think we know the answer, but as the past week has shown, we probably don’t.

iPad Apps Could Put Apple In Charge Of The News

Brian X. Chen, Wired News

Publishers should think twice before worshipping the iPad as the future platform for magazines and newspapers. That is, if they value their independence from an often-capricious corporate gatekeeper.

Parallels Gets Down To Bare Metal With New Server Software

Brett Terpstra, TUAW

Parallels has announced a new version of Parallels Server for Mac called the Mac Bare Metal Edition. It's optimized to provide better performance for virtual machines running on an Xserve, and allows multiple, isolated virtual machines to run simultaneously on the same server.

Plants Vs. Zombies Breaks Records On The iPhone

Mike Schramm, TUAW

PopCap has released some sales information on their latest iPhone game, Plants vs. Zombies, and it's a runaway hit: the game has sold over 300,000 copies in just the nine days it's been out on the App Store, which means the company has garnered over $1 million in sales already.

Why Can’t PCs Work More Like iPhones?

Nick Bilton, New York Times

Apple’s iPhone and computer operating systems are both based on the Unix operating system. Why not use the iPhone interface as the basis for a new round of Apple computers?

Apple's Jobs Says Must Think "Big" On Cash Hoard

Gabriel Madway and Alexei Oreskovic, Reuters

Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs said his company has to "think big" and its $40 billion cash hoard offers flexibility, suggesting that he had no immediate plans to spend the money on a share buyback or dividend.

Faced with questions at the annual shareholders meeting over what Apple would do with its cash -- which stands at about one-fifth of its market capitalization -- Jobs said having the money at hand offers security for the company.

Apple Reveals Plans To Open 25 Retail Stores In China


At Apple's annual shareholders meeting at its campus in Cupertino, Calif., Thursday, the company revealed it intends to open 25 stores in the nation of China.

iTunes Sex Gate Continues: Hooters Girls App Back On Sale

Nicole Martinelli, Cult of Mac

The Fall And Rise Of Bundle-Based Businesses

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

So yes, bundles will survive, but those that do will survive for the right reasons, and those reasons have to do with meeting customers' needs and desires more than facilitating economies of scale and higher price points. That in turns means that companies relying on bundled products need to figure out business models that serve both the bundled and the unbundled product. Otherwise they'll eventually slide into unbundled oblivion.

Review: Thoughts For Mac

Giles Turnbull, Cult of Mac

Thoughts is a desktop notebook app for Mac OS X, designed to look and behave like a real world paper notebook or journal.

There's An App For That, Too — Tampa Cops Find Stolen iPhones With GPS

Kim Wilmath, St Petersburg Times

"So I was in Tampa, and I was on a roller coaster, and somebody stole my phone. Long story short, I used GPS, tracked the guy down and put him in jail."

Palm Disaster Shows That Apple Is Screwed Without Steve Jobs

Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Palm is basically Apple, Jr. And if a bunch of Apple geniuses can't kick butt on their own at Palm, how are they going to kick butt without Steve at Apple?

One small comforting factor: Palm's competitor includes Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Apple Releases RAW Compatability Update 3.1

Josh Lowensohn, CNET News

Apple adds RAW image file support for 11 additional cameras for use in Aperture 3 and iPhoto '09.

Apple: The Wizard Of Awe

Canadian Business

How Steve Jobs weaves his own version of reality, and why we keep buying into it.

One Way To End A Stuck Time Machine Backup


Have you ever seen Time Machine get stuck during a backup run -- constantly showing a tiny percentage completion, for instance? If so, this hint may help; it explains how to gracefully exit that situation, using two simple Terminal commands.

Al Gore A Lightning Rod At Apple Shareholder Meeting

Erica Ogg, CNET News

The presence of the climate change clarion and former vice president on Apple's board sets the tone for debate over the company's environmental strategy.

Tits And Apps

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Apple sees the App Store as an aspect of its brand. Developers see the App Store as the entirety of the Cocoa Touch platform. This is a significant conflict.

It’s entrepreneurism to be willing to take your chances in the market. It’s healthy skepticism to worry about being locked out of the market after you’ve already invested heavily in building your product.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will Apple Satisfy Its Environmental Critics?

Erica Ogg, CNET News

At the company's annual shareholder meeting, environmental advocates will once again ask for a more formal summary of the impact of the company's products.

Time For Apple To Get Serious About Video

Greg Sandoval, CNET News

The Web's video-on-demand sector is filling up fast with some serious heavyweights. If Apple wants to make a mark in digital video that even vaguely resembles the one it made in music, perhaps the company should start treating Apple TV as more than just a "hobby."

Why Journalism Organizations Should Reconsider Their Crush On Apple’s iPad

Dan Gillmor, Mediactive

I watch with amazement as newspaper people drool over the iPad as some kind of industry savior. They’re putting far too much trust in a company that doesn’t deserve it.

CampTune 8 Moves Free Space Between Mac, Boot Camp Volumes


Mac 101: How To Use The iTunes Parental Controls

Dave Caolo, TUAW

My Kid’s An Honor Student At iPad University: Apple On The Rebound In Edu

John Paczkowski, Wall Street Journal

With Apple inking multiyear Mac contracts with a number of school districts, it’s growth in edu is on the rebound. And now, with the iPad and its promise of hand-held education just a few weeks from market, Apple could be poised to see significant growth in higher ed.

Apple's iTunes Serves Up 10 Billionth Song Download


Apple's iTunes Music Store sold its 10 billionth song Wednesday afternoon, with the milestone being reached nearly seven years after the digital music download destination was introduced.

Simultaneously Save Files To IDisk

Christopher Breen, Macworld

With Automator you can save files to both your Mac's hard drive and iDisk.

Apple Releases Aperture 3.0.1

Dan Moren, Macworld

As always, Apple says the 3.0.1 update contains overall stability improvements, but it also calls out a specific laundry list of topics that user reports connected to the memory bug, such as upgrading libraries from earlier Aperture versions, face-recognition processing, importing libraries from iPhoto, and retouching photos.

DevonThink 2.0 Adds Smart Tagging, More

Marco Tabini, Macworld

Devon Technologies's new version of its document organizer introduces several improvements and better compatibility with Snow Leopard.

Life, Death, Calligraphy: The World Of Steve Jobs

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Apple Removes Explicit Option From iTunes

Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

The joy didn't last long. According to an iPhone developer, the new "Explicit" option available this morning on the App Store submission software is now gone. He just got off the telephone with Apple, who confirmed the removal.

Apple's Mac Strategy Spells Upside

James Roger,

"Apple's discipline in holding Mac prices fairly steady in the face of plunging Windows PC prices translated into dollar share gains in the December quarter," wrote analyst Charles Wolf in a note released Wednesday. "The Apple story could contain an upside surprise if the Mac can sustain the relative growth rates it sustained in the September and December quarters."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: MacJournal 5.1

William Porter, Macworld

If you want to organize and record your thoughts, have them all in one place, and keep them private, there's nothing better on the Mac than MacJournal.

Is Apple Preparing To Add An ‘Explicit’ Section To The App Store?

Craig Grannell, Cult of Mac

Apple TV 'Just A Hobby', Confirms Tim Cook

Claudine Beaumont, Telegraph

Tim Cook, Apple's chief operating officer, says the Apple TV remains 'a hobby', and that the vast majority of his company's revenue comes from its mobile devices.

How Green Is My Apple?

Brian Caulfield, Forbes

Apple hasn't just made its products eco-friendly. It's changed an entire industry.

Arnold Kim Celebrates 10th Year As Apple Rumor King

Brian X. Chen, Wired News

Arnold Kim quit his job treating kidneys to dissect the secrets of his favorite electronics company, the famously confidential Apple. Kim launched his independent blog on Feb. 24, 2000 during his fourth year in medical school. His Apple enthusiasm eventually outweighed his passion for nephrology.

Apple's Ban On Risque Apps Helping Google

Ben Charny, Dow Jones

Apple Inc.'s recent decision to more tightly control programs sold through its popular App Store may push developers towards archrival Google Inc., a move that could give the Internet giant momentum as it stakes its place in the smartphone market.

