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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Criticized For Discrimination Of Taiwanese Buyers

The China Post

A former National Assembly representative yesterday launched a campaign of “one person sending one letter” to Steve Jobs, chief operating officer of Apple Inc. to protest the firm's discriminatory practice of denying Taiwanese buyers iPhone 4 protective sleeves.

NVIDIA GPU Settlement Covers Apple, Dell, HP Repairs


NVIDIA has agreed to provide compensation to owners of Apple, HP and Dell computers as part of a settlement in a class-action lawsuit.

Apple's Segmentation Strategy, And The Folly Of Conventional Wisdom

Mark Sigal, O'Reilly Radar

Apple's product strategy is a study in market segmentation. Versus merely trying to stuff a product, burrito-style, with as many different features as possible, they target specific user experiences, and build the product around that accordingly.

Opinion: Are CIOs Embracing Apple's iPad?

Michael Friedenberg, CIO

Or maybe Forrester analyst Ted Schadler hit the nail on the head in his article in our recent issue when he wrote, "Companies that empower their employees to use these tools have a leg up on those that lock down systems."

3 Secret Apple TV Features Steve Jobs Hasn't Told You About

Brian X. Chen, Wired News

“The most important hint of Apple’s real ambitions in the living room come from AirPlay, which puts iPhones and iPads in the driver’s seat and makes the TV just an output device for the Apple ecosystem,” said James McQuivey, a Forrester analyst, in a recent e-mail statement. “Expect Apple to gradually push more and more in that direction, but as of this moment in 2010, Apple has not yet made a significant play for control of the TV.”

Teardown Reveals New Apple TV Comes With 8GB Flash Storage

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

The new Apple TV no longer allows users to purchase and store content on the device, but Apple still managed to cram in 8GB of flash storage, as well as 256MB of integrated RAM. The discovery was made by gadget repair site iFixit during one of its famed product teardowns. iFixit founder Kyle Wiens declared that the Apple TV was "surprisingly repairable."

AirPlay Update: Open To Developers, But Won’t Let Your IDevice Go To Sleep

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Airplay is possibly the most exciting iOS feature Apple has released since multitasking. It has incredible potential, and while we’re still waiting to see what Apple will really do with it, they already leaked a couple of details this week that will whet your appetite.

Postbox 2.0 Available Now!

Brett Terpstra, TUAW

With version 2.0, organization is faster and even easier, thanks to features like Quick Move and some new keyboard shortcuts. There's even a Quick Reply feature which lets you respond to a message from within the message or thread by hitting Shift-R (a lot like GMail). There are also keyboard shortcuts for navigating mailboxes and accounts without touching your mouse.

Deleting Duplicate Images

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Review: Photoshop Elements 9

Lesa Snider, Macworld

As updates go, this one’s a biggy and Adobe’s new cross-platform strategy for both Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Organizer, and Premiere Elements is a breath of fresh air. The layer mask button alone makes this a worthwhile upgrade for frequent users, and the new Guided Edit modes make it a good choice for new users.

State Of The Art: A Simple Swipe On A Phone, And You’re Paid

David Pogue, New York Times

The Square device snaps into an iPhone and allows you to become a credit card authorizing entrepreneur. No setup fees, no two-year contract — you’re in business.

Condé Nast’s Ipad Apps Are Too Portly. Blame Adobe.

Peter Kafka, Wall Street Journal

Both the New Yorker and Wired have the same weight problem for the same reason: They are built on the back of an Adobe program that essentially functions as an image reader.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

China Unicom Sells 100,000 iPhone 4s In Four Days

Dave Caolo, TUAW

Review: Microsoft Messenger And Communicator 2011

John C. Welch, Macworld

Since Messenger comes free with Office or as a free download, there’s no real risk involved. If you find a need for it, you come out ahead. If not, you’re only out a bit of time and disk space, and you can get the latter back. But if you don’t have Messenger-specific needs, there’s little reason to use the application.

Apple Extends Its Legal Battle With Nokia Into The UK


Apple has sued Nokia in Britain, accusing the Finnish smartphone maker of violating nine patents it owns and extending the legal battle between the two companies.

First Look: Outlook 2011

Nathan Alderman, Macworld

Apple Releases Remote 2.0 For iPhone And iPad

David Chartier, Macworld

Remote 2.0 brings a handful of big features, not the least of which is a long-awaited interface designed for the iPad. Using the iPad’s large amount of screen real estate, Remote can offer an interface for controlling media over one’s home network that looks much like the tablet’s iPod app, complete with music album and video thumbnails and a complete list of your playlists. It also features a gestures tab for controlling an Apple TV with iOS-like flick and drag motions.

Apple TV Under The Hood: First Look

Erica Sadun, TUAW

Looking at an OS dump doesn't always translate to the final live interaction and exploration experience but it does offer tantalizing hints as to what is to come and what will be possible for those willing to start programming and hacking. In this case, Apple TV's sneak peek provides two promises. First, that the system itself will be somewhat customizable and programmable for people who wish to extend its use beyond the built-in features. Second, that we're looking at the future of OS X installs. Apple TV's iOS shows that non-mobile devices without touch screens can leverage iOS's newer, more modern frameworks without sacrificing general computability.

Why I Won't Stop Writing About Apple And Google

Farhad Manjoo, Slate Magazine

Sure, I write about Apple and Google more than any other companies, but I don't think my coverage—nor the coverage of the tech press in general—is unwarranted. Apple and Google are by far the most interesting and important companies in the industry; indeed, you could argue they're the most innovative companies in the country.

Why Time Machine Is Broken

Robin Harris, ZDNet

If you receive and keep a lot of e-mail, download and keep a lot of content or perform large-file I/O intensive work - video, Photoshop, music - you’ll find that Time Machine has a noticeable and perhaps unacceptable impact on system performance.

Back On Track With My Beautiful Machine

Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post

While I was able to restore these computers fairly quickly to a running state with Time Machine, I know that some prefer software that clones the hard disk, like Mike Bombich's Carbon Copy Cloner. Whether the cause of my recent problems with this computer was the hard disk, graphics switching, or a faulty sudden motion sensor (as some have suggested), we may never know. I am back on track with productivity. Warily.

Italy To Apple: Remove "Mafia, Pizza" App

Associated Press

Italy's tourism minister has taken offense with how Apple's "What country" app describes her nation.

Rumor Of COO Departure Affects Apple's Stock Prices

Beecher Tuttle, TMCnet

Although a number of analysts immediately dismissed the rumor, noting that they severely doubted that Cook would leave Apple, hundreds of investors tried to get ahead of the story.

Apple, Microsoft, Dell And H.P.

Ashlee Vance, New York Times

Back in May, Apple edged past Microsoft as the most valuable technology company. And, my oh my, has Apple stretched its lead since then.

Apple: Cook Not Going To Hp

Tiernan Ray, Barron's

Not true, says Gleacher & Co.’s Brian Marshall, who follows Apple. He called me a short while ago to say he’d just run into Tim Cook in Palo Alto, had coffee, and asked him about the rumor. “Tim Cook will not be going to HP, he loves Apple,” Marshall tells me Cook told him.

Jeff Bewkes: Beware Of Apple, Amazon Deals

Mimi Turner, Hollywood Reporter

Time Warner boss Jeff Bewkes told British media execs that television is entering a second golden age of creativity and reward but warned against the danger of low-cost digital giveaways.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mac Gems: DockView 1.37

Dan Frakes, Macworld

DockView offers an Aero Peek-like alternative for Mac OS X, but one that offers more features than Windows or the Dock.

Review: Microsoft Excel For Mac 2011

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

he new interface and improved functionality make short work of even large projects, while the protection and sharing features make it easier to work with others—both on the Mac and on that “other” platform. There are only a few negatives with Excel 2011. I feel scrolling has been overly slowed down, the live window resizing is jumpy, and the lack of support for Services is troubling, as that's an OS X feature that I rely on daily. However, these things are not big enough issues to really affect Excel's performance and features—the program just works, and has many new features and improvements that spreadsheet users have been asking for. Excel 2011 is a solid program for anyone whose work involves a heavy dose of spreadsheet duty.

Review: Microsoft PowerPoint For Mac 2011

Franklin N. Tessler, Macworld

PowerPoint for Mac 2011 boasts more than a handful of worthwhile improvements, including greatly enhanced support for QuickTime movies, path animations, features for sharing and collaboration, and an improved interface. Despite a handful of miscues, it’s Microsoft’s strongest upgrade of the program since 2004. If you’re using an earlier version, updating to PowerPoint 2011 should be an easy decision.

Review: Microsoft Word For Mac 2011

Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Microsoft Word for Mac no longer feels like a second-string word processing program in the Microsoft Office suite. It is in fact a powerful tool for creating all your personal and business documents and for collaborating with others. More importantly, Word 2011 now makes it possible to insert a Mac into nearly any business environment and offer Mac users the same set of features found in Word for Windows, without compromise.

Great, Now Apple Is Invading My Intestines

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore , CNET

For just $1.99, we can now monitor our output without that up-close-and-personal toilet shelf.

Q&A: When Ping Is Not Your Thing

J.D. Biersdorfer, New York Times

How do I get rid of my Ping profile? There’s no obvious Delete option in the profile settings.

Restart Safari Plug-ins, Not Safari

Whitson Gordon, Macworld

IOS 4.1 Version Of Apple TV Firmware Posted, Jailbroken


Hackers have succeeding in running a jailbreak exploit for a newly posted Apple TV iOS 4.1 firmware file.

Apple Has Already Approved The Official Google Voice App For iPhone, Expect It Soon

Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch

The App Store review office at 1 Infinite Loop has officially frozen over: we’ve gotten word that the official Google Voice application is on its way to the iPhone in the next few weeks. In fact, we’ve heard from a source close to Google that it’s already been approved — Google just needs to revamp the application to work with the iPhone 4 and iOS’s multitasking capabilities.

Apple Using Retail Stores To Target SMB Market

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

A new sign of greater acceptance by business customers of Apple and the Macintosh is Cupertino’s growing interest in that once 100 percent PC market. Apple is expanding its sales support operation to businesses as well as adding business-centric sections to its retail stores.

Review: Tagalicious For iTunes Metadata, Artwork, And Lyrics

TJ Luoma, TUAW

Why So Quiet On Apple Decision?

Peppi Kiviniemi, Wall Street Journal

So given that everyone is feeling good about the result, why was the news released on a Saturday morning, when no one was watching?

What Top App Developers Really Think Of The App Stores

Ciara Byrne, VentureBeat

App developers want approvals by the big mobile players who manage app stores to happen much faster and more transparently, a new study set to be released this week found.

HyperDock Brings Window Previews, Other Dock Enhancements To OS X

Whitson Gordon, Lifehacker

If you wish you had Windows' Aero Peek-like window previews in OS X's Dock, free app HyperDock brings them to OS X, along with other window management features.

Lawsuit Claims Apple's iTunes Video Content Violates Patent


A new lawsuit takes aim at Apple's delivery of movies, TV shows and other videos through iTunes, alleging that the service is in violation of a patent owned by Multi-Format Inc.

Is iTunes Bloated?

Kirk McElhearn, TidBITS

I suspect that people accuse iTunes of being bloated because it has evolved from a simple music player into a complex media and device management program designed to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of users. To become more comfortable with iTunes, therefore, may require learning a bit more about how it works in order to master those features you use every day and turn off those you don't.

Why Camino Is The Mac Browser We Want To Use But Don't

Alexis Kayhill, Mac360

In the growing list of Mac browsers, Camino is a pure love hate relationship. You either love Camino, or you hate it. Alright. Maybe hate is too strong. Spell it ambivalent instead.

TotalFinder: What Mac's Finder Should Have Been

Federico Viticci, MacStories

The two main features of the app are tabbed navigation and dual-pane mode: there’s not really much to explain, as they work like you expect.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: MarsEdit 3.1

Lisa Schmeiser, Macworld

Bloggers who value efficiency will appreciate MarsEdit 3.1's ability to write, preview, save, schedule, and publish entries from within one application, rather than having to jump from one Web-based entry page to another. For people maintaining multiple blogs, MarsEdit can be a very powerful tool for simplifying your workload—if you can get all the blogs configured correctly.

