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November 12, 2008

Are Three Novels, Revised As One, A New Book?

by Charles Mcgrath, New York Times

Asked if after 30 years he finally had "Shadow Country" in the shape he wanted, Mr. Matthiessen laughted and threatened to rewrite it all over again.

Death Takes A Holiday, And Few Are Better Off

by Richard Eder, New York Times

Mr Saramago, one of the last of the old-line Communists, has written an atheist's religious parable; a story abounding in sentiment and purged of it.

Minimal Updates Until 15 Dec 2008

by Heng-Cheong Leong, MyAppleMenu

Updates will be minimal until 15 Dec 2008, due to my a) going on a holiday, b) work commitment, and c) reservist duties; not concurrently, and not necessary in that order. :-)

The Bagel: An L.A. Story

by Judith Kane Jeanson, Los Angeles Times

"Most people choose the bagel they grew up with," says Richard Friedman, and for most Southern Californians, whether they know it or not, that means the choice is bagels made either by Friedman or his oldest competitor.

Two Bucks A Dance

by Debbie Nathan, New York Magazine

In bailarina bars, you can rent a girlfriend by the song. For $40, she'll sit with you for an hour. For $500, she's yours for the evening. That's when the relationship gets complicated.

Geek Pop Star

by Jaason Zengerie, New York Magazine

Malcolm Gladwell's elegant and wildly popular theories about modern life have turned his name into an adjective—Gladwelian! But in his new book, he seeks to undercut the cult of success, including his own, by explaining how little control we have over it.

Imagine Seeing John Wayne In IMAX

by Keith Phipps, Slate

That's sort of what watching How the West Was Won is like.

By Heng-Cheong Leong