Apple's Jobs Appoints 'Outsider' To Serve As Co-Lead Director

Connie Guglielmo, Bloomberg

Apple Inc., after facing criticism that its board is too close-knit, will hold its first shareholder meeting this week with a new co-lead director: Avon Products Inc. chief executive officer Andrea Jung. Jung, the newest director and only woman serving on the seven-member board, quietly took over as co-lead in December. She succeeds former Apple executive Bill Campbell, one of the company’s longest-serving board members and a mentor to CEO Steve Jobs.

PC vs. Mac: The Straight Scoop

Harry McCracken,

Beyond the ads, the hype, and the nerdy debate, both Windows and Mac machines have their pros and cons. Here's a level-headed guide to choosing which one is right for you.

Mystery Key On iPad Keyboard = Dashboard?

Chris Rawson, TUAW

5 Tips For Switchers

Sang Tang, TUAW

Every now and then I'll have an "I never knew about that" moment as I come across a setting or nuance in Mac OS X that I never realized existed. Take, for instance, character viewer, which allows you to display a variety of characters in your document. Whether you're a switcher or seasoned Mac veteran, here are five tips that could help improve your Mac experience.

Apple's Purge Of Sexy Apps Comes Amid Confusion Over Internet Regulation

Cecilia Kang, Washington Post

Apple's decision this week to purge its iTunes store of sexually suggestive applications comes amid growing concern in Washington over which agency regulates the Internet and could have nudged the company to act sooner.

Is Apple’s New Sex Ban A Ploy To Win Educators Over To The iPad?

Kim-Mai Cutler, Venture Beat

We think there’s a more serious business rationale at play. One of the more plausible reasons is Apple’s desire to mass-market the iPad into the classroom.

iPhone Developer Consolidation Stirs Fears Among Fans

Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica

Regardless, the acquisition means that two medium-sized developers for the iPhone are now one larger fish in the App Store sea that is becoming more inundated each day by 40-foot sharks. We can only hope that a group of investors doesn't turn Freeverse into just another iPhone company.

Is This Any Way To Run An App Store?

Ted Landau, The Mac Observer

Taken together, these policies tell a potential iPhone developer that an app may be rejected from unexplained reasons, that an accepted app may later be removed for reasons that are inadequately defined and that Apple's behavior may be inconsistent and unpredictable in general. And there is nothing you, the developer, can do about it. Because the App Store remains the only legitimate place where a developer can offer an app to iPhone users. How can this not lead to at least some worthwhile and innovative apps never seeing the light of day?

Rocketbox Enhances Mail's Searching

Aayush Arya, Dan Moren, Macworld

Rocketbox is a plug-in for OS X's Mail that enhances message searching with advanced search options, by-person searching, better search display, and faster performance.

The Force Unleashed Hits The Mac

Chris Holt, Macworld

After appearing to be in limbo, the Mac version of The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition arrived Tuesday.

Apple Confirms: iPad Uses PowerVR SGX Graphics Hardware

Arnold Kim, Mac Rumors

How Apple Became Your Parents

Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

Apple Releases 2010 Report On Supplier Responsibility

Dan Moren, Macworld

In a move of expert timing, Apple issued its 2010 Progress Report on Supplier Responsibility on Tuesday. That the report arrives just two days ahead of its annual shareholder meeting is no coincidence; no doubt the company would like to have something positive to talk about during the pow-wow, in which shareholders often take advantage of the opportunity to grill the company’s executives on matters of social responsibility.

TinkerTool 4.0 Monkeys With Snow Leopard

Jeff Porten, Macworld

The tool to expose hidden preferences receives an upgrade for OS X 10.6, providing checkbox access to many features not in System Preferences.

Survey: More Macs In The Enterprise

Tom Kaneshige, CIO

An Enterprise Desktop Alliance survey shows two out of three companies buying Macs this year, which will bring integration challenges for IT admins.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apple Urges Unhappy Developers To Use iTunes Connect

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Apple has urged iPhone developers to get help and advice from iTunes Connect at a time when many are seeing applications pulled from the App Store over an apparent change in policy.

'Daisy Mae' Quietly Returns To App Store Without Changes

Touch Arcade

It seems Apple had a change of heart, as the game was quietly reinstated today — without any changes from the original version. We emailed IUGO's Sarah Thomson who says they have gotten no contact from Apple explaining the return of the game.

Swimwear Seller Hit By Apple's Removal Of 'sexual' Apps


As Apple has officially clarified its new ban on "overtly sexual content" in the App Store, one application featuring pictures of women in bikinis -- to sell beachwear -- found itself removed.

NYT: ‘Apple Purges Blue Apps From Online Store’

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

I don’t see how it’s anything other than hypocrisy to say that Time Warner can have an app showing swimsuit models and others cannot.

Apple Bans Some Apps For Sex-Tinged Content

Jenna Wortham, New York Times

Philip W. Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple, said in an interview that over the last few weeks a small number of developers had been submitting “an increasing number of apps containing very objectionable content.”

“It came to the point where we were getting customer complaints from women who found the content getting too degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their kids were able to see,” Mr. Schiller said.

Apple Bringing iPhoneOS/ARM Architecture To New Platforms

Seth Weintraub, Computerworld

Apple, in a job posting last week, advertised for an "Engineering Manager (Platform Bring-Up)" which states that Apple is taking their iPhone OS and putting it on new platforms.

Prevent Mail From Auto-Completing The Wrong Address

Jeff Carlson, TidBITS

Swimsuit Catalog Banned While Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App Remains In App Store

Rosa Golijan, Gizmodo

Deconstructing Apple — Part I

Gary Hamel, Wall Street Journal

So rather than fretting about the prospects for the iPad, clever Apple watchers and envious wannabes should be asking themselves: How in the world could one company have accomplished all this? How do you build an organization that is capable of reinventing not just one industry but four—computing, music, electronics retailing and mobile phones. How do you do the unprecedented repeatedly?

A First Look At Apple's Massive Data Center

Alex Williams, ReadWriteWeb

Report Gives Apple Top Honors For Reliability

Ramu Nagappan, Macworld

Apple is selling more Macs than ever these days. And according to a survey from a computer support company, those new customers are enjoying some very reliable machines.

Ngmoco Raises Another $25 Million And Buys Freeverse

Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

Freeverse was originally founded as a Mac shareware company in 1994 but has made a very successful transition to iPhone game development. This new round of funding brings ngmoco's outside investment total to $40.6 million, a staggering amount of money for an iPhone game startup to be fueled by.

Apple App Store's Dirty Little Secret

Tom Kaneshige, CIO

As the App Store swells with apps, customers turn to Apple's ranking system and customer reviews to make buying decisions. What's the problem? It's that neither system can be fully trusted.

Adobe Blogger Challenges Apple's 'Great Man'

Thomas Claburn, InformationWeek

Adobe blogger John Dowdell wants Apple to start communicating openly about its actions rather than through comments relayed by unattributed sources.

The Key To Apple's Success? Focus

Matt Asay, CNET News

Apple rightly gets credit for building exceptional hardware and software. Even more impressive, however, is how Apple has steadfastly refused to get drawn into markets that it chooses not to service, even when would-be customers are begging to buy.

Expo Offers Free Registration For 2011 Show

Philip Michaels, Macworld

Organizers of the annual Mac trade show have already opened up registration for next year’s event. And for the next two weeks, registration for Macworld Expo 2011 is free.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Mac, Two Time Machine Backups

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Why yes, it is possible to use two Time Machine backup drives with your Mac.

iPhoto To Aperture: The Carryover Features Compared

Josh Lowensohn, CNET News

Apple got a lot of things right in iPhoto '09, and in the latest version of its higher-end, $200 Aperture software it's tried to replicate that same success. But did it work?

The short answer is yes. What might be more surprising to an iPhoto user is how similarly easy to use these features are in Aperture, despite being far more powerful.

Apple Posts Two New iPhone Ads

Michael Grothaus, TUAW

Apple has posted two new iPhone ads tonight. Both ads seem to target Joe Average and spotlight situations we find ourselves in every day.

Hey, Is This An Apple Store, Or A Computer School?