New Apple TVs Prepared For Shipment

Steven Sande, TUAW

Users: FaceTime In UAE Killed By IOS 4.1 Update

Magnus Nystedt, Macworld Middle East

At the end of the first day of iPhone 4 officially going on sale in the United Arab Emirates, it seems like the update of iOS to 4.1 is what is disabling FaceTime on iPhones in the country.

Collusion In Silicon Valley: How High Does It Go?

Dan Gillmor, Salon

Big tech companies agreed not to poach each others' employees; are key investors making anti-competitive deals too?

Apple Threatens Search Giants' Mobile Ad Shares

Olga Kharif, BusinessWeek

Feature: Parallels Desktop 6: The Ars Review

Dave Girard, Ars Technica

Parallels has had their eye on Windows 3D gaming from the start and, with this release, they've finally converted me.

Study Finds That Apple Dominates Tech News

BRIAN Stelter, New York Times

A new study confirms what some in the technology industry have long sensed: that Apple commands an inordinate amount of the media’s attention.

A yearlong look at technology news coverage by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that 15.1 percent of tech articles were primarily about Apple; 11.4 percent were about Google; and a meager 3 percent were about Microsoft.

Beware: Chinese iPhone 4 Comes With A Crippled Maps App

Ogle Earth

I soon discovered that the Chinese version of the iPhone 4 comes with an aggravating quirk, though: The built-in Maps app is crippled. My phone's base map is hard-wired to Google Maps' censored dataset for China, where the depiction of China's borders complies with the official propaganda of the Chinese government. It does not, for example, show the region of Arunachal Pradesh as being disputed by China and India. On my phone, it belongs to China, even though the facts on the ground belie it — it is currently administered by India.

Lucky Few Get New iPhone 4

Pan Xiaoyi, Shanghai Daily

New iPhone 4 Creates Battle For Sales

Li Qiaoyi, People's Daily Online

China Unicom is selling the handset with a two-year contract, but Apple stores are offering the phone with no-strings-attached. Buyers are free to use the services of any telecom provider.

Consumers have so far voiced little interest in being tied to a contract. Apple Inc is also undercutting China Unicom's price for the new iPhone.

Time To Spit Out More Praise For Apple

Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times

Mr Jobs may be a slightly unpleasant piece of work, scary and arrogant. But if these messages are his, I congratulate him on his clarity, his tetchiness and on being entirely in the right.

Apple's Weakest Link Is At Its Core

John Naughton, The Guardian

This is what the industry calls "feature creep" on an heroic scale.

The Carriers’ Rebellion

Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

The Evolution Of The Apple Mouse


The evolution of the Apple mouse makes for an interesting design journey that includes the loss of its tail, moving from a single button to touch, and of course going from beige to multi-colored and back to a monotone.

IOS Alarms Broken For New Zealand Users After Daylight Savings

Chris Rawson, TUAW

We just started Daylight Saving Time in New Zealand yesterday. Since then, many iOS users here have experienced what's probably one of the weirdest bugs I've ever seen: our alarms are now going off an hour early.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Google 'Recently Extended' Apple Search Deal


Apple, Google, Intel, Other Tech Firms Admit Secret ...

Patrick May, Mike Swift and John Boudreau, San Jose Mercury News

It was, according to the federal complaint, the chummiest of secret clubs among Silicon Valley's corporate elite. The membership rules were simple: Don't cold-call any of our employees with job offers and we won't cold-call any of yours.

The members, according to documents released Friday by the Department of Justice, included the cream of the crop: Apple, Adobe Systems, Google, Intel, Intuit and Pixar.

EU To Drop Apple Probes After Firm's Policy Changes


EU antitrust regulators will scrap two investigations into Apple Inc's iPhone after the company allowed cross-border repair services and eased restrictions on applications for its popular smartphone.

iTunes Update Adds Ping Sidebar And Evil Ping Buttons

Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville

Apple Goes After The Camera Market Too

Nick Bilton, New York Times

Confirmed: No FaceTime In Parts Of The Middle East

Mike Schramm, TUAW

Safari Vulnerable To AutoFill Security Bug (again)

Nick Mediati, PC World

The new version of this hack is less “automatic” than the initial one, according to Grossman, but a hacker just needs to perform a little social engineering to get a hapless Web user to give up their personal details.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Legal Row Over Who Can Use 'pod'


Apple has embarked on a legal battle over the right to use the word "pod".

When To Use The iPhone 4’s HDR Feature

Heather Kelly, Macworld

Solve your time and space issues by learning what situations call for the iPhone’s HDR setting and when you should skip it altogether.

Manage Podcasts In iTunes

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

iTunes has powerful tools for managing podcasts, and, of course, you can sync them to an iOS device, or listen to them on your Mac with iTunes. Let’s take a look at how podcast subscriptions work, and how you use iTunes to efficiently manage your podcasts.

Can Apple Crack China With The iPhone 4?

Lara Farrar, CNN

While the company's products are especially popular among China's expanding middle- and upper-classes who have disposable income to spend on high-end products to show off their wealth, the iPhone is still too expensive for most to purchase.

Additionally, the Chinese version of Apple's App Store still has an interface in English and requires payment from dual-currency credit cards, which many Chinese don't have.

Apple Clobbers The Competition

Ashley Allen and Douglas McIntyre, MarketWatch

Apple TV Splits Networks

Nat Worden, Wall Street Journal

The new Apple TV comes as a proliferation of "over the top" services, which deliver online video to TV sets, are raising concerns that consumers will drop their traditional pay-TV subscriptions. The pay-TV industry just suffered its first-ever quarterly decline in overall subscribers.

At the same time, though, media companies are eager to find ways to increase their revenue from digital media, and they don't want to be seen as unwilling to embrace new technologies that consumers like.

Limiting User Disk Space With Partitions And Quotas In OS X

Topher Kessler, CNET

One drawback to having multiple users on OS X is there is no easy way to limit the amount of disk space used by that user. If a user has write access to a file system, then they can fill the drive until there is no space left for others. For the most part this just takes some chatting with the other members of a household or workplace, but to avoid confrontations you can set up the system in various ways to limit a user's disk space use.

Mac Gems: Watts 1.1.1


These days, laptop batteries no longer suffer from the “memory effect” and related life-shortening afflictions. But that doesn’t mean modern notebook batteries are maintenance free—if you want to keep your MacBook’s battery performing at its best, you need to take care of it. Today’s Gem, Watts, aims to make such maintenance both easier and more effective. It also incorporates noteworthy features of a few other portable Gems.

Apple Expands iPad Distribution To Third-party US Retail Channel


Apple now allows its largest distributors to provide all six models of the iPad to authorized resellers across the U.S., continuing the company's meticulous and methodical expansion of iPad availability.

Finally, Professional Dictation Software For The Mac

David Pogue, New York Times

I won’t say “it was worth the wait” — really, everybody would’ve been a lot happier if a Mac dictation app had been available all along — but it’s almost everything it should be. After 25 years, full-blown, professional dictation software has finally come to the Mac.

Apple Issuing Refunds For Apple TV Rush Orders, Citing Delay


Some customers who paid Apple for expedited shipping on the soon-to-ship Apple TV are receiving emails from the company Thursday informing them that those shipping charges have been waived due to a possible 'delay.'

How To Backup Your Iphoto Library To Dropbox – And Resize Images To Save Space

The Warne Account

The Mac Novel Writer We Forgot Is Worth A Look

Bambi Brannan, Mac 360

MailHub Saves Time Interacting With Mail


MailHub is an add-on to Apple Mail. It is a plug-in that is meant to speed up your interaction with Mail, management of messages, in short: the performance of your Inbox. Initially I didn’t see the difference between MailHub and Apple Mail’s Rules, but after having used it for a couple of weeks, the difference is crystal clear: MailHub makes Mail a lot more efficient than you can ever make it by using Rules only. MailHub actually saves a lot of time and aggravation.

Unlimited Storage On iPhone? Stream It With Livedrive

GoMo News

Bringing Back The Pismo

John Hatchett, Low End Mac

It's all because I really couldn't get my iSub to work with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. So I decided that I would use my Pismo to play music, since the iSub worked fine with it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

iPads On College Campuses? Maybe Next Year

Alec Liu, FOXNews

At the iPad's January launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs eagerly touted the iPad as a game-changer for education. "The iPad isn't just the best device of its kind -- it's a whole new kind of device," the Apple website says, explaining that the iPad is "poised to change the learning landscape."

Not so fast.

Apple's Market Cap Hits $262.88 Billion

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

'Apple Peel' Inventors Defend Device Turning iPod Into iPhone

Tim Culpan and Margaret Conley, Bloomberg

Pan Lei and Pan Yong, the Chinese brothers who invented a device to convert Apple Inc.’s iPod Touch into an iPhone, say they are innovators, not copycats.

Their Apple Peel 520 is a case including a circuit board and battery that wraps around the iPod Touch media player, allowing calls to be made after software is installed. The device, which requires breaking into Apple’s operating system, isn’t a counterfeit iPhone, Pan Lei, 25, told Bloomberg Television.

Buyers Send iPhones On A Long Relay To China

Nick Bilton, New York Times

They show up in the early-morning hours: Chinese men and women, waiting silently and somewhat nervously outside of Apple stores in New York. On some days the lines they form can be a block long.

These are not typical Apple fans. Instead they are participants in a complex and curious trade driven by China’s demand for Apple’s fashionable gadgets — products that are made in China in the first place and exported, only to make the long trip back.

The Origins Of Angry Birds

Ryan Rigney, Game Pro

Mikael Hed, CEO of Finnish game studio Rovio, discusses how their immensely successful iPhone hit, Angry Birds, began with just a simple screenshot of an unhappy bird character.

An American In Paris Says Au Revoir To His Laptop

Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

Lots of people are wondering whether a touch-based tablet computer that doesn't have a physical keyboard or run a traditional operating system can replace their laptops on the road. So I decided to find out.

Earlier this month, my wife and I took a 10-day working vacation to Paris, and for the first time in many years, I decided to go away for a week or more without a laptop. Instead, I resolved to rely on only an Apple iPad tablet, my smartphone and a small digital camera.

Study: Apps Aren't Helping Smartphone Sales

Don Reisinger, CNET

Apps don't appear to be helping companies sell more smartphones, a study from international accounting and consulting firm Deloitte suggests.

Ringtone Makers Being Allowed Into Apple's App Store

Evan Selleck, SlashGear

While seeing a ringtone maker in the App Store may not seem like a big deal, it goes a long way to show that Apple is doing something (whatever it is, who knows), to make the App Store a somewhat more inviting place, and to slough off those bad remarks that have plagued it since it started denying or removing applications for seemingly no reason.

Apple Updates IWork For iPad With New IDisk, Office Support


Apple on Wednesday released a significant update to its iWork suite of productivity applications for the iPad, delivering support for copying files to a Mobile Me iDisk and exporting documents in native Microsoft Office formats.

NBCU Unlikely To Join Apple 99-cent Rentals

Yinka Adegoke and Jennifer Saba, Reuters

NBC Universal chief executive Jeff Zucker said on Wednesday his company is not likely to follow rivals to make its TV shows available for Apple Inc's new 99-cent rental service unveiled earlier this month. Offering NBC's shows for that price on the Apple TV service would undermine the value of their shows, he said.

Review: Premiere Elements 9

Jeff Carlson, Macworld

Adobe Premiere Elements 9’s strengths lie in its multi-track editing capabilities, along with editor-friendly features such as Smart Trim and DVD creation and burning capabilities within the program.

If you’ve been looking for a replacement for iMovie HD 6, but haven’t wanted to jump into Final Cut Express, Premiere Elements 9 offers a way to make the transition toward more advanced video editing techniques. However, the Sceneline mode might present too many irritations for longterm use. Still, the program does offer a wealth of video editing capability at a competitive price.

