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Saturday, January 1, 2000

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'00 Computer Glitches Are Mostly A No-show

Despite a few sputters and glitches, the world's computers appear to have survived the year 2000 rollover without major problems — and with humanity's faith in technology intact at least for another day.


Microsoft, Silicon Valley Report Few Y2K Problems So Far

It's when businesses start getting back to business that will be the real test of how well the industry prepared.

No Bugs In Europe's Y2K Gala

The closest thing to a Y2K glitch in Europe was probably the failure of the millennium clock on the Eiffel Tower, which malfunctioned and stopped working only hours before midnight rolled around.

Apple Security Fix Causes Much Confusion

Apple customers were warned this week of a security flaw in the Macintosh operating system, but users are saying the fix issued by the company causes as many problems as it cures.

Few Y2K Glitches In Cyberspace

The rollover to the year 2000 was just another day in cyberspace.


Millennium Hijack!!!

A Visit from Comandante Karma and His Amazing Manifesto! Warning: Excessive Profanity, Obscenity, Violence, and Sex with Animals.

iMac Copycats And The Ethical Implications Of 'Look And Feel' Suits

Apple has the responsibility to itself, to its bank acount, and to its customers to protect the iMac's design from PC manufacturers looking to ride the iMac wave in a more serious and threatening way than creating a colorful 'legacy-free' PC of their own.


Saturday, January 1, 2000


Looks like AppleSurf is going to survive Y2K. It's now 38 minutes after midnight (GMT), and all is fine.

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