Laura Northrup, The Consumerist

Should training sessions be given priority over browsing customers? Is the mission of an Apple Store to sell computers, to indoctrinate users further into the Cult of Mac with hands-on training, or some combination of the two?

Tokyo's Hidden Museum Of Apple Macs

Hunter Skipworth, Telegraph

The Japanese love for all things retro has led to many searching and collecting old Mac computers. Internet message boards are springing up across Japan, with its tech-obsessed youth competing for the rarest finds. Buried away in Tokyo's Akihabara district, pretty much the technological hub of the world, lies a busy shop crammed full of forgotten Macs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Apple Bans 5,000 Apps For Sexual Content. Here Are The New Rules

Paul Boutin, Venturebeat

Why Apple's Porn Purge Is A Smart Move

Jeff Bertolucci, PC World

Apple can't afford to allow its customers -- even a vocal minority -- to gripe about so-called smut in the App Store, even if the complaints are overblown. The impression that Apple condones adult-themed material finding its way into kids' hands would no doubt hurt iPod Touch sales, and ultimately impact its iPhone and App Store business too.

Apple Censorship Reaches New Level Of Stupid: Daisy Mae Pulled

Craig Grannell, Cult of Mac

Pair Marries In 5th Avenue Apple Store


A pair of New York City residents claimed a first for Apple retail this week by marrying at the 5th Avenue Apple Store.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Apple’s New Ban Against Sexy Apps Is Scary

Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch

Now Apple is moving in the other direction, and it’s setting a scary precedent. It’s showing that it’s comfortable throwing out applications that developers have spent their time and money building, without even bothering to give them advance notice. It’s one thing to have an application get denied when it’s first submitted — it’s another thing entirely to have the rug pulled out from under you once your app has thousands of downloads and customers.

This is, in my opinion, precisely the reason why Amazon need to try very hard to make the Kindle (hardware) stay relevant, even if most of the money is actually made on the e-books themselves.

News And Notes From Expo's Mobile Applications Showcase

Philip Michaels, Macworld

It wasn’t find one of the busiest places on the show floor at last week’s Macworld Expo. That would be the Mobile Applications Showcase where around six dozen or so iPhone app developers held court, displaying their efforts before a steady parade of Expo attendees.

Chronicle 3

Nancy Gravley, The Mac Observer

The recently introduced Chronicle 3, allows you to keep a record of your monthly bills, reminds you when they are due, keeps a payment history, and automatically charts your payments. It is also extremely easy to use.

Apple iPhone Emissions Land In The Middle Of The Pack

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

The Environmental Working Group this week released its latest radiation ratings for cell phones and smart phones. Apple's iPhone models can be found in the middle of the pack, unlike a number of its competitors.

Movist Plays Your Movies When QuickTime Can't

Dan Frakes, Macworld

Movist is an alternative to OS X's QuickTime Player for viewing videos; like VLC, it's based on FFmpeg, so it lets you play a number of media formats that QuickTime can't handle. Gets More iPhone Friendly, Adds Find My iPhone Access

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

If you now point Mobile Safari to, you’ll be offered with the instructions to configure MobileMe on your iDevice, links to the iDisk and Gallery apps, as well as on-the-go access to the great Find My iPhone feature.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Report: Apple Cuts Some Final Cut Staff

Stephen Shankland, CNET News

Apple has cut some staff working on its Final Cut video editing software suite, according to a report by a video industry insider.

Apple Seeks To Continue Classroom Success With iPad

Derek Beigh, Daily Illini

A look around any university classroom shows blinking lights, the glow of screens and power cords running from desk to wall. Technology experts say tablet computing devices such as the iPad and tablet PCs could join this scene in the future.

An iPad Is Not A Laptop

Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo

It's supposed to be this third thing. Bigger than a phone, smaller than a laptop. It browses; it's got books; it plays video. Can it possibly have a place in a laptop-free utopia?

iPhone Devsugar: App Store Approval In...One Hour?

Erica Sadun, TUAW

Shorter review times are a great move on Apple's part and a win for all parties: developers, customers, and Apple.

Did Apple Just Ban Sexual Content From The App Store?

Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch

We’ve just heard from Jon Atherton, the developer behind Wobble iBoobs, who says that he just received an Email from Apple indicating that his application was being removed from the App Store because of a new policy change: Apple has apparently decided “to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store.”

Huh, Apple Opens The App Store To Lottery Apps

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Ngmoco Cancels Rolando 3, Says It Can't Fit Into A Free-To-Play Model

Mike Schramm, TUAW

How Does Apple Do It?: The Innovators

Vince Chew, The Street

How MonoTouch Gets Around Apple's VM Restrictions

Ed Burnette, ZDNet

Apple Conceals iPad Freight Records – Report

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

In preparation for the scheduled March delivery of Apple's (AAPL) new iPad tablet computer, the company has blocked its bills of lading and other import records from public access, according to a report issued Thursday by Trade Privacy, a trade data protection company based in Reston, VA.

Apple Gets Review In Bid To Block Nokia Imports

William McQuillen, Bloomberg

Apple Inc.’s patent-infringement complaint seeking to block Nokia Oyj’s phone imports into the U.S. will be investigated by a U.S. trade agency. The U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington said yesterday it will consider the complaint filed last month and decide whether to ban the imports.

A Look Back At 20 Years Of Photoshop

Rik Fairlie, New York Times

Photoshop is turning 20, and it's planning a big party for itself. Here are some highlights of its history and online resources for user tips.

Enable Bluetooth Sending In Snow Leopard

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Miss the Finder option to send files via Bluetooth? It's still an option, you just need to know how to turn it on.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apple Improves iMac Ship Times, 3G iPhone Download Limit Doubles


New 27-inch iMac purchases direct from Apple now have a shipping wait time of 5 to 7 days, suggesting the hardware maker has addressed issues that plagued the desktops. Also, the file size limit for iPhone App Store and iTunes downloads over 3G has increased to 20MB.

Apple Disses Our DRM For iPad, Adobe Says

Eric Lai, Computerworld

Apple Inc. will not use Adobe Systems Inc.'s e-book digital rights management (DRM) technology, an Adobe executive said on Wednesday.

Apple Pushes The App Over 3G Download Limit To 20MB, Prepares For The iPad?

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Most likely in preparation for the iPad launch, Apple has just raised the maximum size of apps that can be download over 3G to 20MB.

The App Store Now Available From Your Browser

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Just two weeks after extending its iTunes preview service to apps, Apple has just made another step in this direction and now allows you to consult pretty much the entire App Store directly from your browser.

Adobe Chief Defends Flash From Steve Jobs' Criticism

Ragnhild Kjetland and Rochelle Garner, Bloomberg

Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen shrugged off Apple's decision not to use its Flash video program on its devices, saying it has a "powerful ecosystem" of partners.

For Apple Suppliers, Loose Lips Can Sink Contracts

James Pomfret and Kelvin Soh, Reuters

Many of Apple's finished gadgets, from iPods to iPads, are assembled at industrial compounds like the one in Longhua. And when it comes to guarding Apple's secrets, Foxconn, a unit of Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry, and other suppliers throughout the region leave little to chance.

Users Having Problems With Aperture 3, Airport Base Stations

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Aperture 3 was released just last week, but users immediately began noticing issues with scratch disk space eating up their Macs' startup disk. Additionally, users of the latest revision of Airport Extreme and Time Capsule base stations have noticed problems using 802.11n's 5GHz channels.

Mac Users Damn, Defend 'Ribbonizing' Of Office 2011

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Some Mac users blasted Microsoft's plan to "ribbonize" the next version of Office for the Mac, while others -- many of whom said they also use the productivity suite on Windows -- defended the move.

Apple SDK Simulator Offers Closer Look At Safari For iPad


Though the software has some issues and is not yet ready to be officially accessible to developers through the iPad simulator, it can still be used to browse the Web and access popular sites. It also offers a glimpse of how users will interact with the iPad when it ships in late March.

OpenOffice 3.2 Fixes Several Vulnerabilities

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service

The latest version of OpenOffice fixes several vulnerabilities that could cause a computer to become compromised by a remote attacker.

