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Sunday, April 25, 2004


The Issue That Never Went Away
by William Saletan, New York Times
An abortion ban isn't just a moral statement. It's a pledge to prosecute, and prosecution introduces a different kind of ugliness: the public investigation of personal tragedies. That's the ugliness that lies ahead. If Americans won't take that warning from today's marchers, maybe they'll take it from John Ashcroft.


Writing For Godot
by Nancy Shepherdson, Los Angeles Times
The Bible foretold it. The war in Iraq proves it. The end is near, says Christian activist and best-selling novelist Tim LaHaye, and he's writing as fast as he can.

A Daugher's Choice
by Carolyn Hughes Crowley, Boston Globe
Last month's body-donation scare at UCLA hasn't made me regret my decision: I gave my dad's body to BU, and I'd do it again.

House Calls
by Daniel McGinn, Boston Globe
Celebrating its 25th year, This Old House, produced in Boston, is drawing 4 million viewers a week. Sales at Home Depot are through the roof. So why, if our fathers and grandfathers were such handymen, are we so clumsy with a hammer and nails?

Designing By The Numbers
by Jill Hudson Neal, Washington Post
Simplicity can be complicated. Washington designer Darryl Carter uses a Capitol Hill loft to show how he achieves his easy, elegant style.

Close Encounters
by Dan Barry, New York Times
We were just another family living on Long Island in the late 1960's, but we were also the family from another planet.

The (Not Easy) Building Of (Not Exactly) Lincoln Center For (Not) Manhattan
by James Traub, New York Times
Harvey Lichtenstein's grand finale.

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