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Monday, August 2, 2004

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Jobs' Rare Variety Of Pancreas Cancer One Of The Most Curable

Pancreatic cancer can come in different — and sometimes fatal — forms, but the rare type that Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced he had been treated for is among the most curable.

Apple CEO Jobs Says Has Cancer Surgery

Steve Jobs has successful surgery for a rare form of pancreatic caner, Apple's co-founder told employees in a company-wide e-mail on Sunday, that was made available to Reuters. "I had a very rare form of pancreatic cancer called an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, which represents about 1 percent of the total cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed each year, and can be cured by surgical removal if diagnosed in time (mine was)."

See Also: Text Of Message From Steve Jobs

"I will be recuperating during the month of August, and expect to return to work in September. While I'm out, I've asked Tim Cook to be responsible for Apple's day to day operations, so we shouldn't miss a beat. I'm sure I'll be calling some of you way too much in August, and I look forward to seeing you in September. P.S. I'm sending this from my hospital bed using my 17-inch PowerBook and an Airport Express."


Use iPod, Go To Jail? Keep Your Eyes On Congress

Millions of people could soon be carrying illegal devices in their pockets. That's the message from the "Save the iPod" campaign.

Steve Jobs Leads CEO Pack

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains America's leading CEO, according to Forbes' monthly CEO approval poll.


What Would Happen If Steve Jobs Died?

Change At Apple: Is It Time For A Successor To Steve Jobs?

AV PowerBooks: Is This What Apple Needs?

Given that AV options are becoming more widely available for PC notebooks, Apple needs to respond to this growing market.


Apple Xserve RAID

Apple's AirPort Express Worth Price, If You Use All The Features



Do You Want Some TNT today?

Imagine this guy, who discovered that the airport security folks have mistakenly planted some TNT in his luggage, is going to a U.S. destination, and if the customs and/or security staff at the U.S. airport has discovered the TNT, what is going to happen? He is going to go through hell, that's what it is going to happen. He will be lucky if he can see his family again for the next few months.

And that's why I am going back on the promise I've made to myself on bringing my daughter to DisneyWorld once she is able to appreciate Mickey Mouse. Hong Kong DisneyLand, here I come... :-)

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