Control Your Camera From Your Mac

Derrick Story, Macworld

Your digital camera and Mac can work together to capture images as well as display them. Many DSLRs, and a handful of compacts, have the ability to shoot tethered, which means you connect a camera to your Mac via a USB cable, then control the camera remotely. With this kind of setup you can save files directly to your hard drive, preview the images on the computer screen, and even control your camera from an iPhone.

U.S. Trade Body Investigating Apple, RIM

Daniel Terdiman, CNET News

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Wednesday said it will launch an investigation into whether Apple's iPhone and Research in Motion's BlackBerry infringe on a Kodak patent.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Announcing SushiReader 1.0.0.

Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Announcing SushiReader 1.0.0, an application that I've build for news junkies like me.

SushiReader is a simple river-of-news style RSS reader for the busy news junkie. You can specify priority levels for your subscriptions so that important news stories are sorted at the head of the queue, which you can read earlier. Keywords can also be specified to further rank individual news stories' importance.

SushiReader requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and is available for free.

Six Unexpected Uses For Tooltips

Sharon Zardetto, Macworld

You can do more with these little yellow rectangles than just identify items in toolbars.

Initial Aperture 3 Release Triggers Severe Memory Leaks


Serious memory leaks are being caused by the newly-released Aperture 3, complaints on Apple's support forums suggest. Affected users note that virtual memory can spiral out of control, to the point that it can consume all of the free space on a Mac's hard drive. This can result in a Mac becoming unusable, either extremely slow or ultimately hanging.

Mac 101: Adding New Microphones To Your Mac

Erica Sadun, TUAW

There are several tricks that can help you analyze why your audio chats aren't working quite right. Here's a quick run-down of the steps you should take.

iPad SDK's Surprise: There Are No Surprises

Paul Krill, InfoWorld

Developers report lacks of new features beyond support of UI elements for the larger screen.

Nuance Acquires MacSpeech

Mel Martin, TUAW

Nuance Communications, the company behind Dragon Dictate and Dragon Search for the iPhone, has acquired MacSpeech, the company that makes MacSpeech Dictate and other voice recognition apps for the Mac platform.

Apple Announces MacBook Repair Program For Hard Drive Issues


Users who bought MacBooks between May 2006 and December 2007 that are experiencing hard drive problems may be covered under a new repair extension program.

First Impressions Of Aperture 3

Thomas Fitzgerald

Review: Now X Calendar And Contact Manager

Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Now X, once the standard for Mac contact management and calendaring, is a program that doesn't rise anywhere near the level of its predecessor. Poorly documented, occasionally buggy, and often slow, Now X is unlikely to be a viable replacement for whatever contact and calendar application is your current favorite.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steve Jobs' 6 Sneakiest Statements

Brian X. Chen, Wired News

Macworld Expo Shines Even Without Apple

Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

The first Macworld Expo without Apple's participation was even better because it left more time to explore non-Apple products and even some presentations critical of the iconic company.

Google: Apple Is A Valuable Partner

Georgina Prodhan, Reuters

Google sees Apple as a valuable partner and sees no reason for that to change, a senior executive said today, amid rumours that Microsoft's Bing search engine may replace Google on the iPhone.

Publishers Fear The Bite Of Apple's Revenue Model

Kenneth Li, Financial Times

The question haunting publishers is whether they will suffer the same fate as the music industry, which was hit by Apple's 2003 deal to unbundle the album format by offering downloads of individual songs via iTunes.

Alternatively, could the iPad become this generation's iPod - a galvanizing force that will alter the media landscape and retrain consumers weaned on free web content to begin paying again?

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: IDG Pulls Off An Apple-Less Expo Hit

Chuck La Tournous, The Mac Observer

The question about what effect Apple's absence would have on the show hung like a pall over the Moscone Center. Until the show floor opened, that is. From that point on, I literally heard not one vendor or attendee even mention Apple -- at least until I asked about it. It was simply a non-issue, lost in the bustling crowds on the show floor; stomped on by rows of people four or five deep trying to get into exhibitor's booths.

Apple Secures iPhone Trademark

Dave Caolo, TUAW

Swede's iMac Takes A Burnin' And It's Still Turnin'

Steven Sande, TUAW

Jobs Is Said To Assist With Book On His Life

Brad Stone, New York Times

Apple’s chief executive is set to collaborate on an authorized biography, to be written by Walter Isaacson, the former managing editor of Time magazine, according to two people briefed on the project.

Macworld Expo 2010 Reboots

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

If, last week, you heard a faint Macintosh startup chime from the direction of San Francisco, it was the sound of Macworld Expo rebooting after the crash caused by the disappearance of Apple from the exhibitor list. The good news is that although the show was notably smaller than previous incarnations, in terms of floor space and exhibitor count, the reboot was successful. Macworld seems essentially unaffected - indeed, even improved in places - without Apple's presence.

Apple To Wrap Digital Books In FairPlay Copy Protection

Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times

When Apple launches its iBook store to sell titles for its new iPad device in March, many of its titles are expected to come with a set of handsome digital locks designed to deter piracy.

Microsoft Goes Big At Macworld Expo

David Dahlquist, Macworld

Macworld Expo without Apple is a strange enough concept, but Macworld Expo with Microsoft as one of the largest and most visible companies present? It may seem like something out of Bizarro World, but Microsoft had one of the most prominently displayed booths on the Macworld Expo floor last week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Made On A Mac: Toy Story 3

Nicole Martinelli, Cult of Mac

SlingPlayer Mobile 1.2 With 3G Streaming Now Available

Kyle VanHemert, GIzmodo

Japan Probes Apple's iTunes Over Bogus Credit Bills


Japanese authorities plan to summon Apple officials this week over complaints that its iTunes online store has billed customers for downloads they never made, officials said Monday.

Macworld A Great Time Despite—or Because Of—Apple's Absence

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

We'll cut to the chase: the 2010 Macworld Expo was a wild success. This was despite the expectations of nearly everyone—the press (yes, even those of us who still went to cover the conference), many of the exhibitors, and nearly the entire Internet. The conference's huge crowds ended up surprising everyone, however, all but guaranteeing a future for the Macworld Expo.

iPhone 3.0 Software Update Now Free To iPod Touch Users

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Apple appears to now be offering the iPhone 3.0 Software Update free to iPod touch users running the iPhone 2.0 Software Update.

Books About To Pass Games In Number Of Apple Apps — 27,301 And Climbing

Paul Boutin, VentureBeat

iPhone Upgrades 'spark Fraud Rise'


Increasing numbers of gadget lovers are resorting to insurance fraud in order to have their iPhones upgraded, an insurer has claimed.

Where Is Apple? Nowhere And Everywhere

Kevin J. O'Brien, New York Times

The biggest gathering in the global mobile phone industry opens Monday in Barcelona, and much of the talk will be of Apple and its groundbreaking iPhone.

What Did Apple Really Say About Location-based Ads?

Rahul Sonnad, GigaOM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Macworld 2010 Recap

Harry McCracken, Technologizer

Do I miss the older, larger, newsier Macworld? Absolutely. But I do get the sense that some of the people who are declaring the new Macworld to be pointless and/or about to die are pining for a show that never quite existed.

Macworld iPad Panelists Defy Steve Jobs' Snub Of The Show

Paul Boutin, VentureBeat

This year, Macworld bravely carried on without an Apple booth or a Steve Jobs “One more thing …” keynote. With Apple nowhere to be found at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, there’s a new-Apple-gadget buzz missing from the show.

But in another way, Macworld has opened up. Daddy Steve Jobs and Mommy Apple PR are gone. Let’s party!

Tune Up Brings Order To Your iTunes Music

Chris Holt, Macworld

Do have any unidentified tracks in your iTunes collection? How about mislabeled albums? Tune Up can help. Tune Up is a why-didn’t-I-think-of-it-first iTunes add-on that cleans up your iTunes library by identifying missing information in your iTunes library.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apple Declines Valentine Messages

Ciara O'Brien, Irish Times

Tech giant Apple has thwarted plans to bring romance into the lives of the shyest iPhone owners by rejecting an application that allowed them to send anonymous e-cards to potential Valentines. The Secret Valentine programme, developed by Irish firm Appsie, was given the elbow by the App Store because the software would allow users to disguise their true identity.

