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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The One Rule

Rands In Repose

It might not seem like a lot of change, but after religiously trying Exposé and Spaces for years, Mission Control finally feels like my desktop and not a set of sexy but poorly integrated tools that were fun to demo but hard to use.

Apple Begins Refunding Lion Overcharges

Jordan Golson, MacRumors

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lionized MacBook Pro: A Clear Loss Of Value


If that weren’t enough, the insult to injury is the fact that 2011 MacBook Pro models are not compatible, apparently lacking some crucial piece of the hardware puzzle, with Apple’s Internet Recovery feature, which allows OS X Lion reinstallation via the internet.

The Desktop Transition

Rands In Repose

The issue with Dashboard is that it’s stuff shoved into a layer that my brain sees as transitional and temporary. Yes, Dashboard widgets were designed to provide lightweight and at-a-glance information. No one is suggesting you’d use a widget to build something useful… in fact, no one builds anything in a widget because when you fire up Dashboard your brain isn’t thinking “What are we about to learn or build?” It’s thinking, “Where are we going now?”

Lab Tests: Build-to-order Core I7 MacBook Airs

James Galbraith, Macworld

Migrate Time Machine Backup To New Mac In Lion

Dan Moren, Macworld

Now Mac users can theoretically maintain a continuous set of backups across multiple computers' lifetimes, which does a lot towards making sure that your old data never gets lost.

Alfred 0.9.1

Alfred has simplified my computing by handling the simple, mundane tasks that would often become the source of unnecessary friction, and ultimately disrupt my workflow. Like a good butler, Alfred has enabled me to be more productive, and focus on doing the things that really matter—instead of all the little chores in between.

Bugs & Fixes: More Lion Application Incompatibilities

Ted Landau, Macworld

Friday, July 29, 2011

Unlock Oodles Of Text-to-speech Voices In Lion

Lex Friedman, Macworld

Launch System Preferences and click on Speech. Make sure you’re on the Text to Speech tab. Click on the System Voice dropdown menu, and select Customize. You’ll see a mammoth list of voices to choose from.

Space Gremlin 1.2

Jackie Dove, Macworld

Space Gremlin 1.2 is a hard drive visualization utility that gives you a dynamic, almost architectural, view of your hard drive and every folder and file that’s in it. Space Gremlin—personified by the likeness of a snarky, yet friendly little green creature—uses an algorithm called squarified treemaps, which lets you pinpoint which folders are taking up the most space and decide what to do with them.

How To Sync Large iTunes Libraries With Small Devices

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

As time goes by, you acquire more and more music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, apps, and books. It’s probably becoming increasingly difficult—or, more likely, impossible—to fit your entire iTunes library on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. To deal with the data-storage disparity, you’ll need some alternate strategies. Here are some ways to choose what to sync, and how to save space going so.

How To Resize Windows More Precisely In Mac OS X Lion

Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

Stupid Productutil Tricks

Gus Mueller, The Shape Of Everything

So the next time you get a vague error message back from Application Loader, it might be helpful to check the report generated by productutil before swearing in the general direction of Cupertino, CA.

Buy A New Mac, Get iLife For All Your Macs

Dan Frakes, Macworld

When you reinstall Lion via Lion Recovery, it seems Apple uses information about your Mac's hardware to verify that it has a license for Lion. But what about iLife? When you first set up one of the new Macs, you’re prompted for your Apple ID and password. That information is sent to the Mac App Store, which adds licenses for the iLife ’11 apps to your Mac App Store account.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Improved Lion Compatibility Coming To Office, But Not For A Few Months

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Microsoft's iconic productivity suite Office for Mac will gain support for new Lion features, including auto save and fullscreen mode, in an upcoming update. But don't get excited just yet, as those features won't be available for the next few months.

Intel Integrated Graphics: Finally Good Enough For The MacBook Air?

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Effectively, Apple's updated low-end hardware runs about twice as fast as last year's models for about the same money. Games won't run as well, but then again, they didn't run that well on this hardware to begin with.

Restore Safari 5.0.3's Tab Opening Behavior

Dan Moren, Macworld

Review: Safari 5.1

Nathan Alderman, Macworld

Safari 5.1 gives Apple’s browser enough horsepower to hold its own against rivals in day-to-day browsing. More importantly, its new features truly distinguish it from the pack, making Safari 5.1 a great step up from its predecessor.

Apple's Existing Mac Lines Tweaked For OS X Lion

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Apple no longer includes restore discs of any sort, a move that could cause difficulties for the occasional user who finds the need or desire to perform a clean install of Lion on a bare hard drive. Apple's new MacBook Air and Mac mini models support a Lion feature called Internet Recovery that allows the operating system to be reinstalled to a bare hard drive, but other current hardware now shipping with Lion does not support the feature.

"How We Compete With Apple"

Nicole Carter, Inc

After two decades of working with the tech giant, Darryl Peck opened a small Apple retail store called PeachMac. Here's how he grew his business by imitating and improving the Apple shopping experience.

Task Till Dawn 1.6

Michael Harvey, Macworld

Task Till Dawn is Java-based freeware that will launch applications, open files, run shell scripts; if you can double click on it in the Finder, Task Till Dawn will open it for you on whatever schedule you set, and scheduling is what this application is all about.

BBC iPlayer Goes Global With iPad App Launch In 11 Countries

Stuart Dredge, The Guardian

BBC Worldwide is launching its global iPlayer service on Thursday, via an iPad app that will be made available in 11 countries in Western Europe. The US, Canada and Australia will follow later this year, as part of what is intended to be a one-year pilot.

OS X Lion Bug: Safari Guzzling Massive Amounts Of RAM

Chris Rawson, TUAW

Mobile Devices Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The iOS


Of course, Android is more open than iOS and there are things an Android device can do which are just not possible or forbidden by Apple on iOS. But know what? - These corner cases don't bother me any more. I've been using my iPhone for a few months now. Even in the first days I was able to do more useful stuff with it than I ever did on Android in almost two years. At the moment I'm really pleased with the experience on iOS, but I'm also curious if this is the case in two years from now.

My recommendation: Buy an Android phone if you want a smartphone that works and does its job. Buy an iPhone if you care about user experience and want a smartphone that works really well.

Lodsys Files Opposition To An Apple Intervention

Josh Lowensohn, CNET

To Fill A Gap In Commercial Radio, Classically Trained Apps

Bob Tedeschi, New York Times

Androids or iPhones make good music players, and personalized radio apps like Slacker, Pandora and offer passable alternatives to conventional radio, especially if you pay for advertising-free versions of the services.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PayPal Users Mistakenly Charged As Much As $4,000 For Mac OS X Lion

Neil Hughes, AppleInsider

Multiple PayPal users have been incorrectly charged for purchasing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion from the Mac App Store numerous times, with one user claiming to have received a bill of nearly $4,000 for the $29.99 software.

Using Spaces On OS X Lion

Matt Legend Gemmell

Whilst it’s genuinely useful once you’re accustomed to it, it does hide away some of the previous functionality you might have relied on. This brief article describes how to restore some of the Spaces behaviour from Snow Leopard.

Review: Apple Mail 5.0

Nathan Alderman, Macworld

As it always has, the new Apple Mail offers a feature set good enough for the broad majority of everyday users, executed superbly, and integrated tightly with OS X.

Lion Passwords Can Be Pilfered With New Tool

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service

A company that makes password recovery tools has released one that can snatch passwords from a locked or sleeping Mac running OS X Lion by plugging another computer into the Mac’s FireWire port. The attack technique is several years old and the only way to defend against it is to turn the Mac off.

Reverting Safari 5.1 To 5.0.3

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Core I5 MacBook Airs Zoom Past Predecessors

James Galbraith, Macworld

Quit Apps Without Lion Remembering Their Open Windows

Lex Friedman, Macworld

The Option key turns Quit into Quit and Discard Windows—which works precisely as you’d expect.