Writer For iPad Wants To Focus On Your Writing

David Chartier, Macworld

The iPad offers a fairly distraction-free writing environment, thanks to iOS’s one-app-at-a-time design and emphasis on minimal interface. But Information Architects wants to help your inner writer become even more focused with Writer, its new iPad app.

Remotely Control A MacBook

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Regrettably you waited a little too long as MacBooks released at and after late 2009 (the polycarbonate model, not the MacBook Pro) don’t carry an IR port and therefore don’t work with Apple’s remote. But you’re not completely out of luck.

Mailplane 2.2 Adds Several Key Features

TJ Luoma, TUAW

Mailplane, the native Mac app for Gmail and Google Apps email, has been updated to version 2.2, adding several new features and improving on others.

Leading the charge is support for the recently-released "Priority Inbox." You can now tell Mailplane to open either your regular inbox, Priority Inbox, or a custom label.

The Real Secret Of Apple’s Product Philosophy

Stage Two

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Business Is Putting The iPhone To Work

Joel Mathis, Macworld

Not so long ago, the personalities of the market’s dominant smartphones were clearly drawn: The iPhone, fun and full of flash, was for consumer uses, while Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, sober and spartan, dominated the professional market. But the line between work and play has grown blurry, leaving the iPhone—and a new competitor, Google’s Android—to challenge Research In Motion (RIM)’s long dominance in businesses and among professionals.

N.J. Schools Explore Using Ipads As Teaching Devices

Tomas Dinges, Star-Ledger

Other Baroque art history high school classes may open with a quiz on famous paintings and artists of the era. But Alex Curtis, headmaster at the Morristown-Beard School, started one recent lesson with a seemingly puzzling question: "Have you got that app yet?"

Adobe: Can It Wean Itself Off The Creative Suite Dependence?

Larry Dignan, ZDNet

Can Adobe go from being a company mostly about the Creative Suite to one focused on enterprise collaboration, a potential growth driver?

FileMaker Go Update Adds PDF Creation, Photo Import

Michael Rose, TUAW

The latest revision to FileMaker's two mobile database apps, FileMaker Go 1.1 for iPhone and for iPad (two separate products), gives the Go team a few vital new features for users on the move.

Apple's Game Center Playing Nice With Others

Josh Lowensohn, CNET

One question that was raised almost immediately when Apple announced Game Center, the company's first-party social gaming service, in April was what would happen to existing social game networks on the platform? The early answer, surprisingly, is comfortable cohabitation.

Apple And Facebook Talked For More Than A Year -- Then Apple Launched Ping Without Facebook's Help

Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Before Apple launched Ping, its iTunes team was in talks with Facebook for 18 months or more, a source with knowledge of the talks tells us.

While we don't know the details of their discussions, it makes sense that Apple may have wanted to build Ping as a music-tracking and sales service on top of Facebook's social graph. This could have allowed Apple to get what it wanted out of the relationship -- more iTunes and iPod sales -- without having to build a social network from scratch.

Apple Opens Metrocentre, Gateshead Retail Store ...

Nick Spence, MacWorld UK

Apple will open a new store on Saturday 25 September 2010 at the Metrocentre, Gateshead at 10am. Plenty of free t-shirts and high-fives from staff should help ensure the opening is a success.

Apple's MagSafe Lawsuit Tests Limits Of First-sale Doctrine

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Sanho says it's reusing Apple's own connectors in the sale of its own products, and the same goes for the 30-pin iPad connector. If that is in fact the case, Apple may find itself butting up against the patent version of the first sale doctrine (commonly called the "exhaustion doctrine"), which limits the patent owner's control over patented items after it has been sold the first time.

A Love-hate Relationship With iPad And iOS

Scot Finnie, Computerworld

I'm just not that jazzed about iOS. It's fine on the iPhone because the tiny screen of the iPhone limits you anyway. The problem is, with only a little bit of invention, I can easily imagine the iPad being my full-fledged travel machine -- no notebook needed. But Apple has, it seems, intentionally hobbled the iPad. There are so many things it can't do.

Is Apple Tuning Out Audiophiles?

Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

By failing to upgrade the iPod Classic, the tech giant seems to have left in the lurch the customers who made the music player a huge success.

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Makes Apple Tick

Claudine Beaumont, Telegraph

Messianic, evangelistic and utterly devoted to the art of making beautiful products that ‘just work’ – it’s no wonder Apple’s founder and chief executive is seen as a demi-god in some technology circles.

Delete iPad Documents In iTunes

Rick Broida, PC World

Note to Apple: Hellooooo? Can we get a Delete button, please?

Google Earth Updated For iPhone 4 Retina Display, Includes Ocean Topography

Josh Helfferich, TUAW

Apple Sues 'HyperMac' Accessory Maker Over MagSafe, iPod Cables


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BMW Brings Apple's iPad To The Back Seat In X3

USA Today

We Love Our Computers -- But Love Macs Best

David Goldman,

Americans' satisfaction with their personal computers has been on the rise for the past decade, but consumers still overwhelmingly prefer Apple's Macs to Windows PCs.

Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements 9

Heather Kelly, Macworld

Adobe on Monday announced the latest version of Photoshop Elements 9, the company's consumer-level photo editing application, for both Mac and Windows. There are a number of features in this version that are new to Mac users, most notably the bundled Elements Organizer, which acts as a hub for importing, managing, and viewing photo and video files.

Apple Gets Quicker In China

Loretta Chao, Wall Street Journal

The imminent launch of the iPhone 4 in China shows how Apple is rolling products out in China much more quickly than it used to. Apple seemed to have upped its game in China with the official launch of the iPad. Sure enough, fresh on the heels of that came word the iPhone 4 will officially launch Saturday–not to mention that two new Apple Stores are set to open this weekend, doubling the company’s total in China.

Secrets Of Apple's Customer Success

Erica Ogg, CNET

Hardware manufacturers liberally take cues from Apple products, so why not its approach to customers?

Apple Buys Facial-Recognition Firm Polar Rose

Jim Dalrymple, CNET

Apple has acquired Malmo, Sweden-based Polar Rose, a facial-recognition company with several products that could be integrated into Apple's current and future product lines.

FaceTime Goes Missing In Saudi Arabia, Much Of Middle East

Michael Rose, TUAW

TinkerTool 4.2 Gets More Snow Leopard, iTunes Options

David Chartier, Macworld

Marcel Bresink has updated TinkerTool, his utility for customizing a number of hidden OS and app preferences, with access to yet more options for Mail, iTunes, Safari, and even the Dock.

Apple Releases Security Update 2010-006 For Snow Leopard

David Chartier, Macworld

According to this security document, the update fixes one specific bug in Mac OS X 10.6.4’s AFP file sharing implementation that could allow remote attackers to bypass the password validation system if they know the name of an account on the Mac.

Apple Signs Secretive Multi-year Technology Licensing Pact


Rovi announced Monday that it had signed a deal with Apple, which will allow the Cupertino, Calif., company to license intellectual property. The confidential agreement was disclosed in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rovi offers a number of products and services that could apply to Apple. It sells metadata and media recognition software, anti-piracy digital rights management services, and interactive program guides for television set top boxes.

M-S Likely To Seek Joint Venture With Established Developer

Ryan Huang, Channel NewsAsia

With the land swap agreement between Singapore and Malaysia settled, market watchers have said the company in charge of developing the land parcels would likely seek a joint venture with an established developer.

Apple To Open 2 New Stores In China, Start Selling ...

Frank Michael Russell, San Jose Mercury News

Apple will open stores in Xidan Joy City in Beijing and Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai on Saturday, bringing the total number of retail locations in the country to four, the company announced late Sunday.

Police Interview Steve Jobs About Prototype iPhone

Greg Sandoval, CNET

Stephen Wagstaffe, chief deputy district attorney for San Mateo County, Calif., told CNET today that police are close to wrapping up their theft investigation and could forward their final report to his office within the next few weeks. Wagstaffe will then review the information and determine whether to file criminal charges.

To Cross Platform Develop, Or Not? That Is The Question

Sylvie Barak, RCR Unplugged

Something both investors agreed on, however, was the drawback of getting blinded by an Apple-only approach. Kapoor compared Apple and its app environment to a “drug type of mentality” sucking developers in and making them feel dependent on the firm for the short term monetary gains, whilst crippling them for the long term through lack of control over their own app.

Malloy concurred that there was a “bit of a hypnosis with Apple which gets me a little creeped out”.

Publishers Should Be Careful What They Wish For

Mathew Ingram, GigaOM

Classroom iPad Programs Get Mixed Response

Travis Kaya, Chronicle Of Higher Education

As students and faculty members around the country feel around for new ways to integrate the iPad into academic life, a handful of programs are taking a more formal approach to finding its place in the classroom.

How The iPhone Helped A Blind Person See Colour

Kyle VanHemert, Gizmodo

Parallels 6 Is Fast!

Terry White

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Truth About iPad: It's Only Good For Two Things

Jason Hiner, TechRepublic

Steve Jobs Was Mean To You? Boo Hoo

Martin Robbins, The Guardian

Trainee journalists should learn that getting information out of people is not easy.

Overseas Traders Blamed For Iphone Shortage

Caroline Donnelly, CRN

Bulk-buying overseas traders are causing supplies of the latest version of the iPhone to run low at Apple’s Covent Garden store.

Holiday Inn Pilot Lets Iphone, Blackberry Double As Your Hotel Room Key

Barbara De Lollis, USA Today

Two Holiday Inn properties have officially started letting guests use their Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Android smart phone as a 21st-Century room key, enabling customers to bypass the front desk.

Lily Allen Sues Apple


Lily Allen is launching a legal assault against Apple in an attempt to ascertain the identity of ne'er-do-wells who attacked her laptop.

Apple Clears The Way For An App Revolution

Chris Griffith, The Australian

The likelihood of more apps that run on all styles of new-age phones has increased with Apple's stunning reversal of its decision to reject apps created using cross-platform tools such as Adobe Flash CS5.

Analyst: Over-The-Top Video Won’t Replace Pay Tv

Radio Business Report

Predictions that many consumers will drop cable and satellite TV in favor of over-the-top (OTT) video services like Apple TV and Google TV are being dismissed by Wells Fargo Securities analyst Marci Ryvicker as misguided speculation. Rather, she says, OTT will be a complement to, not a replacement for, pay TV.

Chinese Upstart Imports Apple Brand And More

Joshua Frank, Los Angeles Times

In a trendy mall just west of Tiananmen Square, a cellphone shop with minimalistic décor displays the store's only product inside a clear geometric case on the center of its floor.

Apple iPad: The Low-Price Leader?

Jeff Bertolucci, PC World

No one will ever accuse Apple of being a bargain brand, but the company's iPad tablet may prove to be more affordable than the first generation of Android slates, particularly the Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Nuance Releases Dragon Dictate For Mac 2.0

Roman Loyola, Macworld

According to Nuance, Dragon Dictate 2.0 is faster and more accurate than MacSpeech Dictate 1.5. Dragon Dictate is based on the same software engine used by Dragon 11 for the PC. But the engine, according to Nuance product marketing manager Kristen Wylie, is not just ported over from the PC. “It was designed from the ground up to work on a Mac,” said Wylie during a product demo.

iPhone Launch In China Gets Official Date Of 9/25

Michael Rose, TUAW

In a Sunday press release, Apple announced an on-sale date for the iPhone 4 in China. Saturday, September 25, 8 am is when customers in the world's largest market can get their hands on the new phones; both the Apple Store Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai and the Apple Store Xidan Joy City in Beijing will be carrying them, coinciding with the opening of the Bejing store.

Apple Mends A Few Fences

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Steve Jobs, Franz Kafka & George Orwell Walk Into A Bar...

Michael B. Laskoff, Huffington Post

I was caught in in a bureaucratic hellhole in which the orderly functioning of an efficient system was more more important than a few crushed cogs while a crime was being perpetrated.

