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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Boston Week
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Welcome back! Boston Week here on MyAppleMenu Reader continues the exploration of works of Boston writers. Today: Mr Steve Almond.

Life In Syndication
by Steve Almond
Ron's girlfriend had been blunt. "You're going nowhere," she said. "And I'm not coming with you."

The Problem Of Human Consumption
by Steve Almond
Paul, in this case, is a widower. His wife died thirteen years ago. He kept their daughter away as much as he could. There were relatives around to play with her, to shower her with gifts and praise. His wife grew pale in the study. Her hair fell out. The disease ate her body indelicate bites. How do you explain such things to a four-year-old?

The King Of Corn
by Steve Almond
I am honored you chose to save me.


The New Blogocracy
by danah boyd, Salon
The mainstream media is doing its best to belittle Democratic Convention blogggers, but the arrival of a host of online scribblers is reinvigorating, and challenging, old-school journalism.

What We Learn From The Convention Blogging
by Dan Bricklin
Thoughts from a long-term blogger after two days of the DNC.


80 Sirens Wailing, But Do Not Panic: This Is Only A Drill
by Michael WIlson, New York Times
Since its debut about a month ago, it has quickly become one of New York City's hottest acts for those lucky enough to catch a free, unannounced performance. Call it "The Police Drive Fast! And Park!"

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