Is Apple Itself Steve Jobs' Greatest Creation?

Brian Caulfield, Forbes

MixMeister Express 7 Released For Mac

Roman Loyola, Macworld

MixMeister Technology has released MixMeister Express 7. The audio program is designed for the inexperienced who want to make professional-sounding music mixes with your song library.

Apple's Late To The Core i5 Laptop Party

Brooke Crothers, CNET News

Performance laptops based on Intel's Core i5 processor are pushing out the older Core 2 laptops. Meanwhile, the Mac maker sticks to its Core 2 guns.

Guber Grills Apple On Its Top 10 Issues

David Chartier, Macworld

John Gruber, the Daring Fireball himself, stowed his keyboard and took a Macworld Expo stage on Friday evening to spell out the top 10 problems plaguing Apple. Gruber’s gripes ranged from competition, to Steve Jobs, and even software about boxes.

Apple's iPad Could Be Game-Changer In Digital-Media Censorship

Frédéric Filloux, Washington Post

With the iPad structure, Apple is creating absolute control for product, delivery and even ownership that can be revoked at will.

Basic Business Tools Stand In For Missing Apple Hype At Macworld

Cameron Sturdevant, eWeek

The dearth of Apple hardware and creative application announcements at Macworld, held here Feb. 9 to 13, was strangely filled in by a growing number of bread-and-butter business tools designed to help IT managers corral the Macs that make it into the enterprise.

MacSpeech's New Speech-to-text Solution: Transcription

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

MacSpeech this week at Macworld Expo San Francisco launched its latest speech-to-text software, Scribe. Instead of the real-time recording and translation in its Dictate packages, Scribe handles recorded audio files.

Engineering: The Mac Is Coming Back

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Most attendees at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco this week — distracted by plentiful iPhone apps, whispered tales of the forthcoming Apple iPad, and the sight of dancing booth workers with their faces covered by unfortunate costumes of gigantic Microsoft Office for Mac icons — may have overlooked a trend: The Macintosh is back in the engineering segment.

Three Industries Apple iPad Will Disrupt

Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Apple is starting a small revolution in three big categories.

Report: Surge In iPhone App Development Due To iPad

Jim Dalrymple, CNET News

If the iPad's early success could be measured by the number of new applications that will support the platform, it should do just fine, according to a new report from research company Flurry.

Apple Should Open Its Kimono — Pronto

Sebastian Rupley, GigaOm

Proprietary strategies have paid off big time for Apple. Its revenues exploded and its stock soared even as many people questioned its closed practices with the iPod, iTunes and the iPhone. But I predict that the iPad, aggressively closed as it is, will illustrate the folly of remaining strictly closed over the long run.

No Apple? No Problem! New Toys Take Center Stage At Macworld Expo

Nick Mediati, PC World

Macworld Expo without Apple is a smaller, lower-key affair, but that hasn't kept Apple enthusiasts from attending the show. The show floor is as packed with attendees as ever, despite Apple's absence. And in a sense, the lack of Apple isn't such a bad thing, as it lets the show's focus shift from the giant Apple booth to smaller vendors, some of which had impressive wares.

Apple Putting The Kibosh On Soft-core Porn App Screenshots

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Developer and grade school IT admin Fraser Speirs discovered a loophole in Apple's Parental Controls that allows young children to browse racy text descriptions and screenshots in the App Store, even if they can't actually download the apps they describe. Apple has begun plugging that hole, but instead of keeping those apps out of view based on age ratings, Apple is rejecting apps until the screenshots are "kid-friendly."

Boinx Releases PhotoPresenter 4

Jackie Dove, Macworld

Boinx Software has released PhotoPresenter 4, an upgrade to its presentation tool for digital photographers. PhotoPresenter 4 is a theme-based photo viewer for creating animated slideshows with photos, movies, and music.

Friday, February 12, 2010

First Looks At Aperture 3

Heather Kelly, Macworld

During the development of Aperture 3, Apple let a select group of professional photographers try out a beta version of Aperture 3. We spoke with some of those testers, to find out which of Aperture 3's features they found most useful.

Review: ArtRage Studio Pro 3

Chris McVeigh, Macworld

ArtRage Studio Pro 3.0.5 does an excellent job of recreating the subtle nuances of natural media on a digital canvas, and it's easy enough to learn and use quickly. Although it has a number of interface quirks and some brushes can be slow, it’s certainly worth considering if you’re a traditional artist looking to trade in your messy paint tubes for a tablet.

Join The iPad Gold Rush - But Strictly On Apple's Terms

Danny O'Brien, Irish Times

To take part in that success, just as thousands of other developers reaped the reward of the iPhone, is a great temptation. But after the decade or so of freedom that coders have enjoyed, I know many who will wait on the gold rush, and seek out somewhere that isn’t just the same old company town.

Apple’s Geolocation Threat: Defining “Beneficial,” Apple Style

Evan Schuman, StorefrontBacktalk

The problem is how Cupertino is defining both the good (“provide beneficial information”) and the bad (“deliver targeted ads”). Who’s to say that a cleverly targeted ad doesn’t, in fact, potentially provide beneficial information?

Macworld Without Apple Is Diminished But Undaunted

Patrick May, San Jose Mercury News

The only thing about this week's Apple-less Macworld Expo that hasn't been downsized is nostalgia for the Steve Jobs-dominated, bigger-than-life geek-fest it used to be. With Apple gone, the trade show's 26th year opened this week with fewer exhibitors, smaller crowds, a venue clipped down in size like a bonsai, and a lot of Apple faithful looking over their shoulders for a glimpse of the good old days.

Why Apple’s Design Approach May Not Work With The iPad

Venkatesh Rao, VentureBeat

Apple Of My Eye

Eugene Kim, The Harvard Crimson

Apple Offers Fix For Audio-related Mac Pro Performance Issue

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Apple has released a kernel extension to address unusual heat and performance issues related to audio tasks on Nehalem-based Mac Pros. Mac Pro Audio Update 1.0 is designed to address CPU utilization issues caused by tasks such as listening to tracks in iTunes or using FireWire or USB-based audio interfaces.

Apple, Microsoft Sued For Patent Infringement

Jim Dalrymple, CNET News

Apple and Microsoft are being sued for allegedly infringing on another company's patent that describes an HTTP streaming server.

Apple Counts Down To 10 Billionth Song Download

Jim Dalrymple, CNET News

Apple on Thursday began the "Countdown to 10 Billion Songs," a contest with a $10,000 gift card as a reward.

Macworld Show Floor Is Packed On Opening Day

Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac

Much to my surprise and delight, the crowds are showing up in droves for Macworld. Though the gates opened just 30 minutes ago, the show floor is already crowded with attendees.

MacPractice Shows Off Updated Software

Philip Michaels, Macworld

MacPractice is using this week's Macworld Expo to show off version 3.7 of its practice management and clinical software for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists.

Microsoft Announces Office For Mac 2011

Dan Miller, Macworld

New suite will ship by end of 2010, including better compatibility with Windows version, improved collaboration tools, Visual Basic, and Outlook.

David Pogue Kicks Off Expo

David Chartier, Macworld

David Pogue was in true Pogue-ian form today in “Late Night with David Pogue,” the kick-off feature presentation before opening the Macworld Expo showroom floor. After a brief tongue-in-cheek introduction by Paul Kent as “Steve Ballmer,” (“Rock the new era,” indeed!), Pogue wasted no time in cracking jokes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Steve Jobs Blew The iPad Launch By Snubbing Macworld

Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac

Steve Jobs blew the iPad launch by not doing it at Macworld. There’s not the same buzz about the iPad as there was about the iPhone, and that’s because it wasn’t introduced to 4,000 fans at a keynote. And it won’t be on the show floor for fans to check out (even in a glass case).

You think that if Apple asks IDG to put a few glass cases at Macworld Expo for free, IDG will not agree?

IBM To Support iPhone, Macs With New Software

Dave Rosenberg, CNET News

Big Blue is expected to announce Thursday at Macworld San Francisco that it will soon be delivering its enterprise social platform, Lotus Connections, and Lotus Quickr team collaboration package for use with the iPhone and Mac.

Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0.2


The update appears to be related to the release of Aperture 3.0, which made changes to how that software shares images over the local network, in addition to adding support for iPhoto's Places and Faces features.

iPad Should Focus On Multitasking, Multiple Users

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Flexibility is essential for people to take advantage of the many tasks they can perform on the iPad, and these two “multis” would go a long way toward making the tablet easy to use.

Unclutter Your Hard Drive

Joe Kissell, Macworld

Getting rid of files you don't need can do more than just reclaim wasted disk space.

Customize iMovie’s Titles

Jeff Carlson, Macworld

iMovie '09 offers several pre-made designs for titles that overlap your video, from basic centered text to animated concoctions like Sideways Drift and Lens Flare. All you have to do is select the title and edit its text to get a slick effect. But you can do a lot more to change the appearance of the text, from quickly applying different fonts and colors to tweaking the typography.

Head-To-Head: Parallels Desktop For Mac Vs. VMware Fusion

Neil Ticktin, MacTech

How do VMware Fusion 3 and Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac compare?

Macworld 2010 Refocuses For New Era, Without Apple

Dan Moren, Macworld

Macworld 2010 will be the first San Francisco show in which Apple hasn't participated, but that doesn't mean the show won't have plenty to offer attendees.

FontAgent Pro Server 4 Released

Jackie Dove, Macworld

Insider Software has announced FontAgent Pro Server 4, an upgrade to its server software targeted to the enterprise sector of the font management market. Available now, it features font-usage tracking, live backup, automatic failover server access, Kerberos single sign-on support, and directory services enhancements.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 10 New Features Of Aperture 3

Thomas Fitzgerald

Aperture 3 is an amazing upgrade. People had begun to worry about the future of the software, as it was two years since the last version came out, but I can see now that they’ve been doing some major work under the hood.

Apple's Ecosystem

Brian Caulfield, Forbes

While Jobs touts that Apple is different because it makes the "whole widget," the company actually relies heavily on outside innovations.

Disney Joins Rush To Embrace Apple's iPad

Dawn C. Chmielewski, Los Angeles Times

Iger told Wall Street investors during Disney's earnings call Tuesday that the Burbank entertainment conglomerate plans to develop casual games and other forms of entertainment for the portable device, including digital books and a new and improved version of ESPN's ScoreCenter app on the iPhone, which provides real-time sores for more than 500 sports leagues around the world.

The Microsofting Of Apple?

Wall Street Journal

Pundits have wondered what might become of Apple once its chief aesthete and perfectionist is no longer calling the shots. An Apple that rolls out increasingly junky devices merely to lock more and more customers into the iTunes-App Store mall is one gloomy possibility.

Microsoft On iTunes In 2003: 'We Were Smoked'

Matt Rosoff, CNET News

Getting back to Dick Brass's criticism of Microsoft, I find it fascinating that top Microsoft executives were aware almost immediately of the threat the iTunes Music Store posed to the whole Windows Media ecosystem, but Microsoft was still unable to stop it. This matches what I've seen time and time again in my last 10 years following the company.

Apple Releases iLife, Raw, And Aperture Updates

Ramu Nagappan, Macworld

In the wake of Apple’s release of Aperture 3 on Tuesday comes a flurry of related image software updates: iLife Support 9.0.4, Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.0, and Aperture SlideShow Support Update 1.0. All are available now via your Mac's Software Update.

Enable Missing Snow Leopard Services

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

Re-enable a few missing entries from the Services section of the contextual menu in Snow Leopard.

Apple Investigating Mac Pro Performance And Heat Issues

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Last week, we told you about some unusual issues affecting Nehalem-based Mac Pro models, characterized by abnormal performance degradation and CPU power draw when using on-board audio circuitry. Several sources have told Ars that Apple support technicians are now saying the problem is known, and that the issue is being actively investigated by Apple engineers.

iTunes Price Increases Mean Slower Sales For Music Labels


Since Apple granted music labels the flexibility to set individual song prices between $0.69 and $1.29 on the iTunes Music Store, growth of digital music sales has slowed, one music executive revealed Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Apple Expo Becomes ‘Fan Fest’ After Company Bows Out

Connie Guglielmo, Bloomberg

The decision to quit didn’t come as a complete surprise to Macworld organizers. “This maps to Apple’s ideology for controlling every aspect of their message,” said Paul Kent, general manager for Macworld. “They made it very clear that their stores are the outlet for reaching their customers. They wish Macworld well.”

Even so, Macworld has been trying to convince Apple to participate in some way, including asking the company to lend some iPads for display, Kent said.

Apple Releases Aperture 3

Jason Snell, Macworld

The update ($99 for existing Aperture users), which Apple said offers "over 200 new features," includes advanced versions of the Faces and Places features previously seen in iPhoto '09. There's a new image-refinement tool called Brushes, which allows users to paint adjustments directly on to images. And a new Projects feature adds flexibility.

Top 5 Things To Check Out At Macworld 2010

Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac

Apple Surveying iPhone Developers’ Happiness With The App Store

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

Here Comes The Magic Age Of Computing

Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle

The Magic Age of computing combines wireless connectivity to the Internet, fast and inexpensive hardware, and intuitive software that ties it all together and effectively shields you from the wires, nuts and bolts. While there remains a lot of clunky tech out there that's still frustrating and often more of a hassle than it's worth, take heart: In devices like Apple's iPad, you can see the future coming.

Woolies' Apple Logo Dispute Drags On

Ben Grubb,

Supermarket chain Woolworths has asked for more time to respond to intellectual property administrator IP Australia over a trademark dispute lodged by Apple last year concerning its logo.

Back To The Future: How Apple Is Becoming More Like A Carrier Every Day

Alistair Goodman, TechCrunch

Apple’s recent behavior bears an increasing resemblance to carriers with respect to the walled garden they are creating around the iPhone. Restricting applications, restricting the use of location on the device, blocking Flash, and now potentially taking advertising in house—these moves are taken from the carrier’s playbook with the hope of locking out meaningful competition. Ironically, Apple may very well become the barrier to open innovation in mobile in much the same way as carriers have been before the iPhone came along.

Apple Targets Corporate Opportunities With Partner Network

Spandas Lui, ARN

Apple has launched a partner program to funnel corporate business opportunities back into its channel.

Here Are Five Favorite iPhone Applications

Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

Apple iPad Price Cut: Blunder Or Brilliance?

David Coursey, PC World

If Apple is really considering price cuts on its just-introduced iPad, the best advice is to make them before launch, not after.

The Enterprise Opportunity Apple Is Hiding From

Jeff Jedras,

So, increasingly, there is a stronger and stronger case to be made for bringing Apple into the enterprise market. The question is, is the enterprise a market that the fiercely consumer-focused company even wants to go after?

Does The iPhone OS Need Multitasking?

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

What do we mean when we say that the iPhone OS should support multitasking? If we define what we're looking for more carefully, it might be easier to lobby Apple for support in iPhone OS 4.0 and beyond.

Apple Management: iPad Prices Could Change

Matt Phillips, Wall Street Journal

Apple intends to stay “nimble” on pricing of the iPad, possibly lowering prices if the newly unveiled tablet device fails to gain traction among consumers.

That was just one of the items in a note out Sunday night from Credit Suisse recounting meetings with Apple executives.

The Application Is The New The Operating System

Matt Asay, CNET News

Apple has changed the way we think about operating systems, by helping us to forget the operating system entirely.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking Back: Photoshop Turns 20

Pamela Pfiffner, Macworld

In the 20 years since its introduction, Photoshop has changed the way we see the world, altered our sense of reality, and transformed the way we express ourselves.

Apple And The Importance Of Macworld Expo

Christopher Breen, Macworld

When I put my selfish desires aside, I care very little about Apple’s absence. Because, for me, what Apple does and doesn’t do at Expo makes up a small portion of the value I derive from it.

Review: PrintMaster Platinum 2.0

Katherine Murray, Macworld

If you want to do more with your photos than leave them in a folder on your hard drive, occasionally e-mail them to friends, or set them up in an online photo album, you will find that PrintMaster Platinum 2.0 is more than worth its $40 price tag. It comes with everything you need to create, print, and share fun, high-quality, creative projects. Flexibility is the watchword here, and you have lots of choices for producing memorable stories with the images that are meaningful to you.

