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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


You Are What You Tax
by Charles Murray, New York Times
A lot of tax dollars go to things that ordinary, sensible people would never pay the government to do.

Tech & Science

Too Posh To Push?
by Sora Song, Time
As more pregnant women schedule C-sections, doctors warn that the procedure is not risk-free.


The Boisterous World Of ONline Literary Commentary Is Many Things. But Is It Criticism?
by James Marcus, Washington Post
Art and commerce can make for extremely strnage bedfellows.

My Year Of Eating Dangerously
by David Shaw, Los Angeles Times
Bring on the fries, and make that hamburger blood-rare. But first, a dozen on the half-shell.

Nuyk, Nyuk, Nyuk
by Ian Parker, New Yorker
Can the Farrelly brothers resurrect "The Three Stooges"?


An Ode. To Himselfe
by Robert Pinsky, Slate


Porno Hen Hawks For Burger King
by Chris Ulbrich, Wired News
Give Burger King credit. Its attempt to advertise chikcen sandwiches on the web by setting up an ersatz webcam porn studio could have been a cheesy flop. Instead, its Subservient Chicken website is a hit.

Onion Taken Seriously, Film At 11
by Daniel Terdiman, Wired News
"People every single day think The Onion stories are real."

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