Words To Describe The Glory Of Apple

Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times

Given the towering superiority of the first linguistic style over the second, will it catch on? Will other companies copy Apple’s language just as they have copied its design?

Where's The Beep In Apple Mail?

Mel Martin, TUAW

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skeptic Says Apple Got It Right With iPad

Peter Svensson, The Associated Press

At first glance, the iPad looked like a heavy, overgrown iPod Touch. After just a few months of use, however, this iPad skeptic realized that it’s so much more — it’s one of those devices I’ve always needed. Those don’t come around very often.

Apple And A Music Revolution

Claudine Beaumont, Telegraph

The iPod has become the iconic portable music device of the 21st century.

Is Apple's Ban On iPad Porn Damaging The Future Of Media?

Tom Foremski, ZDNet

If this is truly an important new technology platform for media, why does it specifically exclude the most innovative sector in media of our modern and historical times?!

Apple Approves Another Google Voice App For iPhone

Samuel Axon, Mashable

The developer of another Google Voice app for iPhone — “GV Mobile +” — said that Apple approved his app today.

Did Apple Kill Smashing Ad For Newsday iPad App?

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Room For Improvement In Explaining YOG Overspending

Kevin Kwek, Straits Times

What I am appalled at was the way the overspending was swept aside. It remains a fact that we spent three times more of taxpayers' money than anticipated.

One World, 5 Billion iPads

Andrew Leonard, Salon

Wireless connectivity -- and slick tablet computers -- targets global super-saturation.

CEOs Love Their iPads

Bob Sutton, Work Matters

GV Connect Is Now Available In The App Store – More Google Voice Apps To Come?

Casey Tschida, App Advice

A third-party Google Voice app has just hit the App Store. GV Connect by Andreas Amann is a native app that is able to interact directly with Google Voice accounts and features.

Exciting: IOS 4.2 Media Framework Is Airplay-Enabled, Works With Netflix & More!

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

This is pretty huge. It means that any app that uses Apple’s default media player is already AirPlay-enabled. That means that with IOS 4.2, you can stream from Netflix, MLB At Bat, Vimeo HTML5 Embeds (in Safari), the YouTube clips from the AppAdvice app and so on. It will work with Airport Express and we believe the Apple TV as well.

Feeds Into Reads: Transforming RSS Into Beauty

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

Times for iPad and Flipboard take streams of updates and create newspaper and magazine layouts automatically. This approach works better than it may sound at first. Automatic layout seems like an iffy proposition, but both programs produce interesting results.

App Tamer Halts Your Apps To Speed Up Your Mac

Jeff Porten, Macworld

App Tamer will automatically stop any application you choose when it is in the background, and automatically bring it back to its full vitality when you bring it back to the foreground. You can choose which applications are stopped, how long the pause should be before this occurs, and whether this should happen all the time, or only when you’re running off battery power. App Tamer can also helpfully gray out the windows of paused applications to remind you that they’ve been halted.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Replace iTunes 10's Gray Color-scheme

Whitson Gordon, Macworld

U.S. Tech Probe Nears End

Thomas Catan And Brent Kendall, Wall Street Journal

Several of the U.S.'s largest technology companies are in advanced talks with the Justice Department to avoid a court battle over whether they colluded to hold down wages by agreeing not to poach each other's employees.

The companies, which include Google Inc., Apple Inc., Intel Corp., Adobe Systems Inc., Intuit Inc. and Walt Disney Co. unit Pixar Animation, are in the final stages of negotiations with the government, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple's 27-inch Cinema Display Now Available

Chris Rawson, TUAW

About a month and a half after the introduction of the 27-inch Apple Cinema Display, it's finally available on Apple's online store.

China's Mac Heads


Such is Apple’s status in this country that Mac Heads here are willing to pay more than American Mac Heads – almost twenty per cent more mostly because of higher Chinese taxes. That’s a lot in a country where wages are a lot lower. One woman told me just spent a month’s wages on an iPad and thought it was a bargain.

A Textbook Solution

Elizabeth Weil, New York Times

Schnittman breaks down reading into three kinds: extractive reading (say, looking up words in the dictionary), immersive reading (sinking into “Moby-Dick”) and pedagogic reading (studying a physics curriculum). The first type is well suited to the search capacities of digital devices. The second works beautifully on e-ink readers. The third? So far it has failed in all electronic formats, awaiting the right hardware — the so-called form factor. Schnittman says the solution might be in tablets like the iPad.

HDR App Shootout: Apple V. Pro HDR V. TrueHDR

Bob Snow, ZDNet

Open And Un-Minimize New Windows From OS X's Application Switcher


Accessory Firms Cash In On Big Apple Cover-up

Karlin Lillington, Irish Times

It is an ecosystem that seems to suit everyone – except perhaps sometimes the grumbling customer, who doesn’t feel a basic case should be an additional purchase.

Warner Bros. Exec Dislikes Apple's 99-cent TV Plan

The Associated Press

Chief executive Barry Meyer says Warner Bros. didn't participate in Apple Inc.'s plan to offer TV show rentals for 99 cents because the price was too low and would have hurt sales of full seasons.

Apple Launches iPad In China


Hundreds queued up on Friday for the first official iPads sold in China, the world's biggest internet market, after months of grey market action among avid buyers unwilling to wait for the Apple tablet.

Apple, Google, More In Late Talks To Settle Poaching Suit


Are The iPads In Restaurants On Par With The Food In Apple Stores?

Zurich By Day

Apple’s iPad device has made its appearance in restaurants, hotels and wine bars over the globe. There are many reasons a restaurateur might consider using the iPad for interacting with customers, but what is in it for the user?

I've Got The PowerPC Blues

John Hatchett, Low End Mac

Hey Apple! Hey Apple! Stop Making Windows Software That Stinks!

Jason Perlow, ZDNet

Whatever software development platform and lifecycle management model and systems architecture they’ve come up with at Apple to deploy on Windows is now an unmitigated disaster. Every successive release has resulted in more bloatware and more unreliability.

Adobe Vs. Apple, India Version

Rohin Dharmakumar, Forbes

IBank 4 Gets Better Online Support, Streamlined Interface

David Chartier, Macworld

IGG Software’s iBank is a more Mac-friendly alternative to financial management heavyweights like Intuit’s Quicken. After a brief beta period that began in July, the official release of this major 4.0 upgrade brings a number of new features and interface improvements to iBank that should make it easier to enter transactions, set up online integration, and simply try the app out for all its worth.

Acorn 2.5 Gets Layer Masks, More Automator Actions

David Chartier, Macworld

New in Acorn 2.5 is support for layer masks and the ability to set a matte background color for transparent images via the program’s Web export tool. There are also new Automator actions for using Acorn to watermark, crop, and otherwise manipulate images with JavaScript.

Where Are The iPad Refurbs?

Erica Sadun, TUAW

Although Apple is certain to be already working on the next generation of iPad, it's clear that its high demand continues to produce limited availability. We may not be seeing refurbished units for some time yet.

Mac Gems: Savescreenie 2.0.0

Dan Frakes, Macworld

Savescreenie 2 offers more features, works well with the latest versions of OS X, and is easier to use. It’s become my utility of choice for changing OS X’s built-in screenshot settings.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

iTunes Tip: Find Out How Much Space You Can Save On Your iPod If You Convert Songs To 128 Kbps AAC

Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville

Previously, the capacity bar would increase in real time as content was added to your device. Now, in iTunes 10, you can see the results of your change even before you start syncing.

Finding The Best Way To Read Books On An iPad

Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

Overall, each of the three iPad apps makes the device a fine way to read e-books. Multiple apps and stores—including many not covered here—allow choices absent from dedicated reading devices.

Apple's Easing Of App Rules Boosts Approvals For Developers

David Sarno, Los Angeles Times

Developers reported that their creations had suddenly come out of the deep freeze and been approved for consumers using the company's iPhone family of devices.

Apple Patches Zero-day QuickTime Flaw With 7.6.8 Release

Dan Kaplan, SC Magazine

Apple on Wednesday released a new version of QuickTime to plug two vulnerabilities, including a zero-day flaw that is being actively exploited simply by tricking a victim into visiting a web page.

Chrome Update Fixes Serious Mac OS X Bug

Scott Gilbertson, Wired

Google has updated the stable and beta branches of its Chrome web browser with several important bug fixes and stability improvements, including a rather serious security bug in Mac OS X.

Yahoo Chief Slams Apple’s IAd


Apple iPod Nano 6G

Stephen Dean, The Register

The new iPod Nano is certainly neatly designed, and the touchscreen will have definite novelty value for people who haven’t previously been able to afford an iPhone or iPod Touch. I can live without the camera but the lack of video playback seems like a rather mean cost-cutting measure – especially given the price increase.

Vectorworks 2011 – A Preview In Boston

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh

The MacBook Air Doesn't Get Enough Credit

Adam Jackson, GigaOM

It’s the best notebook Apple makes and it also happens to be the smallest. It’s a machine for 75 percent of the portable Mac users out there, and too many people are buying more than they need when the MacBook Air fits in just nicely.

Finally! Apple Embraces A Standard For Metadata In PDFs

Glenn Howes, A Sprinkle of Cocoa

Apple Releases Pro Applications Update

Jonathan Seff, Macworld

On Wednesday Apple issued Pro Applications Update 2010-02—recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, and Logic Studio—with improved versions of Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5, and Qmaster 3.5.

iPad Blows Kindle Out Of The Water - But Amazon's Kindle App Is Best iPad Reader...

Bill Hill, The Future Of Reading

Since I got my iPad, I find reading books on it so good that I can no longer bear to use my Kindle - although the Kindle app is the best eBook reader on the iPad, and the only one I use. Picking up the Kindle - after using the iPad for several weeks - is like stepping back into the Dark Ages of eBooks - a small-screen world of poor contrast, in which you can read comfortably only in perfect, bright lighting. It looks somehow pathetic alongside the iPad. You can never go back home again...

Open Web Pages Automatically

Christopher Breen, Macworld

My recent tips about Automator seems to have piqued the interest of readers who normally don’t touch this fine automation tool.

Apple Dishes On AirPrint Wireless Printing For IOS

Dan Moren, Macworld

Users will be able to directly print to HP printers that include the company’s new ePrint feature, debuting in models this fall. According to Apple, iPad users will be able to print text, photos, and graphics via printers on a local network, or over Wi-Fi. Drivers and printing software don’t need to be installed, and Apple says there’s no setup or configuration.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saving Wild Tigers Cheaply, With Apple's Help?

Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times

I have yet to receive an answer to a query I posed to press people at Apple after the launch of the Snow Leopard operating system last year — about whether they feel any obligation to help conserve the cats whose names they adopt for products. Maybe they can start with a tiny sliver of the profits from sales of OS X Tiger.

A Canadian Perspective On Apple TV

Toronto Sun

The new Apple TV could have me dancing in the street while cancelling my cable bill if we get the networks renting TV shows, and I’ll be cartwheeling if they deal with the other aforementioned issues. But right now it’s more of a wait and see, and in Canada we’re kinda used to that by now. Let’s just hope it isn’t a wait similar to that of getting the iPhone.

Organize Playlists In iTunes

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Extensis Unveils Portfolio Studio

Jackie Dove, Macworld

Extensis has launched Portfolio Studio, a new application and server that lets small creative teams automatically archive and centralize access to photos and other digital media files with consistent metadata.

Feature: iPod Touch Camera Review: Can't Top iPhone 4; Better Than Nothing

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

iPod touch users will have the ability to take some decent if wimpy images where before they could take none. Progress is marching slowly—it took Apple almost four years to add any camera hardware to the iPod touch at all—but at least it's marching in the right direction.

Best Buy To Sell Apple iPad In All U.S. Stores

Mark Hachman, PC Magazine

Best Buy will sell the Apple iPad in all of its 1,093 U.S. stores beginning Sept. 26, the retailer said on Tuesday.