Four Lion Terminal Hacks

Lex Friedman, Macworld

We've found a variety of Terminal tricks that can tweak various Lion behaviors.

iPaddling PCs

Doc Searls

Two points here. One is that Apple has created a very lively marklet for apps in countless niches. The other is that the iPad has become the primary platform for many of those applications, while the PC has become the secondary one — or worse, a place for promotional messages about iPad apps.

Lion FireWire Security Issue Misleading

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captur 2.2

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld

If you are unable to press the appropriate keys, you can use Captur. You can take screen captures of their entire desktop, a select area of the screen or particular window or even a Dashboard widget. Shots may be taken either instantaneously or after a brief five-second countdown.

iTunes, Full-Screen View And AppleScript Applets

Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville

Unfortunately, when using iTunes in full-screen mode, applets simply don’t work well. Since they spawn their own windows, they can’t display over the iTunes window, and bounce to another space.

Adjust The Size Of Mail Sidebar Icons

Lex Friedman, Macworld

It turns out that Mail's sidebar icons are (bizarrely) linked to the size of the icons in the Finder's sidebar. Really. Here's the fix.

Do Your Time Machine Backups Really Work?

Hiraash's Blog

Now the funny part is I had been backing up on Time Machine for 2 years without realizing that my disk was actually broken. And this came to my attention at the worst possible time! You would think that an advanced tool like Time Machine would make sure your backup disk is intact when making a backup, but clearly it doesn’t. This I feel is a important feature that Apple needs to include in Time Machine.

The Best Alternative File Browser For Mac

Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

In a lot of ways, Path Finder is the more powerful version of the Finder you always wanted. It probably has more navigation options than you could ever need, but you use the ones that work from you and ignore/disable the rest. It really shines in the places where it solves common Finder issues.

1Password, Lion And That New Safari Extension

Dave Caolo, TUAW

How To Use Preview In OS X Lion To Digitally Sign Documents

Jason Cipriani, CNET

Why There's No Grown-up Quicken For OS X Lion

Rafe Needleman, CNET

More Crowded Crowds: Grand Central To Welcome Apple And Shake Shack

Christine Haughney, New York Times

Mr. Rosen told board members that Apple executives worked with the police to figure out how they would handle customers lining up when Apple has product releases. Mr. Rosen said that in some cases, they may set up spaces in the Northeast Passage where customers can wait. Mr. Rosen said he did not want Apple customers camping out in the middle of Grand Central as harried commuters try to get to their trains.

Why IT Won't Like Mac OS X Lion Server

John Rizzo, InfoWorld

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server adds innovative features and a new low price tag, but cuts in services and the elimination of advanced GUI administration tools may force some enterprise departments to think twice about the role of Mac servers on their networks.

Here’s How Apple Is Forcing A Worse User Experience On Its Customers

Dan Frommer, Splatf

Apple’s devices are now slightly harder and clumsier to use. And it’s Apple’s fault.

Microsoft Spells Out Office For Mac Bugs In Lion

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

The most serious of the bugs crashes Communicator when Office for Mac 2011 users try to send an instant message or start an audio or video call.

“We will fix this issue in an upcoming update to Communicator for Mac,” said Pat Fox, senior director of product development with Microsoft’s Mac group, in a company blog Friday.

Network Link Conditioner In Lion

Matt Legend Gemmell

Extremely handy for simulating less than optimal network conditions while testing an app. Just don’t forget to switch it off afterwards!

Non-standard Boot Camp Prevents Lion Recovery HD And FileVault


Having a non-standard Boot Camp partition will prevent the Lion installer from creating a Recovery HD hard disk partition, according to an Apple tech article. It will also prevent you from using the FileVault feature to encrypt the data on the drive. The fix that Apple suggests could take up a whole day or more.

How To Survive An iPhone Liquid Submersion (Hint: It's Not Rice)

Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

It’s very possible to recover a liquid submerged iPhone and bring it back to its full glory. But first, a few things have to go exactly right. Second, timing is everything. Your iPhone is in cardiac arrest and you only have a few minutes to save her.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Apple Releases Revised Mac OS X 10.6.8 With Patch For Existing Users

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Apple today released a series of Mac OS X 10.6.8 releases, apparently revising the original version as well as offering a "supplemental update" to patch systems that have already been upgraded to the latest version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

How A Security Researcher Discovered The Apple Battery "Hack"

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

While the threat of un-installable viruses that cause laptop batteries to explode is highly unlikely, the truth is that the vulnerability exists in the first place because of a blunder on Apple's part. While researching potential vulnerabilities in the MacBook Pro's power management system, Miller inadvertently discovered that Apple used default passwords described in publicly available documentation on the Smart Battery System, which allows rewriting the firmware itself.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.5 To Fix Certificate Validation

Lex Friedman, Macworld

Apple says that the new update fixes a security vulnerability with certificate validation.

Amazon's 'Kindle' App Updated To Remove Direct Kindle Store Links

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Install QuickTime 7 Pro With Lion

Christopher Breen, Macworld

18 Ways To View The ~/Library Folder In Lion

Dan Frakes, Macworld

While I understand Apple’s motives here—I’ve had to troubleshoot more than a few Macs on which an inexperienced user had munged the contents of ~/Library—there are plenty of valid reasons a user might need to access their personal Library folder. Luckily, as I mentioned, the folder is just hidden, using a special file attribute called the hidden flag. You just need to know how to access the folder or, if you prefer, unhide it. I've come up with 18 ways to do so; which one(s) you choose will depend on how frequently you’ll need to access the folder and which method better fits your workflow.

See The Whole Conversation In Lion Mail

Lex Friedman, Macworld

In the View Conversations section, check the box for Include Related Messages. That's it!

Hands On With Adobe InDesign CS5.5

Jay J. Nelson, Macworld

Dragon Dictate Adds Full Support For Word 2011, Mobile Mic App

Philip Michaels, Macworld

With the latest version of Dragon Dictation for Mac, users of the speech recognition program no longer need to choose between talking and typing when creating documents in Microsoft Word. Dragon Dictation 2.5, unveiled Monday, will let them do both.

How The Editor Of Windows Magazine Became An Apple Fanboy

Mike Elgan, Cult Of Mac

New Apple iPad Ad 'We'll Always', With Nod To OS X Lion

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

Apple released a new iPad television advertisement tonight called "We'll Always" which shows off the iPad in many different uses.

Apple And Power Users: A Lopsided Love Affair

Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web

What, to the power user, may seem like hostility, is in fact closer to apathy. Apple is telling these users that if they’re interested in bending the system to their will, then they will have to find their own way of doing that. Apple is too busy building a system that will appeal to billions to cater to the comparatively small thousands that make up the power user base.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple's 'Grand' Opening

Jennifer Fermino, New York Post

Tech giant Apple has inked a 10-year deal with the MTA to open its largest store in the world in Grand Central Terminal. The 23,000-square-foot store will take up Grand Central's north and northeast balconies, displacing Charlie Palmer's Metrazur restaurant, according to MTA documents.

First Look: Apple's New 11 And 13 Inch Thunderbolt MacBook Air

Daniel Eran Dilger, AppleInsider

Even Geekier Window Resizing

Daniel Jalkut, Red Sweater

These are some pretty geeky resizing modes. I don’t foresee using them particuarly often, but it’s interesting to know they are there.

Minco 1.3

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld

Minco stands out from a crowded time tracker field due to its deep integration with iCal and its ability to publish tasks in other programs. It’s a slick utility and a wise choice for anyone seeking a better way to track how time is spent.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yes, Google Chrome Built For OS X Lion Is Coming — But It Will Take Time

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Hack That Kills Or Corrupts Batteries

Andy Greenberg, Forbes

At the Black Hat security conference in August, Miller plans to expose and provide a fix for a new breed of attack on Apple laptops that takes advantage of a little-studied weak point in their security: the chips that control their batteries.

AppSmart Extra: Book Apps For Adults

Bob Tedeschi, New York Times

For adults, it might be the best glimpse yet into what iPads can deliver to the storytelling experience.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Apple To Replace Faulty Seagate 1TB iMac Hard Drives

Jonathan Seff, Macworld

On Friday, Apple announced that it would replace some Seagate 1TB hard drives included in recent iMacs that could “fail under certain conditions.”