Apple's iPad: A Blessing And Curse For Publishing

Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine

The iPad could give rise to a new creative self-publishing crowd that could, in turn, become competition for the established publishing industry. Today's creative writers could bypass the industry altogether. The opportunity is already there to a degree, via a number of self-publishing programs, but Apple's iBookstore would give them a power partner with a unique technology and powerful distribution.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

FCC: iPad Use Could Further Strain 3G Network

Jim Dalrymple, CNET News

Although Apple's iPad has yet to hit the market, the Federal Communications Commission has expressed concern over its potential impact on AT&T's 3G network.

iPad Event Shows Apple's Focus: Mobile Devices

Ryan Kim, San Francisco Chronicle

Perhaps the most obvious upshot of the latest unveiling was Apple's continued recognition that its future, unlike its origin, is tied to mobile devices.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why (And How) Apple Killed The $US9.99 Ebook

Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo

Publishers joining Apple’s iBooks store are turning their back on Amazon and its vision of the flat $US9.99 ebook. Apple forced the music industry to charge 99 US cents per song, so why are they helping publishers set their own prices?

To screw Amazon.

iPad Likely To Be Popular Among Business Travelers And The Middle-aged

San Jose Mercury News

Its iPods and iPhones wooed the young and tech savvy. But with its iPad, Apple may reach a new demographic: the middle-aged.

Contextual Consolidation In iTunes 9

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

Learn how to consolidate only selected music and media in iTunes 9.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Migrate A Time Machine Backup

Joe Kissell, Macworld

If you’ve been using Time Machine for backups, there may come a time when you outgrow your backup disk. It’s easy enough to plug in a larger disk or buy a Time Capsule (or a larger Time Capsule) and choose that as your new Time Machine destination, but doing that means starting over. If you want to move to a larger disk while maintaining the continuity of your backups, you can. It just means taking quite a few steps.

Apple iPad's Rejection Of Adobe Flash Could Signal The Player's Death Knell

Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post

It's past time we ushered the Flash site intro and the animated menu off to the junkyard.

Apple, Google Battling For Mobile Ads

Lexton Snol, PC Adviser

In another stage of its mounting battle with Google, Apple has hired two mobile ad industry big hitters.

Apple's iPad: Trouble For Intel's Mobile Push?

Ian Sherr, Reuters

While Apple likely will not market the chip publicly, analysts say the new processor underscores how rival chip designs may eventually win out over Intel Corp's designs in the emergent hot category of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Adobe Lashes Back At Apple's On Lazy Remark

Times Of India

A Personal Assistant On Your iPhone

Jenna Wortham, New York Times

A start-up called Siri, based in San Jose, Calif., hopes to do a slightly better job by bringing a virtual personal assistant to your pocket — more specifically, to your Apple iPhone.

Apple Prohibits App Store Devs From Using Location-Based Ads


Apple has notified App Store developers that they will be prohibited from using location-based information for mobile advertising. The company claims the GPS data can only be used to provide "beneficial information." The announcement has ignited speculation that Apple has reserved the capability for its own advertising endeavors.

Apple Takes On Intel

Lee Gomes, Forbes

Why chipmakers might not be necessary anymore.

Steve Jobs In Secret New York Meeting With Top Times Execs

Daniel Maurer, New York Magazine

Apple? Google? Who Cares? You Need To Know Dropbox

Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

Cloud computing backup system is a God-send for anyone with more than one computer – especially if you ever leave home.

Apple Paying Out 15% On Broken 27-Inch iMacs

Mark Wilson, Gizmodo

Modbook Maker Not Worried About iPad

Gregg Keizer, Macworld

The iPad is too big and lacks communication capabilities, says the former Apple exec who oversaw the demise of the company's iconic-but-flawed Newton project.

Tip: Trick Your iPhone To Watch Movies & Shows In Portrait View

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Freedom Locks Down The Internet

Dan Frakes, Macworld

If you've ever found the Internet to be a bane to your productivity, Freedom can help. This utility lets you temporarily block Internet access so you can get some work done.

Build Your Own Home Media Server

Ben Long, Macworld

Finding the right storage solution for your needs can be tricky, as you try to balance performance with expandability. Throw in the need for backup and network-wide access and things can get quite complicated.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buh-Bye, Wireless Guys

Daniel Lyons, Newsweek

How Silicon Valley conquered the carriers.

Arm Chief Hints Over iPad Technology

Richard Wray, The Guardian

The chief executive of Arm has given the strongest hint yet that the company's technology is inside Apple's iPad.

AT&T Gives Green Light To Sling TV Over 3G

Brad Stone, New York Times

AT&T announced Thursday morning that it will now allow the SlingPlayer iPhone app to stream live over its 3G network.

Apple's iTunes Preview Now Offers Browser-based App Store Access


Apple this week expanded its browser-based iTunes Preview, now allowing users to view information on software within the App Store without ever launching iTunes.

10 Ways Real Estate Agents Could Use The Apple iPad

Greg Vincent, Business2

Here's Why I Will Purchase An iPad

Allen Stern, InformationWeek

A Fight Over Freedom At Apple’s Core

Jonathan Zittrain, Financial Times

Mr Jobs ushered in the personal computer era and now he is trying to usher it out. We should focus on preserving our freedoms, even as the devices we acquire become more attractive and easier to use.

Senator Questions Apple Human Rights Practices In China

Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer

Thank Heaven For Apple's (Upward) Pricing Pressure

Matt Asay, CNET News

Pricing creates perceived value, something that Apple does exceptionally well and open source does exceptionally poorly.

Skype Sheds Light On 3G Calling, iPad

Marco Tabini, Macworld

Today's blog post provides a little more information on what's holding back the release of an updated app: the company says it's working on methods to provide the highest voice quality possible by using wideband audio—a technology used in telephony that extends the frequency of sounds transmitted across a connection, thus providing clearer audio signals.

FontExplorer X Pro 2.5

Doug McLean, TidBITS

Nehalem Mac Pro Systems Suffer Audio-based Performance Issues


The latest Mac Pro models with Nehalem-based Intel Xeon processors reportedly suffer a 20 percent performance hit when playing audio in Mac OS X, users have reported.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apple’s Science Fiction Dream

John Martellaro, The Mac Observer

Like the science fiction theme of making a clean break, politically and spatially, from the institutions of Earth, Apple would like nothing more than to, once again, make a solid leap forward with a new generation of iPads and other tablet devices. However, this time Apple will be protected by patents rather than mere copyrights. In addition, development will be fueled by custom, proprietary hardware, thanks to PA Semi, and leveraged from the modern underpinnings of Mac OS X so carefully crafted over the last decade.

Researcher Warns Of Privacy Risks From Rogue iPhone Apps

Elinor Mills, CNET News

Lax security screening at Apple's App Store and a design flaw are putting iPhone users at risk of downloading malicious apps that could steal data and spy on them, a Swiss researcher warns.

Why Maps Is Missing From Apple Singapore's iPad Page


I've been given to understand that Maps is missing from Apple Singapore's iPad features page because there are issues with promoting Google Maps in Singapore. What are those issues? Your guess is as good as mine.

Apple Enjoys The Fruits Of its Labor

Ones And Zeros

From MSFT Evangelist To Mac Enthusiast - The Other Side Of The Road

Don Dodge On The Next Big Thing

For five years I was a Microsoft evangelist to the startup and venture capital community. That ended a couple months ago. I am now a Developer Advocate at Google and I love it. After years of defending Microsoft against the Apple fanatics I decided to go to the other side of the road to see for myself.

The Smart Mac: iTunes, iPhoto & Aperture

Chris Ryan, The Apple Blog

The beauty of “smart” file management, of course, is once you have defined the frameworks for the album, folder or playlist, new content will automatically fall in place if it meets your rules.

Textbook Firms Ink E-Deals For iPad

Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg and Yukari Kane, Wall Street Journal

Major textbook publishers have struck deals with software company ScrollMotion Inc. to adapt their textbooks for the electronic page, as the industry embraces a hope that digital devices such as Apple Inc.'s iPad will transform the classroom.