School Bus Fees To Go Up

Straits Times

The Singapore School Transport Association (SSTA) and school bus operators said they are 'seriously considering' raising prices by 10 per cent to 20 per cent a month next year.

Epic To Release Unreal Development Kit For Apple's IOS


Epic Games has announced that the software development kit for its Unreal 3 engine will soon add iOS support.

Thoughts On The Apple TV

Neil Turner's Blog

In fact, there's no other region-specific services, despite the Apple TV now running on a similar operating system as the iPhone.

Hands-on With Parallels 6

Topher Kessler, CNET

The latest version has a few small quirks, and I am not able to test it in all configurations or its full capabilities, but overall it does live up to the advertised improvements over the prior version.

Apple: Steve Jobs Is No Ninja Star Smuggler

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET

"Steve did visit Japan this summer for a vacation in Kyoto, but the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction. Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon."

MarsEdit 3.1 Gets Better With Media, 64-bit Support

David Chartier, Macworld

New in this multiplatform, offline blogging client are some media management features, including per-blog image dimension settings, support for Lightroom 3 media libraries, and a “Paste HTML Source” command so you can paste in things like YouTube videos while editing in rich text.

Third Italian Apple Store To Open On Saturday


Is The Apple iTunes Store A Victim Of Its Own Success?

Brian Ross, Huffington Post

For folks with multiple devices, the iTunes store can be a huge pain. Downloadable content can end up in a variety of devices, and has to be moved around using the iTunes application on the computer, which is slow and inconvenient.

6G iPod Nano: An Apple Marketing Misstep?

Tim Nash, Low End Mac

This year's iPod nano has gained an iOS-like multitouch interface, but how many people are willing to pay for better controls on an iPod that offers less features? It's an attempt to take the iOS interface to ever cheaper devices, to devices that don't need a large screen, but to succeed, the Nano needs to be seen as value for money and, if possible, enter new markets.

IVacation Chronicles, Pt. 4: Text Entry

Pierre Igot, Betalogue

Well, it turns out that neither my wife nor I ever really felt the need for a hardware keyboard. The on-screen software keyboard was adequate to meet our needs.

Three Mac Photo Apps That Add Creative Effects

Beau Colburn, Macworld

Often times in photography, the image that you capture isn't quite as exciting as what you had in mind. Beyond the subtle tone or cropping changes you can make in Preview or iPhoto, try adding a more unusual effect to give an image a whole new look. These three applications offer inexpensive ways to turn bland photos into cool creations.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Capo 2 For Mac OS X

Jake Gaecke, Appletell

Global CIO: The Awesome Transformative Power Of The Apple iPad

Bob Evans, InformationWeek

The iPad engages its users to move beyond mere productivity—applying technology to a something you already know how to do and delivering a more-efficient outcome—and into the realm of innovation by allowing people to create new ways of seeing things, new ways of presenting ideas, new ways of communicating, and new ways delivering almost every fathomable type of information, from business graphics to images to text to video.

MenuEverywhere 1.2

Dan Frakes, Macworld

1Password 3.4 Update Includes Limited Firefox 4 Support

David Dahlquist, Macworld

Agile Web Solutions has updated its password storing utility, 1Password, with a number of new features, updates, and fixes, including partial support for the Firefox 4 betas and new tools for detecting and resolving conflicts for all Sync modes.

Apple Offers Personalized Support With Express Lane Website


Apple has added a new feature to the support section of its website dubbed "Express Lane," making it easy for customers to select a product, detail any issue they may have, and get in contact with an Apple representative.

Google Voice App Now Pending Apple’s Approval

Joe White, App Advice

Yesterday, it seems Kovacs sent GV Mobile back to Apple’s approval team in the hopes that they’ll give it the thumps-up. Speaking through Twitter once again, Kovacs (@seankovacs) simple posted the word: submitted.

Ping Removes My Comment On An Album

Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville

The only think I can think of is that the album was listed as a pre-order, and now that it’s released, the pre-order listing has actually been deleted. If so, that seems kind of odd.

Choosing The Best Of Both Worlds

Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle

Avoding Clutter, Putting Your Menu Bar To Work

Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle

When some people see my Mac screen for the first time, they ask me what all that stuff in my menu bar is and why their menu bar doesn't have it. I explain that space on my Mac screen is precious and in short supply and that I am a big fan of third-party utilities that let me perform useful tasks without cluttering my screen with application windows.

Enhancing Guest Services Globally With Ipad.


For over 50 years, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts have aimed to make guests feel more than welcome by providing amenities and services that meet their needs as quickly and directly as possible. With iPad, Hyatt now has the ideal platform to deliver the kind of seamless guest services the company prides itself on — not to mention a powerful, portable business tool for executives in Hyatt’s corporate headquarters.

Increasing Student Achievement With Mac


The Mac has transformed teaching and learning in the Greene County school system in rural eastern North Carolina. A new project-based curriculum has engaged and motivated students, and college-going rates have risen dramatically.

App Store Squatters May Find Loopholes As Apple Cracks Down

Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica

Yes, Apple reviews any binary that is uploaded to iTunes Connect, but a developer can easily upload something never intended for publication by setting the release date far into the future. Additionally, offenders may simply reclaim an application name for three more months once Apple releases it back into the wild.

Developers Can Complain About Apple, But "The iPhone Is Where The Money Is"

Jay Yarow, Business Insider

Apple's Diss Barely Fazes Fart App Developers

Mke Cassidy, San Jose Mercury News

iTunes - The Item You Tried To Buy Is No Longer Available

TJ Luoma, TUAW

I find it frustrating that iTunes continues to provide basic user feedback such as telling me which 'item' it was referring to in the error message above.

Ten Years Of OS X: Ten Most Innovative Features


We put our heads together and came up with a list of ten features—for the tenth anniversary of the OS X beta’s release—that we consider to be the most significant contributions to the Mac experience.

MyFry: Stephen Fry's Second Autobiography Becomes An Interactive App

David Winograd, TUAW

Apple To Launch Wi-Fi iPad Models In China On Sept. 17


Apple announced on Monday that it will launch the Wi-Fi iPad in China this week on Friday, Sept. 17, with the multitouch device going on sale at the company's retail stores and authorized resellers at 10 a.m. local time.

Ten Years Of OS X: What The Operating System Means To Me

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

My life changed ten years ago, when Apple rolled out the Mac OS X Public Beta. Of course, I didn’t know it at the time—on September 13, 2000, if my memory serves me correctly, it seemed like this new OS was just the next step (albeit a big one) in the evolution of the Mac’s operating system. Of course, as someone who loved to live on the bleeding edge of technology, clearly this was something I had to have.

BI Firm Takes iPads Over Laptops

Matt Hamblen, Macworld

MicroStrategy said it is running some applications that can run on both the iPad and iPhone, while others are designed to fully take advantage of the larger 9.7-inch iPad touchscreen. For example, some of the latter applications help sales personnel easily show off videos or live demonstrations to customers during face-to-face meetings, said Mark LaRow, senior vice president of products.

Ten Years Of OS X: What's Changed Since The Beta

Benj Edwards, Macworld

In honor of OS X’s tenth anniversary, let’s examine at some of the more notable differences between the public beta that debuted a decade ago and today’s version of OS X.

Apple Acquired Imsense Ltd For HDR Capabilities In iOS 4.1

Eric Slivka,

Based on evidence we've compiled, we believe that Apple may have purchased a small Cambridge, UK-based company known as imsense for its expertise dealing with just this technology.

Ipad Creeping Into Business Offices

Matt Hamblen, Computerworld

Apple Inc.'s iPad tablet computer, hugely popular among consumers since its April debut, is slowly finding its way into the hands of doctors, lawyers and other businesspeople who say it can help them do their jobs.

iTunes 10 Walkthrough

Chad Garrett, TiPb

iTunes 10 is here, we’ve been using it for a while, and now we’ve got a complete walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. If you’re new to iTunes 10, especially if you’re new to iOS devices, we’ll help you get up and running quickly. If you’re already an expert, well here’s a guide you can send your new user friends and family.

Apple TV: Apple Wins, TV Networks Lose

Rafi Mohammed, The Street

Memo to network television executives: you are at a critical juncture. Pricing decisions today will have significant profit ramifications to your future. The choice is clear: become commoditized or stand up for the value of your creative endeavors.

The Apple-branded Campus

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Apple products play an oversized role in the small survey of college campuses (seven schools, 212 students) released Monday by Hudson Square Research's Daniel Ernst.

Consumer Reports Still Doesn't Recommend Apple's iPhone 4

Ian Sherr, Dow Jones

Consumer Reports magazine has reiterated it cannot recommend Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4, saying a flaw in the device's antenna design causes it to lose reception when held a certain way.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mac OS X Tool Kit A Must For Job

Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times

No tradesperson would arrive at a job site without the proper tools. Likewise, I start each computing day with my bag of Mac OS X enhancements and extenders right at hand.

Ten Years Of OS X: The OS's Origins

Benj Edwards, Macworld

The fortunes of the Mac platform drastically changed 10 years ago, with the release of a simple CD.

HDR Photography With iPhone 4 And IOS 4.1: How Good Is It?

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

What's so great about HDR photography? And is Apple's new HDR feature any good? Ars dug in to find out.

Apple's Walled App Market Makes Bulk Buying 'tough'

Kevin Kwang, ZDNet Asia

Apple faces an uphill task convincing schools to adopt its Volume Purchase Program because its closed, rigid app store environment make access and digital rights management a pain for schools' IT administrators, said industry watchers.

Buying Apple Stock? Think Twice

Scott Cendrowski, Fortune

Apple's New Review Guidelines: Thoughts On Fart Apps

Ed Bott, ZDNet

Ipad's Early Retail Adopters...

Robert Stockdill, Inside Retailing

It took less than four weeks for US retail stores to start using the iPad to aid the in-store shopping experience.

Apple The Most Valuable Company In The World? Bet On It.

Eric Bleeker, Motley Fool

Apple will become the most valuable company in the world. Bet on it. In fact, go out and sell all your personal belongings, liquidate your 401(k), and buy Apple stock with every last dollar you own.

OK … on second thought, I wouldn't advise that -- it's a bit rash. But there are ample reasons to believe that the company's rise is just starting and that Apple will continue blowing past expectations.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Apple Could Ship 48 Million Facetime Devices This Calendar Year

Philip Elmer-DeWit, Fortune

Why The Digital Hub Died

Ross Rubin, Engadget

A decade ago at Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs provided a rare look into the vision guiding Apple. Breaking with naysayers foretelling the demise of the PC, Jobs said that the PC was now entering a third golden age of "Digital Lifestyle," following those of productivity and the Internet. In this era, the PC would serve as a digital hub.

Hundreds Camp Out As Apple Store Opens

Sean Pearce, YorkRegion

The Macalope Weekly: Choices

The Macalope, Macworld

Saturday, September 11, 2010

iPhone 4 Goes On Sale In South Korea


Apple Starts Evicting App Store Name Squatters

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

Apple has begun emailing developers if they’ve failed to upload their binary for 90 days after first starting the app creation process. Apple warns the developer that they have another 30 days to do so, or the record will be deleted from iTunes Connect. And the key point: “The app name will then be available for another developer to use.”

Feature: Ars Reviews The 6th-generation iPod Nano: All Screen, All The Time

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

We'll just come out and say it: the sixth-generation iPod nano feels very un-nano-like. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely feels and "acts" more like a shuffle, but with a screen. The size and built-in clip definitely help this perception, but the general limitations of the device (no more video, largely focused around audio-only) make it more like the shuffle than ever before.

Apple Announces iPhone 4 Case Program Will Conclude On Sept. 30


Customers who buy an iPhone 4 after Sept. 30 will not be able to request a free case through Apple's "Case Program," but they will be able to contact AppleCare to request a free Bumper.