Apple Revamps Security In OS X Lion

Dennis Fisher, Threat Post

The most significant additions, experts say, is the full implementation of ASLR and a sandbox that make it much more difficult for attackers to exploit browser bugs via a drive-by download to install malware on a victim's machine.

Lab Report: Huge Speed Gains For New Mac Mini

James Galbraith, Macworld

Restore Safari’s Downloads Keyboard Shortcut

Daniel Jalkut, Red Sweater

Upgrading To Lion At An Apple Store

Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

Remember to bring your own coffee.

Use Lion's FileVault 2 To Encrypt Your Mac's Internal Drive

Roman Loyola, Macworld

Making Desktop Webapps In Lion

Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA)

It’s a little like the “Web Clippings” feature of Dashboard. Except this isn’t Dashboard, so there’s actually a chance in hell that you’ll ever use this thing.

24 Hours With Lion, 'It Just Works' (Mostly)

Jonny Evans, Computerworld

Apple may not have changed the tech landscape with this release -- yet -- but it has set down an important foundation stone which will enable it to drive that change in future.

Security Flaw Found On Mac Retail Packaging

David Gewirtz, ZDNet

On the outside of the shipping box for the Mac mini server (and I presume this is the case for other Apple products), the serial number of the server was prominently displayed. This means that everyone in the shipping chain between Apple and my home had access to the serial number of my new computer.

Farewell Front Row

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Apple Updates Standalone Keyboards For OS X Lion

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Glissando: A Neat New iPhone Music Player App

Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville

A neat new app for playing music on an iPhone and iPod touch came across my radar today. The 99¢ Glissando brings a new take to playing music from your library.

The Variegation Of The Species: Fake Apple Stores Abound In China


Adobe Caught With Pants Down, 5 Months After Lion Released To Developers

Obama Pacman

Wow. Again, Adobe’s original rant was: “based on tests with a pre-release version of Mac OS X Lion that related to only one particular Mac GPU configuration.”

Nine Things You Should Do After Installing OS X Lion

Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch

Bare Bones Software's BBEdit 10 Re-writes The Text Editor

Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

Cuddling Up With Lion

Ken Segall's Observatory

Even with so many critics looking for another chance to pounce, Mac OS X Lion is getting a very warm reception — which is a pretty good indicator of what a solid product it is.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apple's B2B App Store Open For Business

Tony Bradley, PCWorld

The Apple B2B App Store is open for business. Only a week after first revealing details of the new platform, Apple has launched the service and businesses that use iOS devices can begin to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

New Mac Mini Benchmarks Show Significant Performance Gains

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Fake Apple Store Clerk Speaks Out

Wall Street Journal

Trying to reach the store’s owners has been tough. Repeated calls to the manager on Thursday went unanswered. But a store employee reached by phone confirmed that the store is not an authorized Apple reseller. The salesman said products in the store are genuine Apple products sold at the same prices as those advertised on Apple’s website.

BirdAbroad said in a post Wednesday that store staff she spoke to appeared to believe they were employees of Apple. The staffer reached by phone was under no such illusion. “It doesn’t make much of a difference for us whether we’re authorized or not,” he said. “I just care that what I sell every day are authentic Apple products, and that our customers don’t come back to me to complain about the quality of the products.”

Adobe Notes Products With Lion-related "Known Issues"

Steven Sande, TUAW

Save Sheet Shortcuts In Lion

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

So it’s not that Command-D no longer works in this sheet, it’s that it now means “change the location to the desktop”.

Apple Expands Free Lion Upgrade Offer

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Apple on Wednesday spelled out the details of its free Lion upgrade offer, saying that the deal also applies to Macs bought after the new operating system’s debut.

Troll Sues Apple Again: Same Patent, New Devices

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

The original suit only ended up covering the first six generations of the original iPod/iPod classic, all iPod minis, and the first five generations of the iPod nano, with Apple arguing that the newer products should be filtered out into a separate lawsuit (undoubtedly because they handle playlists differently than the older products). So, Personal Audio did just that with Apple's latest-generation iDevices and threw in the iPad 2 for good measure (which was not mentioned by the original lawsuit). The company is now asserting one of the same two patents from its original lawsuit against five of Apple's newer offerings.

Save Sheet Shortcuts In Lion

Matt Legend Gemmell

It would be unacceptable to invite the inevitable physical slips this would case, so “Don’t Save” is now triggered by Command-Backspace (which is an excellent shortcut, since not saving means your document’s contents will be deleted, in a sense, and hitting Command-Backspace is slightly more difficult than hitting Command-D).

Renaming Flags In Mail On Lion

Matt Legend Gemmell

Singapore Bets On Casino Tourists

Virginia Harrison, MarketWatch

But pursuing the casino tourist is a difficult task for a government that once banned casino gambling completely. A complex domestic environment, coupled with rising competition from its neighbors, could see a marked cooling of Singapore’s gaming market.

Ten Safari Shortcuts You Should Know

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Since it’s easier to use the keyboard—no need to move my hand to my trackpad—I’ve memorized a handful of useful shortcuts for browsing the Web. Here are ten that I think are essential.

Major Overhaul Makes OS X Lion King Of Security

Dan Goodin, The Register

The most important addition is full ASLR. Short for address space layout randomization, the protection makes it much harder for attackers to exploit bugs by regularly changing the memory location where shell code and other system components are loaded. Other improvements include security sandboxes that tightly restrict the way applications can interact with other parts of the operating system and full disk encryption that doesn't interfere with other OS features.

“It's a significant improvement, and the best way that I've described the level of security in Lion is that it's Windows 7, plus, plus,” said Dino Dai Zovi, principal of security consultancy Trail of Bits and the coauthor of The Mac Hacker's Handbook. “I generally tell Mac users that if they care about security, they should upgrade to Lion sooner rather than later, and the same goes for Windows users, too.”

OS X Lion Server: Making Servers Accessible To All

Steven Sande, TUAW

Starting several weeks ago, I installed Lion Server on a test Mac while researching a chapter for my upcoming Lion book. What I found was a powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use server operating system that makes a server available to anyone who wants one.

Laptop Docks Are Suddenly Obsolete

Rafe Colburn,

To connect, you just plug in the Thunderbolt cable and the power cable from the monitor. You can even daisy chain multiple monitors through a single Thunderbolt connection.

Apple OS X 10.7 Lion Roars With Futuristic, And Maddening, Upgrades

Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

With 10.7, Apple is once again creating an OS that looks to the future. There’s a host of terrific, tangible, practical features, sure. But on the whole, you come away from the Lion experience thinking that you’re looking at Apple’s plan for the next five years. There’s little that’s truly revolutionary about Lion, but I can’t help but lick my chops and wonder what the next few years hold in store for Mac users.

AirDrop Only Works On Certain Macs

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

During Lion beta testing, it was clear that some Lion-capable Macs couldn't summon the right mojo to use AirDrop, which requires relatively recent Wi-Fi chips.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dealing With Lion’s Hidden Library

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

So, a plea to Mac developers — please keep your application support files in ~/Library even though it’s hidden, and if it’s important that users be able to access those folders, provide an interface within your application.

Xcode 4.1 Free On App Store For Lion Only

Jordan Golson, MacRumors

Our Favorite Hidden Features In Mac OS X Lion


Installing Lion: Our Complete Guide

Dan Frakes, Macworld

We've installed Lion more times than we can count, on a variety of Mac models, in order to put together a guide that we hope will make the transition painless for you. In the articles below, we cover the requirements for running the next big cat; the things you should do to get your Mac ready; and the purchase and download processes. We walk you through the actual installation; recommend some post-install tasks; discuss some upgrade challenges; and help you decide if a "clean install" is for you. We've also got instructions for creating a bootable Lion installer disc or drive, as well as for installing Lion over Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), provided you have the appropriate license to do so. Finally, we've got a hands-on look at Lion's new recovery mode.