Three Years Later, Apple TV Remains A Hobby

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Nearly three years after its introduction, the Apple TV remains a hobby in the eyes of Apple. This view was confirmed by CEO Steve Jobs during a post-iPad Town Hall meeting among employees, where he reiterated that the company still views the set-top box as experimental.

Greenpeace Hitching Itself To Apple's Star?

Doug McLean, TidBITS

A fierce independence and commitment to envisioning the future has earned Apple its current celebrity. Greenpeace should take note, and allow its own hard work to become the sole spokesman for its cause.

Apple, Others Named In Probe Of Human Rights In China


Apple is just one of 30 US corporations that have been asked for info on their human rights practices in China, Reuters reports. The requests are the work of the assistant US Senate majority leader, Dick Durbin, who cites Google as a standard for how ...

Apple Kills USB Syncing For Apps, But Alternative Is Coming

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

USB app syncing is coming to an end for iPhone users, but it may not be the end of the world. Apple recently asked Lexcycle to remove USB syncing capabilities from its popular e-book reading app Stanza, prompting the ire of many users. While loss of the feature is upsetting, the good news is that Apple has an alternative planned for a future iPhone OS update.

A Moveable Feast

Sara Dickerman, Slate Magazine

My iPhone is absolutely filthy, and not because it's clogged with frisky NSFW photos. The screen cover is coated with streaks of flour and butter and overlaid with a haze of anonymous kitchen grease. For the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to suss out whether the iPhone can earn a place in my kitchen. And just as any new pair of sneakers must one day be scuffed, I've had to let my shiny wireless pet get mussed.

Stanza Drops USB Syncing At Apple's Request

Nicholas Bonsack, Macworld

The reason behind the feature's axing? As Apple's Michael Jurewitz has stated on Twitter, there is no public API for syncing via USB. In other words, there's no Apple-approved method for iPhone applications to sync with companion apps through a USB cable.

Possibly Reduce iPhoto Launch Times

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

If iPhoto is slow to launch on your machine—as in taking over a minute to load, including visits from the spinning beach ball—here’s a possible fix that also happens to be a simple one.

Apple Releases iPhone Software 3.1.3

Dan Moren, Macworld

Among the embarrassment of riches that iPhone OS 3.1.3 brings is better accuracy for the battery level on the iPhone 3GS, a problem where third-party programs would sometimes not launch, and a bug that could cause an application to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard.

Apple's Blu-ray Fiasco: The iTunes Conflict

Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but Blu-Ray is on a collision course with iTunes and something's got to give. For iPhone, iPod Touch Adds New Features

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Version 1.1.021 adds a new sharpen tool, support for a variety of photo borders, and—for U.S. users of the app—playback of video hosted on

Be Grateful For What's Not On The iPad

Marco Tabini, Macworld

Just as when the iPhone was first announced, everyone is both extremely excited by the iPad's possibilities and disappointed by the lack of at least one feature that they were expecting it to have. In the case of at least two—handwriting recognition and a full-fledged version of OS X—I contend that Apple's move is a deliberate choice for the iPad's future.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apple's iPad: A Hit With Business Users?

Larry Dignan, ZDNet

What’s the business use here? In a word: Dashboards., Oracle and others all have iPhone apps showing sales, dashboards and corporate data. However, the screen is kind of small. With the iPad, you can check out a full dashboard of data, track sales and get your corporate health check on the go. Simply put, screen size matters for corporate dashboards. You can envision multiple business intelligence applications on deck.

Apple's iPad Can Fill ‘In-Between' Niche

Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

iPad Snivelers: Put Up Or Shut Up

Joel Johnson, Gizmodo

It's taken me a couple of days for me to understand the wet sickness I felt in response to all the post-iPad whining, until it finally came up in a sputtering lump: disgust.

Apple’s Jobs Spurns Intel, Qualcomm With A4 Processor For IPad

Ian King and Arik Hesseldahl, Bloomberg

Apple Inc.’s A4 chip, unveiled last week as part of its iPad, shows how chief executive officer Steve Jobs is extending control over the company’s hardware at the expense of Qualcomm Inc. and Intel Corp.

Steve Jobs, Information Psychologist

Edward Tenner, The Atlantic

To some observers, he is the arch-survivor, rising phoenix-like over childhood misery and life-threatening illness; to others, he is the maestro of perfect technological pitch, in tune with the soul of the new machine. My favorite insight into Steve Jobs, though, comes from an essay mentioning neither Jobs nor any Apple product.

iPad, Anyone? Hospitals Looking At The Mobile Device

Bobby Caina Calvan, The Sacramento Bee

Apple's new creation, the iPad, may be a novelty to many consumers, but hospitals are already starting to abandon paper-and-pen clipboards for hand-held digital tablets.

Apple-less Macworld Expo To Stress Products, People

Harry McCracken, Technologizer

With Apple’s absence, the organizers are emphasizing the educational and social aspects of Macworld, by redoubling efforts to make the conference component worthwhile.

Apple Releases 2nd Potential Fix For Flickering 27-inch iMacs


Apple on Monday released a second firmware update that aims to address screen flickering that has plagued some users of the late 2009 model 27-inch iMac. The update, entitled 27-inch iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0, is a 294KB download available direct from Apple. The accompanying description states the update will "address issues that may cause intermittent display flickering.

Vue 7.5 Lets You Create, Animate, Render 3D Environments

Dennis Sellers, Macsimum News

I think this is definitely a program that you’ll want to check out if you’re creating landscapes of any kind for the digital world. I use Vue as one of the tools in my creative workflow because it works great with my other 3D applications and it’s my favorite tool to compose and render scenes.

MindManager 8 For Mac Review

Erik Vlietinck, IT.Enquirer

Mind mapping on the Mac has been largely an affair of personal productivity, i.e. no mind mapping software delivered an integration with enterprise-scale business systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint. MindManager 8's focus is exactly on that weak spot and also on more Mac OS X integration.

A Little Chip Designed By Apple Itself

Ashlee Vance and Brad Stone, New York Times

The do-it-yourself approach gives Apple the chance to build faster, more battery-friendly products than rivals and helps the company to keep product development secret.

iTunes 9.0.3 Update Fixes iTunes Store Password Bug

Nicholas Bonsack, Macworld

Apple has just released a minor iTunes update that fixes a problem with being able to remember passwords for the iTunes Store.

Troubleshooting A Missing Apple TV

Christopher Breen, Macworld

You say that your Apple TV and Mac ignore each other? Walk through these troubleshooting steps.

The iPad Isn't A Third Device, But A Third Revolution

Dan Moren, Macworld

For Apple, it’s not about killing off tinkerers, but ensuring that not everybody who wants to use a computer has to be a tinkerer.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Apple Chose The iPad’s Screen Format

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

It looks like Apple’s choice of the 4:3 format is designed to fit certain types of usage, such as reading books and magazines, browsing the Web and using productivity applications. While many people will probably watch movies on the iPad, Apple seems to be betting that the iPad will be used very differently from laptops.

Apple iPad Will Choke Innovation, Say Open Internet Advocates

Bobbie Johnson, The Guardian

Apple's new iPad tablet computer could hamper innovation and cause long-term damage if it becomes a hit, according to experts.

In Their Words: Experts Weigh In On Mac Vs. PC Security

Elinor Mills, CNET News

Apple's Own Approach To iPad E-books Could Confuse

Peter Svensson, Associated Press

The slim, 1.5-pound "tablet" computer unveiled last week will be linked to Apple Inc.'s first e-book store when it goes on sale in a few months. The books, however, will not be compatible with Inc.'s Kindle or with the major alternative e-book system.

Colbert Starts iPad Campaign At The Grammys

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET News

In case you were wondering how Apple intended to advertise the iPad, the answer might just be "very well."

Why The iPad Web Demo Was Full Of Holes

Nick Bilton, New York Times

With over 60 million iPhones and iPod Touches in the marketplace today, content providers have been given two choices: either stand with Adobe and stick with Flash, or make the switch to non-Flash technologies and reach this huge audience, most of whom don’t really care about a format war — they just want to get the content.

Citrix To Run Win7 On Your iPad, Virtually

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

By Heng-Cheong Leong