Restore The Old iTunes Interface

Whitson Gordon, Macworld

Apple Releases Slew Of Printer Driver Updates

David Chartier, Macworld

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Look At Apple's Updated iPhone Configuration Utility

Ryan Faas, Computerworld

Adobe On Apple: Our Glass Is Half Full

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Yes for Flash apps in the App Store, no for Flash in the iPhone browser -- at least for now.

Why Apple's Winning In Tech Support And Satisfaction

Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

Owing to its market share and the fact that it controls its hardware and, to a certain extent, software ecosystem in ways no other system manufacturer can match, Apple may in fact have an advantage. On the other hand, that can't be all of it. Sometimes doing things different really does make sense.

Apple's New Developer Terms: What's In, What's Out

Ian Paul, PC World

Here's a look at what might be headed back to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch under Apple's new iOS Developer License.

App Store Rules: Olive Branch Or Air Cover?

Erica Ogg, CNET

The tone comes across almost as if Apple didn't really want to publish these rules at all. So why did it? The timing is certainly curious, since Apple rarely gives up information willingly about anything related to how the company works. The fact that regulators were sniffing around Apple's policies was likely a motivating factor.

Review: Finale 2011

Peter Kirn, Macworld

Finale's ambitious annual upgrade cadence can make it hard for existing users to determine when to upgrade, but Finale 2011 is a comparatively easy choice. If you use lyrics, you should upgrade even if you're using Finale 2010, and users of older releases will find the latest Finale more usable while producing better output. For those not yet using Finale, the choice is more personal.

FaceMan Brings Real Time Effects To iPhone 4 Front-facing Camera

David Dahlquist, Macworld

Though it will run on any iOS 4 device, FaceMan is specifically designed to make use of the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera. It provides 16 real-time effects that swirl, stretch, distort, and otherwise mangle your face beyond recognition.

Adobe Resumes Development Of Packager For iPhone Tool


On its official blog, Adobe confirmed Thursday that it was resuming development of the tool, which allows Flash developers to "quickly and easily deliver applications for OS devices."

Apple As A News Censor: No Way To Run An App Store

Scott Rosenberg, Salon

Apple loves to maintain tight control of things. That's been a hugely successful approach for its hardware business. It's even a defensible position applied to software. But it's a lousy model for a newsstand.

Apple’s New App Store Review Guidelines Annotated & Explained

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Despite what you might think, the document is very human as you’ll see, nothing like a law book. It also does leave Apple some space so they’re not completely giving up on their freedom to reject you. Further, you’ll discover that this new transparency comes at a price as it seems like Apple will be much stricter from now on about what it approves.

Apple HDR Head To Head With Two Top Competitors

Mel Martin, TUAW

Red Giant Releases Magic Bullet Suite 10

Digital Arts

Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Suite 10, a collection of eight software applications used for professional color correction, enhancement, and film output in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Mac Gems: PowerMate 3.0

Dan Frakes, Macworld

Parallels Desktop 6 For Mac To Launch Sept. 14 With 80 New Features


Calling it the "best Windows on Mac experience yet," Parallels on Thursday formally announced the sixth version of its virtualization software, set to bring more than 80 new features and enhancements when it launches Sept. 14.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Taste Of What’s New In The Updated App Store License Agreement And New Review Guidelines

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

'We will reject Apps for any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”. And we think that you will also know it when you cross it.'

iOS 4.1 Fixes Proximity Sensor (For Most)

Paul McDougall, InformationWeek

Many users are reporting that iOS 4.1, released Wednesday, does indeed fix the issue. But others who have downloaded and installed the update say their iPhone 4's touch screen still fails to shut off when they hold the phone close to their face.

Adobe Shares Jump On Apple Announcement

Dan Gallagher, MarketWatch

Shares of Adobe Systems Inc. jumped more than 8% to $31.71 in early trading Thursday after Apple Inc. issued a statement relaxing restrictions on mobile app developers.

Apple Opens iOS To Third-Party Dev Tools, Reveals Approval Guidelines


Apple on Thursday announced that it has would no longer ban third-party intermediary development tools for iOS as long as App Store software does not download any code, potentially paving the way for third-party intermediary tools to convert applications from other formats like Adobe Flash.

Tech Check:Apple Pulls Back The Curtain For One Company

Jane Wells, CNBC

In what appears to be a first, Apple opened up iTunes software system to BridgeCo, a software company that embeds chips in stereo equipment which allow users to seamlessly stream music wirelessly from a mobile device.

The New iPod Line: A Mix Of Hits And Misses

ANdy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

I’ve had time to use the new Shuffle, Nano, and Touch and I declare the 2010 editions to be a mixed bag. One is a retreat back that amounts to a big step forward; another is set of “under the hood” upgrades that adds true muscle car performance; and the third is ...

... um ...

Quite creative.

Miscellaneous Observations Regarding The Gadgets That Were (and Were Not) Announced At Last Week’s Apple Event

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Having played with the new Nano today in an Apple Store, it feels much more like a Shuffle with a touchscreen than a replacement for the previous Nano.

Education Trends: Netbooks And iPads

John Hatchett, Los End Mac

iPhone Hacker Discovers A New Jailbreaking Exploit; To Fix It, Apple Must Ship New Hardware

Greg Kumparak, Mobilecrunch

The exploit in question here seems to focus around the boot rom, which, as you might have guessed from the preamble, is one of these non-rewritable components. Apple can patch up this exploit in any new hardware before it leaves the factory (they’ve shipped revised hardware as a result of similar exploits in the past), but once that boot rom is flashed and the phone is assembled, it’s a done deal.

iPhone 3G Doesn't Make The Cut For Apple's Game Center

Mark Hachman, PC Magazine

Apple's Game Center - part of the company's iOS 4.1 update excludes the older iPhone from its hardware compatibility list, even though the phone can theoretically run Apple's latest iOS version.

Apple Now Reaches 11% Of New Zealand Pc Market Share Says Renaissance


Apple’s share of the New Zealand personal computer market exceeded 11 percent in the second quarter of 2010, says distributor Renaissance.

Ping Is Apple’s iTunes For Everything

John Biggs, Crunchgear

Ping isn’t perfect. I’m surprised its so clunky right now. However, it does point to better things down the road.

To iPad Or Not To iPad: That Is The Tech Question

David A. Milman, Computerworld

Teardown Of Apple's 4th-gen iPod Touch Finds 256MB Of RAM


The new fourth-generation iPod touch from Apple has the exact same A4 processor as the iPad, meaning it has 256MB of RAM, or half than the 512MB found in the iPhone 4.

Apple Releases iMovie 1.1 For iPhone And iPod Touch

David Chartier, Macworld

New in Apple’s portable video-editing studio is the ability to split video clips, automatic music looping when video extends beyond the music track, and an in-app page of tips to help users edit better movies.

First Look: iOS 4.1

Dan Moren, Macworld

Overall, iOS 4.1 is a worthy update that packs both new capabilities as well as improvements to existing features—and all for free, too. With the performance improvements, even iPhone 3G users will find something to like in 4.1.

Apple Releases iOS 4.1 For iPhone, iPod Touch

David Chartier, Macworld

Major feature additions include high dynamic range (HDR) photos, Game Center, FaceTime calling from the Phone app’s Favorites tab, uploading full HD videos to MobileMe and YouTube over Wi-Fi, and support for TV shows rented from the iTunes Store.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Piper Jaffray: Antennagate Cost Apple 20% In Sales

Eric Zeman, InformationWeek

Apple's Ping Has Major Label Bias

Jonny Evans, Computerworld

Apple iPhone 4 Gets China Network Access License - Certification Center

Dow Jones

Apple Inc. has been given a China network access license for its iPhone 4 smartphone, according to the website of China's Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, indicating the new version of the popular device could soon make its debut in China.

Review: MacSpeech Scribe 1.1

Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Small foibles aside, MacSpeech scribe is a powerful and intelligent tool for transcribing your recorded speech. A simple training process and access to a wide variety of standard audio formats mean that you’ll be moving your spoken text to the printed page in a matter of minutes and with a minimum of hassle. Scribe is the best, simplest way for you to get your spoken word to the printed page.

Patience Tested Among Apple Fans In New Zealand

Lucy Craymer, Wall Street Journal

Five weeks since Apple began offering the iPhone 4 in New Zealand, customers in the country are still waiting to get their hands on the popular smartphone, with no indication on when the long-running supply problems might be sorted.

Apple's Stab At Social Media Is Little More Than A Sales Tool

Ruth Mortimer, Marketing Week

Well, excuse me, Mr Jobs. Apple may be a fantastically clever company with many beautiful products, but Ping is not a social network. It is a standard sales tool dressed up in the most fashionable clothing of our time – social media.

Apple iPod Nano: Review

Claudine Beaumont, Telegraph

For some, the nano's emphasis on simple music playback, rather than gimmicks such as recording or watching films, will be a huge plus point. Moreover, its excellent battery life and compact size make it an indispensable exercise companion for runners and keep-fit fanatics, particularly with Nike Plus and a pedometer built in to the device.

But the fundamental problem, for me at least, is that it doesn’t feel like an iPod. It lacks the cheap and cheerful charm of the shuffle, and the premium lustre of the touch. It feels as though you are paying extra money just for the privilege of tapping a touch-screen rather than clicking a button.

Apple's Autumn iPod Harvest: Hands-on (photo Gallery)

Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing

Do People Want ‘Amateur Hour’ On Their TVs?

NICK Bilton, New York Times

Apple Music: The Good, The Bad And The So So

Katherine Boehret, Wall Street Journal

The New iPod Order: Click Wheel Dethroned, Touch Screen Crowned

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

The transition is taking place before our eyes. The click wheel, once the signature of the iPod line, is all but extinct now. Instead, Apple is continuing their march forward into touch.

Review: iPod Shuffle (fourth Generation, Late 2010)

Jason Snell, Macworld

With the redesign of the fourth-generation iPod shuffle, Apple has brought back a classic design that works well with any set of headphones. At $49 for 2GB of storage, it’s not only the perfect entry-level iPod, it’s also a solid second device for iPhone users who want to keep it simple while exercising.

Review: iPod Touch (fourth Generation, Late 2010)

Christopher Breen, Macworld

The iPod touch is wildly popular for good reason. It’s an extremely versatile device—media player; pocket gaming machine; productivity tool; Internet communication device; and, with this latest update, pocket camcorder, still camera, handheld recorder, and FaceTime video phone. While its cameras fail to produce results as good as the iPhone 4, they make FaceTime possible, which allows us to more easily forgive their less-than-pristine images and movies.

Review: iPod Nano (sixth Generation, Late 2010)

Dan Frakes, Macworld

The new iPod nano is a bit of an enigma. On the one hand, its size and touchscreen interface are sure to generate oohs and aahs, and in many cases provide genuine—and substantial—benefits. On the other hand, the new interface suffers a bit from being confined to a tiny screen, features found on previous models are missing, and the lack of physical playback controls (or at least Apple’s inline-remote earbuds, standard on last year’s model) means the device is less usable than it could be, especially in precisely the environments where it should excel: at the gym and on the go. A slightly larger screen and either basic physical playback controls or Apple’s remote-equipped earbuds would have made for a stellar music player, despite the "lost" features.

FileMaker Offers Bento 3 Project Manager

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Apple-owned FileMaker has announced the availability of Bento 3 Project Manager, a new set of templates that aim to make it easy for Mac users to track their personal projects and manage their time within the Bento database application.

Safari Updated To 5.0.2

Michael Rose, TUAW

The good news is, the Safari 5.0.2 update fixes a passel of bugs and outstanding security issues. The bad news: like all Safari updates, which replace the underlying Webkit framework used by many Mac OS X apps to render HTML, this 39 MB update requires a restart.

Review: iTunes 10

David Chartier, Macworld

Though less ambitious than previous years in terms of sheer new features, iTunes 10 is a solid update that will need to age like a fine wine to be truly appreciated. Once Ping gets a round or two of updates, the Apple TV 2.0 ships, and AirPlay appears in accessories, iTunes 10 may prove to be quite a useful update for those who want to use these features.