Apple Updates Existing iWork Suite For OS X Lion

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Apple Kills More Boxed Software In Favor Of App Store

Jordan Golson, MacRumors

White MacBook Not Dead Yet: Still Available For Educational Institutions

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Apple Releases Lion-Related Software Updates: Java, Server Admin Tools, Windows Migration Assistant

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

The MacBook Is Dead. Long Live The (New) MacBook Air.

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

I’ve had the chance to use one of the new systems for the past few days, and it screams. Even the people who thought I was crazy last year to replace my MacBook Pro with the Air may have second thoughts now. Apple is saying the updated devices offer roughly twice the performance of their predecessors in various regular use cases (technically, the 11-inch models should be about 2.5 times faster, while the 13-inch models should be just under 2 times faster). All I know is what I see — it’s really fast and it handles OS X Lion extremely well.

New Mac Minis Add Thunderbolt, Lose Optical Drive

Philip Michaels, Macworld

The MacBook Air line wasn’t the only Mac hardware to get a Thunderbolt-inspired makeover Wednesday. Apple also added a Thunderbolt port to its Mac mini desktop, which sports new processors and discrete graphics as well.

Apple Releases Safari 5.1 For Mac OS X Snow Leopard And Windows

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

As part of OS X Lion released today, Apple includes Safari 5.1, an updated version of the company's Internet browser that supports a number of improvements, some of which are tied into Lion's new capabilities. But Apple has also pushed out Safari 5.1 for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows, bringing some of the enhancements that don't rely on Lion to those platforms.

Mac OS X Lion: A Screenshot Gallery

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Apple's latest update to Mac OS X includes a variety of visual changes—some functional, some purely decorative. While you can debate the utility of "skeuomorphic interfaces" while reading our lengthy and in-depth review of Lion, we thought we'd post a more visual tour of Lion.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: The Ars Technica Review

John Siracusa, Ars Technica

Though the Lion name suggests the end of something, the content of the operating system itself clearly marks the start of a new journey. Seemingly emboldened by the success of iOS, Apple has taken a hatchet to decades of conventional wisdom about desktop operating systems.

Apple Brings Thunderbolt To Its 27-inch Display

Dan Moren, Macworld

In addition to bringing Thunderbolt to the MacBook Air and to the Mac mini, lightning has struck one of Apple’s other products: its 27-inch display. On Wednesday, the company updated its monitor to bring support for the new high-speed connection, as well as a couple other new features—including a new name: the Apple Thunderbolt Display. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to buy one or upgrade it’s going to cost you some money and some time.

Time For The Big Cat

Ben Brooks, The Brook Review

With Lion we begin to see a subtle obfuscation of the file system and a move toward skeuomorphic design for certain apps — yuck. This represents exactly what Lion is: a nudge forward that pushes what seem to be subtle changes, which are in fact a rethinking how computers should be used.

Not a nudge in the sense that this is an entirely new OS, but a nudge in the sense that this is an OS built for today’s computer users. In stark contrast to what we are used to: systems built for people that want, or know, how to use the system.

Yet it is the same old Mac OS X that were all very used to.

OS X Lion

Shawn Blanc

There are some big things in Lion that stand out as the hallmark features — such as Launchpad and Mission Control — but these are not so much features as they are usability enhancements. And to me, that is what Lion is all about: enhancements.

Lion: The Complete Macworld Review

Jason Snell, Macworld

After a long period of relative stability on the Mac, Lion is a shock to the system. It's a radical revision, motivated in part by the vast influx of new Mac users coming to the platform from iOS, that makes the Mac a friendlier computer. Veteran Mac users who don’t like those changes can turn many of them off, or just opt not to use them.

Apple Discontinues The $999 MacBook

Jason Snell, Macworld

On Wednesday Apple marked the demise of the MacBook. No, not its entire line of laptops, which made up 70 percent of the Macs sold in the company’s just-completed third quarter. Getting the chop is the $999 white plastic MacBook, which has held down the low-cost end of Apple’s laptop line for years.

Apple Adds Core i5, Thunderbolt To MacBook Air

Jason Snell, Macworld

On Wednesday, simultaneous with the release of Mac OS X Lion, Apple announced the impending release of new MacBook Air models. The new editions of Apple’s lightweight 11- and 13-inch laptops have received a major boost in speed and connectivity: They're now powered by Intel Core i5 processors and feature the new Thunderbolt connectivity technology. Coming in at the same prices as the previous generation of MacBook Airs, these new models also sport backlit keyboards.

Lion Arrives In Mac App Store

Philip Michaels, Lex Friedman, Macworld

Mac OS X Lion arrived on the Mac App Store Wednesday morning. Apple’s online storefront for Mac software is the only place you can get the update now—though in August a $69 version on a USB drive will be available.

Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements 9 In The Mac App Store

Heather Kelly, Macworld

Adobe has released a pared down version of Photoshop Elements 9, its consumer-oriented photo editing software, on the Mac App Store. Available immediately, the Mac App Store version of the application costs $80 and includes all the same editing tools as the full version. However, unlike the full $100 version, it does not come bundled with the Adobe Elements Organizer application.

Review: The All New Calvetica

Ben Brooks, The Brook Review

Apple Notes 'Future Product Transition' In Analyst Call

Josh Lowensohn, CNET

While nobody outright asked Apple where the next iPhone was during the company's third-quarter earnings call this afternoon, in answering a question about its fourth-quarter earnings forecast, the company alluded to a "future product transition" happening sometime before the end of quarter, which ends in September.

Are You Listening, Steve Jobs?


You have already guessed the punchline, of course: this was a total Apple store ripoff. A beautiful ripoff – a brilliant one – the best ripoff store we had ever seen (and we see them every day). But some things were just not right: the stairs were poorly made. The walls hadn’t been painted properly.

Apple's Cook On iPad, Asia, Apple TV, And More


Apple COO Tim Cook spoke to analysts after Apple's record financial results Tuesday. This is an edited transcript of his remarks.

The iPad Is Now Bigger Than The Mac

Matt Rosoff, Busienss Insider

App Showdown: Flash Browsers

J Keirn-Swanson, Mac Life

We found that both Skyfire and Puffin delivered up content that was previously off-limits to us and that there were great places where they didn't overlap. Skyfire knew its way around a pre-roll, but stumbled over anything other than video streams. Puffin could give us laggy video from anywhere at all as well as interactive Flash, but the results were less than stellar.

Update Migration Assistant Before Upgrading To Lion

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Although it’s unclear how prevalent this bug is (we haven’t run into migration problems during the testing of Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Upgrading to Lion”) and Apple implies that it applies only to a new Mac running Lion, we still recommend getting this update via Software Update or the Apple Support Downloads page (where it’s a 714 KB download) before upgrading to Lion.


Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

Of course, full-disk encryption is a little less messy and more reliable (though perhaps also a little less stylish and dramatic).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lion Will Ship Wednesday On The Mac App Store

Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

The cat’s out of the bag: During Apple’s third-quarter financial earnings call Tuesday, chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer announced that Lion would debut Wednesday on the Mac App Store. The OS update will cost $30.

Apple Reports Record Sales, Profits For Third Quarter

Philip Michaels, Macworld

Record iPhone and iPad sales combined with continued growth of its Mac business pushed Apple to another strong performance in its fiscal third quarter. On Tuesday, the company reported sales of $28.57 billion and net profit of $7.31 billion for the three-month period ended June 25, 2011.

Social Clipboard 1.4

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld

Social Clipboard is a sort of super clipboard that allows you to post copied text, photos and HTML code to Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox. After authorizing Social Clipboard to interact with each account, you select what you’ve copied and then paste it to the each site. For example, photos uploaded to your Facebook profile are placed on your wall and a special Social Clipboard photo album.

Seven Under-the-radar Lion Features You Might Have Missed

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

BBEdit 10 Brings More Than 100 Enhancements

Dan Moren, Macworld

Among the most noticeable changes in BBEdit 10 is the removal of the document drawer, which has been replaced by a sidebar that users can toggle on and off. That sidebar gives users quick access to lists of open and recent documents; you can close an open document right from the sidebar, and then re-open it from the recent documents list. The Project view, which previously used a similar sidebar, has been updated with similar features.

Apple To Open A New Store Every 50 Hours Before End Of 2011 Harvest

Patrick Avenell,

“Our retail offering continues to growth, with Penrith the 11th store in Australia, since we opened Apple Store Sydney just three years ago. Globally we are planning to have 363 stores in fiscal 2011.”

Silently Set An iPhone Alarm

Lex Friedman, Macworld

When you're choosing your alarm sound, double-tap it instead of single-tapping it. You'll select the sound without auditioning it first. And that should let everyone sleep better.

iPhone 4 Survives Fall From Skydiver's Pock

John D. Sutter, CNN

Options For Sleeping Displays In OS X

Topher Kessler, CNET

Getting Images From iPhoto To Lightroom

Roy Furchgott, New York Times

There is a fast, easy way to move your photos over—and a slow tedious way. Which one you want depends on how eager you are to save the edits to your photos, and the way you have them organized.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Time Tracker 1.3.13

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld


Ben Brooks, The Brook Review

It’s an odd relationship to have: I like the end result of a well worn device that shows the life it has had, but I don’t like the minor nicks and scratches that it takes to get to that point.

Tagging And Restricting Movies

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Ownership Is The Way To Go With Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

David Blatner, Macworld

I applaud Adobe’s decision to offer subscriptions to some of their software because it offers additional options to customers. I don’t doubt I’ll enjoy visiting Adobe’s “library” from time to time; but when it comes to using the software I love, I want to own it, not work on borrowed time.

Why An Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Subscription Makes Sense

Pamela Pfiffner, Macworld

Think of it this way: You buy a bicycle as your daily means of transportation around town—with it you visit friends, run errands, make deliveries, and so on. One weekend you decide to take a break by going to a cabin in the countryside. Are you going to buy a car for that one weekend? No, you'll rent a car. That's what the Adobe CS5.5 subscription plan is like.

Is The Desktop Having An Identity Crisis?

Christopher Mims, Technology Review

Apple is widely expected to unveil a major update this week to OS X Lion, its operating system for desktop and laptop computers. Microsoft, meanwhile, is working on an even bigger overhaul of Windows, with a version called Windows 8.

Both new operating systems reflect a tectonic shift in personal computing. They incorporate elements from mobile operating systems alongside more conventional desktop features. But demos of both operating systems suggest that users could face a confusing mishmash of design ideas and interaction methods.

New Apps Lost In Apple App Avalanche

Jeff McMahon, Forbes

So many mobile applications are being developed—especially for Apple‘s iPhone—that deserving apps are languishing unnoticed in the App Store, according to app developers who gathered in Chicago Thursday.

“Discoverability is a big problem in the App Store,” said Ashish Rangnekar of Benchprep, a Chicago startup whose app helps students study for admissions exams like the SAT and GRE.

Avid To Apple: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Dan Radovsky, The Motley Fool

For Me, iPod Touch Still Does The Trick

Mike Cassidy, San Jose Mercury News

The point here is not that we don't need big thinkers innovating in big ways. The fabulous leaps ahead in technology, the unveiling of innovations no one has even dreamed of, are vital to Silicon Valley. But the latest inventory of my own favorite technology has convinced me that technology evolution is every bit as important as technology revolution.

The FCPX Fiasco

Thomas Fitzgerald

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Apple Dares To Change Your Apps

Michael Gartenberg, Macworld

It would be nice if Apple could accommodate every user desire and focus special attention on long-time users. But that’s not how you build a mass-market audience with broad product acceptance. While some might lament that fact, the reality is Apple really has transitioned from being a company for a few of us. It’s now, at last, truly the company for the rest of us—with all that implies.

Per Se 1.0

Heather Kelly, Macworld

Per Se does its best to approximate on the Mac the old school pulp and ink journaling experience, while adding in some very cool features that could only exist in a digital notebook. It is not a tool for managing or parsing a stream of complex ideas. Instead, it is an uncomplicated, intuitive little application that just wants to know how your day went.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How To Restrict Printer Sharing In OS X

Topher Kessler, CNET

Sharing non-network printers in OS X has been a relatively simple and convenient feature to set up, where all you have to do is enable sharing on a configured printer and anyone on the local network could access it, using your computer as a print server. In OS X 10.5 and earlier, this feature had no restrictions, so shared printers could be accessed by anyone, but starting in OS X 10.6 Apple introduced the option to allow or deny specific users and groups access to the shared printer. Here is how to set this up and configure it on your system.

An Analysis Of Apple’s Adjustment Of International App Store Prices

Graham Spencer, MacStories

The Smart Cover, A Few Months In

Marco Arment

I can’t find a comfortable way to hold and use the iPad with the Smart Cover attached. It flops and slides around far too much.

First Look: Spotify

Christopher Breen, Macworld

The Huge Success Of An AppStore Failure


As of this writing, FingerKicks has sold only 1163 legitimate copies but there are at least 15,950 pirated copies being played on a regular basis on Apple’s Game Center.

Apple's Taiwanese App Store Gets Refund Policy

Josh Lowensohn, CNET

To comply with local consumer-protection laws, Apple has rolled out a new refund policy in the Taiwanese versions of its App Store, Mac App Store, and iBookstore.

Using Quicken For Mac? Read This Before You Upgrade To Lion

Alan Zisman, Low End Mac

Friday, July 15, 2011

Apple Releases iOS Updates To Fix PDF Vulnerabilities

Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

After last week’s report from the German government regarding PDF-related security vulnerabilities in MobileSafari, Apple has stepped up: The company on Friday released updates for all iOS devices that fix the problem. The updates are recommended for all users of Apple’s mobile devices.

Batch Docx Converter 1.31

Jeffery Battersby, Macworld

Bugs & Fixes: (Not So) Mysterious iPad Mute

Ted Landau, Macworld

The fix turns out to be easy (and a bit embarrassing). I had indeed inadvertently set the Side Switch to mute the iPad prior to the last time I had enabled Lock Rotation mode. This left the iPad in Mute mode without a physical switch or button that could undo the setting.

Apple Bumps Up App Prices In UK

Michael Burns, Macworld UK

The pricing hike (and relative fall in other locations such as Australia) was taken by Apple to bring prices in line with current exchange rates.

Managing A Prohibitory Sign At OS X Bootup

Topher Kessler, CNET

Time Sink 1.2

Dan Miller, Macworld

Many Tricks' Time Sink isn’t the only app that can keep track of what you do on your Mac, but it’s certainly one of the easiest to use.

My iOS Love Affair

Mark Gibbs, Computerworld

I keep finding new iOS-related products that are really useful and many that are both useful and cool.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey! You! Get Off Of My iCloud

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that Apple has realized that multi-user Internet services aren’t the company’s strong suit, and they have intentionally focused iCloud on providing a data conduit for apps running on multiple devices owned by a single individual. That’s certainly Apple’s prerogative, and it’s likely that iCloud will solve a particular set of data synchronization problems that have long caused headaches for developers (assuming, of course, that iCloud synchronization works better than MobileMe calendar and contact synchronization has, historically speaking).

Nonetheless, at least as I understand what iCloud will make available to developers initially, we won’t be seeing iCloud-enabled apps that let us share data with one another, or collaborate in real-time, or publish anything for the world to see. That may simply be out of scope for what Apple is hoping to achieve, but I remain disappointed.

Keyboard Maestro 5 Adds Programming Logic And More

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

But in the end, just as I considered Keyboard Maestro 4 essential for my everyday Mac usage, I think Keyboard Maestro 5’s new features will merely make the application all the more essential. You may not be as addicted to automation as I am, but I’m confident in saying that without macro-based automation, I’d be a far less productive Mac user.

iPad Power: How To Print

Joe Kissell, Macworld

After Final Cut Pro Debacle, Does Apple Still Care About Creative Pros?