Why Ping Matters

Matt Drance, Apple Outsider

I suspect Ping has already more than paid for itself through new music that people were not going to buy last week, and now have.

How Ping Might Grow

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apple: The King Of Digital Music

Ian Paul, PC World

As music and entertainment services move online, there may be a chance for other companies to break Apple’s dominance over digital music. But the powerful combo of the iPod and iTunes, along with experiments in interactivity, social features, and—perhaps next?—online services could mean Apple will be digital music’s gatekeeper for many years to come.

First Impressions Of iTunes 10


Apple Opens In Barcelona And Madrid


SAP Has Deployed 1,000 iPads To Its Employees

Eric Lai, ZDNet

SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann tweeted yesterday that the enterprise software vendor has already rolled out iPads to 1,000 employees.

And this isn’t just a superficial show of support for SAP’s new-found embrace of mobility: according to Bussmann, every iPad comes with e-mail, Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to server-based applications through Citrix software and Business Intelligence tools via BusinessObjects.

What To Expect From Apple's IOS Updates


Apple Cleans Up Spam, Tweaks Interface In iTunes Ping


Though spammers quickly flocked to Apple's fledgling social network last week, most of the bogus surveys and other unwanted comments were removed by Monday.

Ping Isn't A Social Network - And That's Just Fine

One Man And His Blog

If you want more evidence of that this is mostly about recommendation and purchase, just look at where Ping lives.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Get The Easier Tool To Manage Movies And Photos In iPhoto

Jeffrey Mincey, Mac 360

If you’re iPhoto Library is large and unwieldy, with a thousand or more Events, and a growing mixture of photos and movie clips, and, if exporting files has become cumbersome, then look at iPhoto To Disk.

iTunes 10's Automator Issues Indicate A Deeper Problem

Stephen Withers, IT.Wire

iHome Reveals First AirPlay Wireless Speaker System

Matt Tinsley, TUAW Makes Powerful Web Automation Easy

Brett Terpstra, TUAW

Fake, like Automator, offers an Actions library and allows you to create drag-and-drop workflows with Web-specific capabilities.

Review: Drive Genius 3

John Brandon, Macworld

I found Drive Rescue to me a bit more valuable to my daily Mac activities because it actually restored some files I had lost. Drive Genius repairs hard disk problems, but it can’t resuscitate a damaged file in the sense that you can recover the files and use them again. It fixes your drive. That’s why I ended up thinking Drive Genius is valuable, just not wholly indispensible.

Foxconn's Gou Cuts Long-Term Sales Growth Target


Foxconn Technology Group Chairman Terry Gou cut his long-term growth target for the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics by 50 percent as demand for Apple Inc. iPhones and iPads fails to offset slowing computer sales.

Apple Sucks At Photoshop Too

Vlad Savov, Engadget

Science Fiction: An Apple-Curated App Store

Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

The Apple App Store is one of the greatest game-changers of the past twenty years. Will Apple let it crumble under its own weight?

Apple Faces Many Rivals For Streaming To TVs

Miguel Helft, New York Times

More than 100 other devices can stream Netflix movies, including game machines, Blu-ray players and Internet-connected TVs. Indeed, Apple faces an increasing number of competitors that include upstarts like Roku and Boxee, powerful rivals like Google, and established players like Sony and Samsung.

How To Tell If Apple Falters

Rob Cyran, New York Times

When should investors sell Apple shares?

Why Does Steve Jobs Play Fast And Loose With iPod Touch Sales Numbers?

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Apple may in fact be selling more hand-held game devices than Sony and Nintendo combined, as Steve Jobs claimed on Wednesday, but journalists trying to fact-check that statement can be forgiven their skepticism.

"iCulture" Gives Apple A Tactical Advantage

Tony Bradley, PC World

The genius of Apple's iCulture strategy is that the relationship with iOS and the investment in an extensive library of iOS apps is a much stronger bond than the two-year wireless contract. Aside from the early termination fee, there is no reason most users won't switch wireless providers given a better deal, but switching platforms requires a culture shift that many are unwilling to embark on.

The Ping Problems: Is Apple To Blame, Or The Music Labels?

Jay Yarow, The Business Insider

Without the ability to actually to actually tell our friends what we're listening to, Ping is a pretty useless service. Without the ability to listen to all our music through Ping, like we once did with Lala, the service is decidedly weak.

But here's what we want to know: Is this Apple's fault, or are the music labels stopping Apple from making Ping a better service?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Walled Gardens And Forbidden Cities


Holy Nano? Did Apple Just Set Itself Up For A Feature Phone Killer Market Product.

ADO Strategies

iTunes 10: About The Vertically Aligned Window Controls

Pierre Igot, Betalogue

While iTunes is indeed not a document-based application, it is possible to have multiple windows open in iTunes. Just double-click on any playlist or even the iTunes Store in the source list on the left of the main window.

This will open what you double-clicked on in a separate window and, guess what, that window has a title bar, which makes the vertical window controls look even sillier and uglier, because they are not even tucked in the corner of the window any more.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Steve Jobs Isn't On Ping... But These Apple Execs Are

Jay Yarow, Yahoo!

Steve Jobs was initially a Ping user, but then he decided to abandon the social network.

While we couldn't find much of Apple's top brass, we did find some execs and employees Pinging it up.

Seeds For Apple TV In Washington

Martin Peers, Wall Street Journal

Apple may be hoping for regulatory relief—with good reason. In April, the Federal Communications Commission invited comments on a proposal that cable and satellite operators let viewers use any "smart video devices" available in stores to connect to their TV service. It says it wants to "foster a competitive retail market" in the devices.

Why Apple Rental Plan Alienates Most Studios

Andrew Wallenstein, AdWeek

At issue is the 99-cent price tag that represents a steep discount from the TV episodes already offered on iTunes. Multiple executives described it as an unacceptable devaluation of the content that puts in jeopardy the so-called "downstream" windows crucial to generating profit including DVD and syndication.

One studio chief drew a comparison between the new arrangement and the damage done to the music industry when Apple disaggregated the traditional album-oriented business model in favor of a singles-centric approach.

Apple Takes Away Ringtones?

Bryan Wolfe, App Advice

Apple's 27-In. Imac 'The Center Of My Digital Universe'

Michael deAgonia, Computerworld

If time is money, this is a serious computer to consider -- not because of its raw processing power alone, but because of the fact that its raw processing power helps you get some of your life back. That's a concept many people seem to forget. All those seconds and minutes spent waiting for your hardware to crunch through data add up. With something as responsive as the iMac, you get some of that time back.

Hands On: iTunes 10's Ping Feature

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Ping is designed to let you follow artists and friends, share what music you’re buying and are into, and discover what others enjoy. So is it worth the Apple-generated hype?

iTunes 10 Hands-on: Snappier Performance, Questionable UI Choices

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

While we agree that iTunes is "faster and more responsive," we're not sold on the revised user interface.

How Apple's Newest iPods Prove (and Disprove) That It Learns From Design Mistakes

Chris Rawson, TUAW

For the same price as last year's iPod nano, you get a much smaller device with a new multitouch-based UI, but you also lose many of the features the old model had. That's form over function all the way, and it's just as bad, in its way, as Apple getting rid of FireWire on its MacBooks.

Apple Had Two Months To Fix Critical QuickTime Bug, Says Researcher

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

A critical bug in QuickTime was reported to Apple two months before a second researcher independently revealed the vulnerability this week, the director of a bug bounty program said today.

Apple's Ping Dinged By Spam

Lance Whitney, CNET

Apple's new social media service, Ping, is already getting hit by a barrage of comment spam.

iTunes 101: Using The Album Art Widget

Mike Schramm, TUAW

Friday, September 3, 2010

Out With The Old: Apple Says No Software Updates For Original Apple TV

Joe Aimonetti, CNET

Apple has confirmed that it will not be releasing software updates for owners of the original models of the Apple TV which includes no support for streaming Netflix, as seen on the newly released version.

Explaining The Cozy Relationship Between Apple And News Corp.

Jeff Bercovici, DailyFinance

While Disney (DIS) also went along with the pricing scheme -- no surprise, since Steve Jobs sits on the Disney board -- CBS (CBS), Viacom (VIA) and NBC Universal all held out, worried that show rentals could undermine their economic model. Why, one wonders, would News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch -- who's made plenty of noise in the past year about the importance of getting paid in full for quality content -- come to a different conclusion?

A 90-Second Song Sample For Apple Could Be Pricey

Ed Christman, Billboard

In trying to move to a 90-second song sample, iTunes may have to pay for the privilege, which is not out of line with the way things have been going lately in the music industry.

Review: Quad-core And Eight-core Mac Pros (Mid 2010)

James Galbraith, Macworld

Based on performance alone, it seems like the Mac Pro addresses a smaller market each time a new iMac appears. But there remains a need for a highly configurable and fast performing Mac. The new Mac Pros may be little more than speed bumps from the systems they replace, but they do offer better performance at the same price, while offering even more options for customization.

Apple's TV Model Uses Cheaper Chip

Don Clark, Wall Street Journal

Lower pricing is one of the most noticeable features of Apple Inc.'s latest gadget for delivering Internet video to televisions. Some of the savings appear to come at the expense of Intel Corp.

Bug Found With Automator And iTunes 10

Christopher Breen, Macworld

An unexpected change is that iTunes Automator actions no longer load. This affects both existing workflows created for an earlier version of iTunes as well as any workflows you create with iTunes 10 installed.

Could AirPlay Become The New TV-Out For Apps?

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Basically, AirPlay allows iOS apps to stream almost anything over Wi-Fi to an Apple TV. And, if Apple does makes that feature available to developers, it will open endless possibilities to bring apps your TV, just as we wanted.

Apple's Trouble With TV

ohn Siracusa, Ars Technica

Apple needs to accept the things it cannot change and have the courage to change the things it can. Perhaps consumer reaction to this latest Apple TV device will finally give Steve Jobs the wisdom to tell the difference.

iTunes TV Rentals Now Available On Mac And PC

Dan Moren, Macworld

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs spent much of Wednesday’s presentation talking about TV rentals on devices running iOS 4.1 (due next week) and the new Apple TV (due later this month), you can fire up a rental right now—as long as you don’t mind watching on your Mac or PC. While some shows are available in both HD and SD and others available only in SD, they all cost just $1 to rent.

IOS 4.1 With HDR Built-in Comes As A Shock To HDR App Developers

Mel Martin, TUAW

No one ever knows when something will strike Apple's fancy and become a built-in feature. The HDR capability was a surprise to me, and something more than a surprise to the developers who brought HDR to the iPhone as independent apps.

Hands-on With iTunes Ping, Sans Facebook Connect

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

The whole point of Ping is really to aid music discovery among a circles of friends (which you could already do on services like, of course), but Apple also wants to keep users on iTunes and get them to buy more while there. Once you come to terms with this, the service makes more sense.

First Look: iTunes 10

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

iTunes 10 features a number of interface changes, and many of them seem designed to save space. Since it’s hard to display all the information about music and other media in iTunes, a few pixels here and there gives users more room in the different views available.

Review: Blogo 1.3

Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Blogo 1.3 is a great, versatile blog editing application that goes the extra mile by offering features you won’t find in other similar applications. But that advantage comes with caveats. Tools for adding and editing photos, and limitations on the number of posts you can edit at one time may render Blogo inadequate for some users.

What HDR Means For iPhone Photos

Heather Kelly, Macworld

HDR photography isn't loved by everyone. The final products can be garish, and when everything in an image is perfectly exposed the scene can look fake. Apple's HDR appears to avoid this pitfall by dialing down the overall effect. It's so mild that some iPhone photographers might choose to leave the setting on all the time.

Apple TV: What You Need To Know


Has Apple finally hit upon the magic formula for a living room companion? We won’t know for certain until the product actually ships. But we can answer a few common questions about the latest edition of the Apple TV.