Dave Girard, Ars Technica

The FCP X launch, and the discontent surrounding the new product, fed into a larger anxiety about Apple's intentions for the pro Mac market. Was FCP X just a single, poorly handled event or was it an indication of Apple's direction from now on, media pros be damned?

Apple doesn't answer such questions about future plans, but it's not hard to read Apple's palms if you look hard enough. The company won't ditch creative pros—but that doesn't mean there won't be serious rough spots ahead.

Apple Introduces Volume App Purchasing For Business And Education Including Discounts

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

According to Apple, the App Store Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and educational institutions in the U.S. to purchase apps in volume and distribute them within their organizations.

Make Custom iPhone Ringtones, Alerts With GarageBand

Jason Cipriani, CNET

Tired of hearing the same old boring ringtone? We know the feeling--so we decided to make an easy-to-follow guide for making a ringtone using the music you already own. Making a ringtone on OS X is a simple process. You will just need to have have GarageBand 4.1.1+ and iTunes 7.5 or above installed on your Mac.

Apple Tweaks International App Store Pricing

Josh Lowensohn, CNET

An Apple spokeswoman told CNET the "minor" price adjustments are due to changes in foreign exchange rates and local tax laws in those countries. Those changes are limited to the App Store and the Mac App Store, and not the company's hardware, the person said.

How To Log Out Of Your Mac Immediately With The Keyboard


An Easier Way To Find Files Using Time Machine

Ron McElfresh, Mac360

Managing Overheating External Hard Drives In OS X

Topher Kessler, CNET

To prevent overheating of your hard drives, try some of the following tips.

Keys To Easier iPad Typing

Roy Furchgott, New York Times

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apple Releases Aperture 3.1.3

Dan Moren, Macworld

Included in the update are general compatibility fixes and, as always, improvements in stability and performance; as such, the new version is recommended for all Aperture 3 users.

The Rise And Fall Of The Independent Developer

Craig Hockenberry,

But this expanded distribution is also putting our business at risk: there are people in this new market who claim a right to a part our hard work. Either by patent or copyright infringement, developers are finding this new cost of litigation to be onerous.

The scary part is that these infringements can happen with any part of our products or websites: things that you’d never imagine being a violation of someone else’s intellectual property. It feels like coding in a mine field.

Record Your Conversations With IMCapture For Skype

Aayush Arya, Macworld

IMCapture released version 2.4.1 of its audio- and video-call-recording app for Skype on Tuesday. IMCapture for Skype lets you record any of your Skype conversations and save them for later perusal.

Usher 1.1.3

Dan Moren, Macworld

You’ve got iTunes to organize your music and iPhoto to organize your pictures. But what about your videos? Do you just let them sprawl, willy-nilly, all over your hard drive? ManyTricks’s Usher attempts to bring your movies, TV shows, home videos, and more under one roof, undivided, with browsing and metadata for all.

Yes To Lion, No To Cruft: Get A Clean Start With Manual Mac Migration

Iljitsch Van Beijnum, Ars Technica

But after almost a decade, I'm ready to make a clean break and start from scratch, only migrating my data—no applications, libraries, or the cruft that has built up in nooks and crannies of the system.

Troubleshooting RAM In OS X

Topher Kessler, CNET

Tackling RAM problems in computers is not the easiest of tasks. While RAM is a relatively easy concept and simple to replace in the system, identifying problems with it can sometimes be daunting.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iPad Power: Connect To A Remote Mac

Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

iPhone And iPad Security: Four Basic Tips To Stay Safe

Tom Kaneshige, CIO

Open Recent Documents From The Help Menu

Lex Friedman, Macworld

Own Your Identity

Marco Arment

It’s interesting that so much online publishing is moving into a small handful of massive, closed, proprietary networks after being so distributed and diverse during the big boom of blogs and RSS almost a decade ago.

How To Clone Your Mac Hard Drive With Carbon Copy Cloner

Brian Burgess, Byte

If you're swapping out your hard drive for a new one, the best thing to do is clone the old one first. Cloning a drive simply creates an exact sector-to-sector backup copy of your drive's contents from one single point in time. It's a perfect image of the original, including all OS files. So when you swap out your old drive for the new one, you don't have to tweak or reset anything.

A Hassle-Free Approach To Making Your Mac Adapt To Your Environment

Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

Your laptop follows you wherever you go, and so do all your settings. When you move locations you don't always want the same network configuration, default printer, security settings, file sharing options, and so on. Adapting to a new environment doesn't have to be a constant annoyance. Here's how to do it painlessly.

The Best File Archive Utility For Mac

Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

Apple Asks Developers For OS X Lion Mac App Store Submissions

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

In an email sent out to developers this evening, Apple says that OS X Lion will "soon be available to millions of Mac users around the world." They are asking developers to submit their OS X Lion compatible applications so they can be on the Mac App Store when Lion ships "this month".

Apple Releases Minor Updates For iDVD, iWeb

Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

Both updates, which run 36 and 179MB in size respectively, claim to provide stability improvements and fixes for minor issues.

Monday, July 11, 2011

iMovie ’11 Update Imports iMovie For iOS Projects

Jeff Carlson, TidBITS

Today’s release of iMovie 9.0.4 brings the capability to import projects created in the iOS app into the Mac app. That means you can start a project on your iOS device (when the video or your ideas are still fresh, or you just need to kill some time) and bring it into iMovie ’11 for finishing.

Review: Compressor 4

Gary Adcock, Macworld

As an upgrade in and of itself, it's somewhat better than average, though not stellar. That said, it facilitates direct access within FCP X to the power of Compressor’s rendering engine along with advanced customization capabilities that are fully accessible in both applications.

Apple Releases Minor Updates To iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto

Lex Friedman, Macworld

All three updates promise fixes for assorted problems that have cropped up in the respective apps.

Play Ball (In Sync)

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Tags 2.0.2

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld

Tags is a must-have application for anyone seeking flexibility for searching files on a Mac. Tags’ integration with Spotlight and Finder works so well that you’ll likely forget that Tags is a separate application until you actually tag individual files. Tagging files may be somewhat tedious, but finding files is easier with Tags.

Get Lion's New Scrolling In Snow Leopard Today

Dan Frakes, Macworld

Scroll Reverser is a simple utility that, when running, places a new menu in your menu bar that lets you choose your scroll behavior. Choose Reverse Scrolling, and your Snow Leopard will act like a Lion—at least as far as scroll direction goes. The utility even reverses horizontal scrolling—drag two fingers across your trackpad to the left, and onscreen content moves to the left, as well.

Paste File Paths In Open, Save Dialogs

Lex Friedman, Macworld

W3C Wants To Invalidate Apple’s Widget Patents

John Paczkowski, All Things D

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is taking Apple to the mat over its refusal to allow some of its intellectual property to be included in the W3C’s widget standard.

Over the weekend the group issued a call for prior art invalidating two Apple patents — #7,743,336, which describes a widget security system and application # 20070101146 which covers “safe distribution and use of content.”

Mozilla Slates Firefox 5 Update To Fix Lion Crash Bug

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

According to Mozilla, Mac OS X 10.7, aka Lion, contains a bug that causes Firefox 5 to crash when displaying websites that use downloadable fonts.

Firefox 5

Nathan Alderman, Macworld

If you prize JavaScript performance above all else, you may not find a faster Mac browser than this. Just don’t go into Firefox 5 (or, in all likelihood, at least some of the program’s future versions) expecting the same dramatic improvements the last version enjoyed.

Apple Airs New AirPlay And FaceTime iPhone Ads

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

Sunday, July 10, 2011

MacBook Air Is Where The iCloud Lives

Andy Ihnatko, Macworld

It’s easy to convince myself that the 11-inch Air is a true signature product for Apple. In context, it’s certainly the most significant piece of hardware Apple’s produced in the past ten years whose name isn’t preceded by a lower-case “i.” And Apple seems to have been building up to the iCloudBook for a long time now. They suspiciously shaved a few gigabytes from the size of Mac OS despite the crazy-stupid-low price of disk storage, and they’ve emphatically promoted full-screen app user interfaces at the API level, an option which makes the iCloudBook’s weird little 11-inch display way more practical.

But iCloud was the critical missing piece, the planet which astronomers couldn’t yet see but had calculated must exist, based on its measurable gravitational effect on observable bodies.

Quicken Won't Run On Lion: 10 Mac Finance Apps That Will

Steven Sande, TUAW

OS X Lion Kills Rosetta PowerPC Support, Here’s What To Do About It

David W. Martin, Cult Of Mac

Saturday, July 9, 2011

ÜBermask 1.1

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld

Übermask allows users to hide files or folders from view by rendering them invisible to Finder, Spotlight and even popular add-on utilities like Quicksilver and Alfred. It does this by working continuously in the background. Files remain hidden even after Übermask is closed because you must input your OS X administrator password each time you open Übermask, thereby granting the program the ability to hide files continuously.

Borders Shelves Store Feature In iOS E-reader App

Josh Lowensohn, CNET

Bringing Past, Present And Future Into Focus

Joshua Brustein, New York Times

WhatWasThere, a project that includes a Web site and a free iPhone app, allows people to post historical photographs, along with their location and date, and then browse what other people have posted on city maps.

Mini DisplayPort To HDMI Cables Face Recall Over Licensing Issues

Blake Steven, AppleInsider

HDMI Org, the group that oversees HDMI specifications, has deemed Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables outside of its standard and will not allow them to be sold.

4 Ways This Mac Menubar App Is Worth The Price

Alexis Kayhill, Mac360

MenuMeter is colorfully geeky with just the right amount of usefulness and the perfect price tag. Free. Enjoy.

The iMac And Instant Gratification

Gene Steinberg, Tech Night Owl

With the arrival of Thunderbolt peripherals, it may be possible for creative pros to buy a fully outfitted iMac, the necessary external gear, and be able to be quite as productive as most Mac Pro users. They will also pay a whole lot less money, which means that Apple may actually sell far more units to customers who ordinarily upgrade only when the old hardware is way past its prime.

Apple Needs Public Betas For Mac OS X

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

Both 10.6.7 and 10.6.8 introduced entirely new problems that affected large numbers of people while resolving extremely specific bugs that likely affected only a small set of the user base.

Perhaps the entire Mac ecosystem has grown so large that it has exceeded Apple’s internal ability to test sufficiently against the myriad real-world configurations that have sprung from each and every Macintosh purchase.

Review: Motion 5

Peter Kirn, Macworld

Keying is dead-simple, and rigs expand upon Motion's already rich, quick visual-generating powers. It'd be nice to see still-deeper bi-directional integration with FCP X as it matures, and to build out some of the breadth of Motion itself. But at this price, and with this speed and flexibility, you'll be hard-pressed to find an argument not to find a space for it on your Dock—even if you choose to pass on FCP X.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mindful 1.1

Michael Harvey, Macworld

Having a quick way to see what’s coming up while keeping your workflow moving along is a priceless time saver. Mindful presents your calendar on your desktop, but under any windows or icons. It’s unobtrusive yet still easy to access.

Bugs & Fixes: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Bug Work-arounds

Ted Landau, Macworld

There are three issues that appear to have generated the most user complaints.

Review: Photo Effect Studio Image Editor For The Mac

Alexandra Chang, Macworld

Apple May Be Invisibly Filtering Your Outgoing MobileMe Email

John Brownlee, Cult Of Mac

Apple is invisibly filtering outgoing messages sent with its popular MobileMe webmail app based upon their content, Cult of Mac can exclusively confirm.

Asked for comment, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said that the filtering was not political.

Secret Service Nabs Apple Store Spy Camera Artist

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET

Steve Jobs believes in art. But there seem to have been some at Apple who are slightly less inclined toward it after discovering that an artist had installed software on around 100 Apple Store computers.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apple Customers Have Downloaded 15 Billion Apps

Nick Bilton, New York Times

Apple’s iAd Is Said To Cut Advertising Prices

Adam Satariano, Bloomberg

Apple Inc.’s iAd mobile-advertising business has cut rates by as much as 70 percent as some marquee clients are using rival services, two people with knowledge of the matter said, signaling the company is struggling to parlay its technology leadership into success in the ad industry.

Apple Updates Canon Printer Drivers For Snow Leopard

Alexandra Chang, Macworld

Transferring Stickies From One Mac To Another

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Your Stickies notes are stored in a file called StickiesDatabase. You can find it by following this path youruserfolder/Library/StickiesDatabase. Just copy that file from this location on your iMac to the same location on your MacBook Pro (replacing the StickiesDatabase file on your laptop).

Apple Developing Fixes For Dangerous iOS Vulnerabilities

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service

Apple said on Thursday that it is developing a fix for vulnerabilities that affect its iPhone, iPad and some iPod touch models, a problem that the German government warned could be used to steal confidential data.

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, known as BSI, issued an alert on Wednesday about the vulnerabilities, which it said could be exploited if a user opened a specially crafted PDF document. The issue involves how the iOS parses fronts within the mobile version of the Safari browser.

TidyTop 1.1

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Stream Audio From iOS Devices To Your Mac With Airfoil 4.5

Alexandra Chang, Macworld

The 4.5 update to the software now lets you stream audio from iOS devices to your Mac using the free Airfoil Speakers Mac app. Another notable new feature in Airfoil 4.5 lets you send audio from iTunes itself to other Macs.

Presidents Compared

Ghui, The Online Citizen

Since all of the above countries have Presidents who serve a similar role to President Nathan, why is he paid so much more than his counterparts? The PAP’s past rationale for high salaries has been to prevent corruption but since President Nathan wields no real political power, where is the danger of him falling prey to corruption?

Apple To Allow Additional FCP 7 Enterprise Licenses And More On FCP X

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

Notably, the event reveals that Apple is working on allowing existing Final Cut Pro 7 enterprise deployments to purchase additional licenses. One of major complaints about the FCP X launch had been Apple's discontinuing sales of Final Cut Pro 7 even before video professionals had been able to become comfortable with FCP X.

Bungie's Classic 'Marathon' Game Now Available On iPad

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

Bungie's classic first person shooter Marathon is now on the App Store for the iPad. The free download offers 27 levels divided into 6 chapters. The interface has been modified to accommodate touch screen interaction of the iPad.

Western Digital Clears Up Time Capsule Server-grade Controversy

Rich Brown, CNET

"Needless to say Apple has very stringent requirements that are very specific to them and very unique to them, and that drive has actually been developed and is unique for that Apple product."

Sparrow, The Ideal Mail Client For Mac

Ankur Gupta, Smoking Apples

Sparrow has an aesthetically pleasing interface and it goes about its job nonchalantly. The developers have added some cool animations that not only serve as eye candy but also add to the functionality of the app. I’ve used the enhanced that Apple intends to ship with Lion and Sparrow is already a step ahead of it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Love Stars 3.5.3

Dan Frakes, Macworld

I Love Stars puts iTunes’ rating scale right in your menu bar. If a track already has a rating, you see that rating without having to switch to iTunes. I Love Stars also supports iTunes’ album ratings; if you’ve rated an album, the album rating is displayed for each track in the album that doesn’t have an individual track rating.

Get Your Mac Ready For Lion

Dan Frakes, Macworld

Apple is advertising Lion as the easiest-to-install version of OS X yet, and that may be true. But there are still a few things you can do right now to ensure that your Mac is ready for 10.7 when the update finally arrives.

Good Riddance, “iSteve”

Ken Segall's Observatory

In just five words, that original title managed to be cutesy, gimmicky and arrogant, all at once. It was hardly a fitting choice for a book of importance.

Alternatives To MobileMe For iWeb Sites

Steve Sande, TidBITS

There are a couple of options, depending on how serious your site is, and whether or not you have a custom domain.