Apple TV, New iPod Line A Nice Update, But Wow!-free

Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

Steve Jobs On Why Facebook Is Not Part Of Apple’s New Ping Music Social Network: “Onerous Terms”

Kara Swisher , Wall Street Journal

Jobs did not elaborate on those troublesome terms and also would not say if Ping would incorporate connecting with Facebook or even using Facebook Connect–which would make it much easier to find friends to share music with.

The Mystery Of The Disappearing Facebook-Ping Integration

Erica Ogg, CNET

A Facebook spokeswoman wouldn't confirm whether the company had disallowed Apple's use of the Facebook API, but did say this: "We're working with Apple to resolve this issue. We've worked together successfully in the past, and we look forward to doing so in the future."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boxee Responds To Apple TV: "We're Taking A Different Path"

Dan Nosowitz, Fast Company

Apple: New Touchscreen iPod Nano Does Not Run IOS

Joe White, App Advice

How Apple's Ping Dings Twitter, Facebook

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET

Ping picks at the nice parts of Facebook and Twitter--friending and following--and offers these benefits to its users without the generalists' pains.

Is Apple's New iPod Nano The Perfect Geek Watch?

Matthew Miller, ZDNet

Apple Tries Again At TV

Yukari Iwatani Kane And Shira Ovide, Wall Street Journal

Other media companies, including General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal, Time Warner Inc. and CBS Corp., turned down Apple's new pricing options and don't expect to sign up for TV-show rentals as currently configured, according to people familiar with those companies.

Even Fox—a unit of News Corp., which owns The Wall Street Journal—considers its participation a short-term experiment, according to people familiar with the matter. Jim Gianopulos, CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, said Fox would work with Apple "for the next several months."

Don't Rule Out Apple Ruling Your Living Room

Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

Even Jobs concedes the device is mainly for tech hobbyists, and most of the Sept. 1 event was dedicated to the revelation of a new line of iPods and a social networking feature that works within iTunes. What Jobs didn't say is that Apple wants to become king of the living room. He tells Bloomberg Businessweek that when the time is right, Apple could open an App Store for the TV that could do for television sets what all those apps have done for the iPhone. Asked if the iPad could evolve into the TV of tomorrow, Jobs shrugs and says, "That's how I do most of my TV watching today."

Apple And TV Networks Clash Over 99 Cent Rentals

Jennifer Saba and Yinka Adegoke, Reuters

Apple Inc introduced a new version of Apple TV on Wednesday with shows from just two networks, underscoring its struggles to win over a media industry worried about losing control over the pricing of its programs.

Apple TV: You're A Glorified Roku

Jason Perlow, ZDNet

The rental pricing (and content availability) just doesn’t make sense yet. And without Apps, and extremely limited prime time TV content selection, I just don’t see what the value play of the new Apple TV is yet.

Apple TV A First Step For More Ambitious Plans?

Alex Dobuzinskis, Reuters

Critics hoping for more from Apple Inc's Web-to-TV plans -- a device, say, that would revolutionize living room entertainment the way the iPad changed tablet computing -- may just need to wait a bit longer.

Apple Enters Rental Biz

Chris Morris, Variety

Hollywood's majors have been divided on Apple's TV show rental plan, as evidenced by the lack of programming from NBC and CBS in the announcement. Apple topper Steve Jobs expressed optimism that other networks would "see the light and get on board" with the company "pretty fast."

Apple iPod Touch, The Best Gets Better

Donald Bell, CNET

Apple Blinks In The Living Room

Khoi Vinh, Subtraction

The problem is that every company out there that’s addressing this opportunity, from Sony to Samsung to even Apple, is actually trying to solve the wrong problem. None of them are really asking how they can fix the living room problem. Rather, they’re focusing on establishing their brand in the living room, positing completely unrealistic scenarios in which a consumer buys only, say, Samsung-branded components (e.g., its absurdly useless WiseLink protocol) without acknowledging the reality that the components of most home theaters make for a decidedly heterogeneous world.

Google Responds To Steve Jobs' Number Counting Accusations

Seth Weintraub, Fortune

A Google Spokesperson told me: "The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services." --meaning that Jobs' assertions were wrong.

Why Ping Is The Future Of Social Commerce

Om Malik, GigaOM

Apple received much of this social capability with the acquisition of Lala, an online music service, which as a standalone company used sharing of social objects to drive folks towards paid music downloads. Now they are only closing the loop by further sharing what they bought. I wouldn’t be least bit surprised if the sales of music on the iTunes store rocket upwards, thanks to social discovery.

Apple's Pricing Decoys

Ben Kunz, BusinessWeek

Next time you're sitting at an airport bar and hear two businesspeople debate whether Apple is a technology or design company, chime in: "Nope. What Steve Jobs sells is pricing."

Jobs: Hey Google, We’re Activating 230,000 NEW IOS Devices A Day

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

Last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt noted that Google was activating 200,000 Android devices a day. Obviously, that’s a massive number. Today during the Apple event in San Francisco, Steve Jobs took the chance to one up him — then take a shot at Google.

Ping Fosters Music Discovery, Not Friend Discovery

Paul Boutin, New York Times

Apple’s goal is to boost sales of iTunes music and videos, by enabling what techies call discovery. Discovery is the process of finding something you didn’t know you were looking for. You may not have known it existed. For instance, Ping generates a Top Ten list from the music purchases of your circle of friends. By learning what your friends and your celebrity heroes are listening to, you will very likely discover new songs you’ll want to buy with one more click.

Hands On With Apple's New iPods, Apple TV

Jason Snell and Jonathan Seff, Macworld

After Wednesday’s Apple media event, we got to spend a little while in a hands-on area adjacent to the Yerba Buena theater with a few dozen members of the media, analysts, VIPs, and—most importantly—new iPods and Apple TVs. Without any further ado, here’s what we spotted.

Apple's AirPlay To Stream Photos, Video From iPhones To HDTVs


Announced on Wednesday, AirPlay is the improved and rebranded AirTunes, which allows users to stream music from their computer to other locations in their home. Previously, that streaming required an Apple-branded AirPort Express or another computer running iTunes. With AirPlay, users will be able to stream to speaker docks, AV receivers and stereo systems from companies including Denon and Bowers & Wilkins.

Why Is The Apple TV So Expensive In Europe?

Richard Gaywood, TUAW

There are lots of disgruntled people in the UK this evening, following Apple's announcement that the new Apple TV, retailing for $99 in the US, will cost... £99. If you subtract our sales tax (which is always quoted upfront, unlike in the US) that's the equivalent of $128, a rather excessive 28% hike.

No Longer A Hobby? $99 Apple TV Drops Storage, Integrates Netflix

Clint Ecker, Ars Technica

Alongside the music players, Apple announced a smaller, black Apple TV that costs $99, has no built-in storage, streams content from iTunes or iOS devices, and fully integrates Netflix into the existing Apple TV interface. Apple's new black box will be available later this month.

iPod Touch Outselling PSP And DS In Games, Not Systems

Mike Schramm, TUAW

New iTunes Features Ping Social Media Network

Megan Lavey, TUAW

Most of the new release's focus is on Ping, a social network for music. "It's like Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes," Jobs said.

Inside Apple's Music Numbers

Marco Tabini, Macworld

Apple didn’t just roll out new products during its Wednesday press event; it also rattled off some impressive statistics about its mobile, music, and retail efforts. Here are some of the numerical highlights from Steve Jobs’s presentation.

Apple Introduces 4th Gen iPod Touch With Camera

Erica Sadun, TUAW

FaceTime. It isn't just for iPhone any more. Apple has just introduced a new generation of iPod touch with an improved chip (the same A4 that powers the iPad and the iPhone 4), a better display (the iPhone 4's double-resolution Retina display), and a built-in, front-facing camera that introduces FaceTime video conferencing capabilities.

Apple Updates The iPod Shuffle

Dave Caolo, TUAW

The new shuffle has a familiar-looking click wheel on the small postage-stamp shaped model that was introduced a few years ago.

New iPod Nano Dumps Scroll Wheel And Video For Square Screen

Megan Lavey, TUAW

It's hip to be square. Announced today, the newly introduced iPod nano finally dispenses with the wheel as a control surface -- because now the control surface is the iPod touch. The new model is so small that like the newly announced iPod shuffle, it has a clip that allows it to be worn and has a 24-hour battery life.

IOS 4.2 For iPad Coming In November, Adds Wireless Printing And Air Play


Apple on Wednesday showed off iOS 4.2 for the iPad, including folders, multitasking, support for wireless printing, and streaming of audio, video and photos through the new Air Play feature.

Apple Announces The Release Of IOS 4.1

Megan Lavey, TUAW

Scottish School Becomes First In World Where All Lessons Take Place Using Computers

Siobhan McFadyen, Daily Record

Welcome to the world's first iSchool - where pen and paper have been pushed aside in favour of computers. At Cedars School of Excellence, in Greenock, all the lessons are now taken using iPads.

Wil Shipley: "We Tried To Do Too Much" For Delicious Library 2

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Despite his bravado, however, Shipley can admit when he makes a mistake. On the release of the 2.5 update to Delicious Library, he told Ars that the ambitious plans for Delicious Library 2.0 ending up resulting in a finished product that, while beautiful and impressive looking, performed poorly for some users. That's why version 2.5 consists largely of bug fixes and performance enhancements, and instead of adding features takes a few away.

Apple Event – My Live (To Tape) Blog

Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA)

Apple's Media Empire Expands

Dan Gillmor, Salon

There were a number of noteworthy elements to Wednesday's launch announcements in San Francisco -- updated music and video players, plus a social network that could become a real force in that arena, and more. The most obvious, however, was the company's relentless pursuit of being the primary media gatekeeper and toll collector.

What Apple has embedded in its social network is something Facebook can't dream about, at least not yet: verified users and their credit-card numbers, more than 160 million of them.

How To Use A Mac's Camera To Spy On Users

Ron McElfresh, Mac 360

Why Apple's FaceTime Is A Huge Opportunity

Ali Shah, GigaOM

Apple already has the simplicity with the iPhone 4’s version of FaceTime, and they seem to be poised to get the ubiquity.

Apple Teases Third-party AirPlay Support, But Details Are Scarce

John P. Falcone, CNET

Is AirPlay an iTunes-only protocol, or does it work with other audio sources? Does AirPlay offer any added value over Bluetooth for streaming audio?

What's In A Name? For Apple, A Lot

Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Wall Street Journal

Apple’s fight with the Beatles over the Apple trademark is legendary. But on Wednesday, Apple avoided any such problems over its Ping social network for music — by making sure that it had an agreement with the golf company that holds the Ping trademark beforehand.

Ping has a whopping number of trademark registrations — more than 1,000 around the world, according to the company and its parent, Karsten Manufacturing Corporation. Most of those are related to golf equipment, but the company also owns the rights to Ping for social networking and other online services, it says. That, of course, could have been problematic for Apple.

How I Landed A No. 1 Album On iTunes Using Social Media

Ryan Marshall, Fast Company

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple Spent $330,000 Lobbying In 2nd Quarter

Associated Press

Apple Inc., maker of the iPhone, Macintosh computers and other consumer electronics, spent $330,000 lobbying the federal government in the second quarter on spending for technology in education and other issues, according to a disclosure report.

Google And Apple Have Already Won The "TV Apps" War

Cody Willard, MarketWatch

The iPad As Trojan Horse

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Is Steve Jobs' tablet the device that finally gets Apple past the IT-department gates?

Apple To Provide Live Online Video Stream Of Wednesday Event

Frank Michael Russell, San Jose Mercury News

Apple, the Cupertino maker of Mac computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, will provide a live video stream of its San Francisco media event Wednesday.

Mac Gems: Top 10 Must-install Software Downloads

Dan Frakes, Macworld

Getting There From Here, Where By ‘There’ I Mean A Web Where Flash Is Not A De Facto Standard Technology

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

I think it’s a poor assumption that Apple could, by sheer will, produce a version of iOS where Flash Player works well on the iPad.

By Heng-Cheong Leong