I Use Apple Products Because They Work, It’s That Simple

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop

Review: Keyboard Maestro 5

Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

The way I like to think about Keyboard Maestro is that it is a way for me to master my workflow — to command it — so it doesn’t command me.

Keyboard Maestro makes your computer work for you, not the other way around. It is one of the five best apps I have ever used on my Mac, hell on any device period. It is that good — be warned though, there is a learning curve with this software, but I believe the payoff is well worth the time spent getting to learn it. KM 5 also comes with a library of macros to get new users started.

Apple’s Labor Costs Should Be Higher

Rafe Colburn,

Apple’s margins aren’t low — I’d like to see them do even more in terms of helping out the people who assemble the gadgets we all love so well.

How Long Will Lion Take To Download?

Michael E. Cohen, TidBITS

How long will you have to wait as the rough beast slouches its way onto your hard disk? It’s not hard to come up with a reasonable estimate.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sorting iPhoto Events

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Control iTunes From The Command Line With ViTunes

Dan Moren, Macworld

If you long for the days when your software was controlled only by words typed to your computer, or if you’re the kind of person who insists that the only true way to view the Web is through lynx, then Daniel Choi’s free ViTunes may be just what the sysadmin ordered.

Weblock 1.8.1

Derik DeLong, Macworld

Weblock unlocks your ability to restrict access to files shared on Mac OS X’s built-in Apache server. This allows you to put an authentication dialog on any directory being shared through your Web server or filter based on IP address. This can be enabled by editing some configuration files, but Weblock adds a nice GUI that makes the task quick, easy, and error free.

The iCade Review: Your iPad As An Arcade Machine

Ben Kuchera, Ars Technica

This is an attractive, capable piece of hardware that does exactly what you want it to do: it makes you feel like you're playing on a slightly smaller than average arcade machine. For $100 this is certainly a niche product, but it's also worth the money you're paying for it, and will look great in your office or home. Let's just hope the developers use the tools available and add more supported games.

Six Unexpected Uses For The Tab Key

Sharon Zardetto, Macworld

Pity the unassuming workhorse of the keyboard: the Tab key. Even the Shift key gets more respect. But just because it’s unpretentious, you shouldn’t assume it does nothing more than adjust indents in a word processor: the Tab key has a few tricks up its metaphorical sleeve. These tricks all work in Snow Leopard and may work in Lion too, unless otherwise noted.

Monday, July 4, 2011

DwellClick 2.0

Brendan Wilhide, Macworld

DwellClick allows you to navigate your Mac with your mouse without clicking. It works surprisingly well.

An Easier Way To Organize iOS Apps

Lex Friedman, Macworld

Computer-Hacking Group Targets Apple In Latest Attack

Ian Sherr, Wall Street Journal

A group of computer hackers on Sunday posted a document it claimed contains usernames and passwords for an Apple Inc. server, the latest in a string of brazen attacks that have compromised government and corporate websites around the world.

Push, Dropbox, Async, And Indie Sockets

Gus Mueller, The Shape Of Everything

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Supreme Court Rules Games Are Art, Is Apple Listening?

Dan Kricke, Appolicious

Sure, not all games even come close to representing “art,” but The Supremes have the right idea, Apple. If people don’t like the apps, believe me, they’ll let everyone know by not purchasing them. It’s time to right a wrong and loosen up on App Store restrictions.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Disk Falcon 1.1

Roman Loyola, Macworld

Disk Falcon is pretty much a one-trick pony; it’s not really a disk utility application, and more like a limited graph generator that uses the contents of your hard drive.

Standard Chartered: Multinational Banking Goes Mobile.


Standard Chartered Bank is an international bank with 1800 branches on six continents, dozens of recent industry awards, and steadily increasing profits through organic growth and acquisitions. iPhone and iPad provide a perfect platform to expand the bank’s mobile services, both internally and to its increasingly tech-savvy customers.

Apple: Revising The Definition Of Pro

Ken Segall's Observatory

As the definition of Pro has changed, so have Apple’s priorities. That’s why iMac is now faster than Mac Pro. That’s why Aperture has remained an also-ran to Adobe Lightroom. That’s why the upgrade to FCP7 took forever, and why FCPX turned out as it did.

In the world of Apple, a Pro product used to mean “designed for high-end professionals with needs far beyond those of mortal men.” Now it simply means “the high-performance model.”

The iPad 2: I Never Wanted One Until I Got One, Now I Can’t Live Without It

Sahil Arora, RunaroundTech

App Smart Extra: A Bedtime Story Via The iPad

Bob Tedeschi, New York Times

Friday, July 1, 2011

OS X Lion Allows Running Multiple Copies On The Same Machine (Virtualization)

Arnold Kim, MacRumors

For the first time, Apple is allowing owners of OS X (client version) to run multiple virtual copies on the same machine. Previously, Apple extended this ability to Mac OS X Server only. Running separate instances of Mac OS X should be possible under virtualization solutions such as VMware Fusion and Parallels. This functionality allows you to deploy different sandboxed installations of OS X, typically for enterprise purposes.

Apple Releases Lion GM To Developers

Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

Apple To Enforce iOS In-app Content Policy In Coming Days

Dan Moren, Macworld

A reported deadline for developers to comply with an Apple policy on in-app subscription content has passed, with some developers yet to modify their apps. But Macworld has learned that Apple is working with developers to bring their apps into compliance as the company will look to start enforcing its new rules.

New York Times Offers In-App Subscriptions

Jordan Golson, MacRumors

The New York Times has begun offering digital subscriptions via Apple's in-app subscription feature. The subscription offering puts the Times app in compliance with Apple's revised in-app subscription guidelines.

How To Enable Target Disk Mode Via Thunderbolt

Mauricio Grijalva, Macworld

Exporting Email Addresses From Address Book

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Launcher 1.2

Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

For its price, Launcher is surprisingly full-featured without being weighed down in complexities; on top of that, it’s quickly become an invaluable tool for my daily workflow.

Adobe And Avid Target Final Cut Pro Users With 'Switcher' Discounts

Eric Slivka, MacRumors

Adobe today announced a new "switcher" promotion clearly designed to take advantage of the significant amount of criticism being levied against Apple's new Final Cut Pro X. The new program offers a 50% discount on either Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium or Premiere Pro CS5.5 to current users of Apple's Final Cut Pro or Avid's Media Composer.

Apple's Latest iMac Looks Great, Even Faster

Michael deAgonia, Computerworld

The new iMac still looks great, and it's even faster.

That sums up what Apple has done with its all-in-ones, with the biggest change being the introduction of Thunderbolt, a technology that's definitely still ahead of the curve but could prove to be quite popular down the road.

Not An Apple Store, But A Store For Apple Lovers

Damon Poeter, PC Magazine

Michael Oh, the founder and CEO of Massachusetts-based Tech Superpowers, thinks he's found a better way to navigate the thrilling but often anxiety-ridden Apple retail channel. Don't try to beat the Apple Store—and never try to be the Apple Store—just offer customers everything Apple that Apple itself can't provide.

Apple And RIM In Consortium Buying Nortel's Patent Portfolio

Renju Jose, Reuters

A consortium including Apple Inc, EMC Corp, Ericsson and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion bought bankrupt telecommunications gear maker Nortel Networks Corp's remaining patent portfolio for $4.5 billion, in an auction that began early this week.

iTunes Match Makes Unlocked Copies

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

Upgrade all your ripped files that aren’t up to snuff — avoiding replacing, say, your lossless FLAC versions — with the best Apple and the labels have to offer for what can behave like a one-time fee. This is the right way to do, but it seems like an awfully nice gift for those of us, like yours truly, who ripped their CDs at lower quality many years ago.

Review: Reeder Is Fully Featured, Lion Compatible


Why Apple Built Final Cut Pro X

Sachin's Posterous

So it was time to reinvent the video editor. And Final Cut Pro X really delivers there. FCPX isn't defined by a feature chart. It's not trying to do more than its competitors, it's doing it better.

By Heng-Cheong Leong