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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

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Apple's Back-To-School Blast

Apple appears to have put itself in the sweet spot, as the desktop market continues to wither and the laptop market for K-12 starts to flourish.

Will Uncle Sam Like The Taste Of Apple?

Uncle Sam's coffers, which have long remained elusvie for Apple, are finally opening up. As the federal technology budget ballooned, Apple's market share in computers sold to the government rose from 1.6% in the first quarter of 2003 to 2% in the same period this year. Today, Apple is the government's No. 6 computer supplier — and climbing.


FileMaker Ships Work Requests

FileMaker Work Requests automates the process of creating, tracking and reporting on work orders.

Apple Holds Convergence Cards — Analysts

"Apple's biggest advantage is its knack for making products that are easier to use than the competitio's, a desirable skill in the mainstream consumer market."

iMovie Strips FairPlay DRM From iTunes Songs

Apple iMovie can be used to strip the FairPlay digital rights management protection (DRM) on iTunes songs, according to a report by German news site

Apple Distinguished Educators To Teach At DLexpo

A host of Apple Distinguished Educators are scheduled to teach at the first Digital Lifestyle Symposium.

Apple's Minimum Not Attained But Gendron Won't Give Up

The Maine Education Department failed to reach its goal of signing up enough high schools by the end of July to account for 8,400 laptops, the number necessary for an interim plan to put laptops in some high schools this fall.

Start-Up To Make iTunes Sing On Linux

CodeWeavers, which specializes in software that lets Windows programs run on Linux,s aid on Monday that it has a new version of its software that adds support for Apple's iTunes.

iPod Demand Helps Renaissance To Bumper Profit

Overwhelming demand for Apple's iPod has helped local distributor Renaissance to a bumper six-month result.

Adam Dorn: DJ Mocean Worker Keeps It Movin'

"All my DJ gigs, fromt he smallest bars to the Chemical Brothers, have gone off without a hitch. Nothing crasehs. My sound cards are better than turntables. The technology is so tight and stable and crystal clear, I won't play records again. There's no reason."

Readers Speak: Who's Right In iPod Fight?

The responses came down fairly heavily on Apple's side, though it was hard to tell whether that reflected agreement with Apple or general favor for the company.

What's Next For Apple?

Steve Jobs' cancer surgery has Wall Street wondering about the company's future.

See Also: Health Scare A Reminder Of Jobs' Icon Status

iPhoto 4.0.2 Update Corrects 'Minor Issues'

The update "addresses minor issues with Smart Albums and European books."


No "Halo" Effect? Look Again

The success of iPods and Apple stores stopped Macs' market share from sinking lower. And signs indicate even more future converts.

iMovie 5 Wishlist

"So, what would you do to make it better without turning it into Final Cut for Babies, smart guy?"

Keeping iPod At The Center

Keeping the iPod at the center of all these is clearly the way for Apple to ride the wave of the latest digital music revolution.

Convergence Kills


The Song Stops When I Want It To Stop

I can control when a song starts and stops in iTunes.

Peripheral Vision 1.6.3

Peripheral Vision monitors your Bluetooth, FireWire, Network, USB and File VOlume connections, and can present a number of notifications when it detects activity in any of these areas.

Word 2004 Bigger, Better, But Not Faster

If you need the utmost in cross-platform compatibility in your word processor, or if you need a "writing" program more powerful than many desktop publishing systems in the past, Word 2004 is for your.


Best Question Of The Year

... as asked to an Apple sales guy: Hi, I'd just like to find out... if I buy the 17" Powerbook, can I install Windows XP Pro in it?

Runner-up? Is Photoshop bundled inside [the iPod]?

Why Apple Matters

Gizmodo: A company selling a competing product is hoping that people who already bought the competitor might also purchase their product, just because it matches... This is why the iPod is interesting: it's fascinating to watch how everyone reacts to it.

Subservient President

He knows how to start a war, drink beer, and rewrite the constitution. But he doesn't know how to read newspapers, study history, or resign.


How Microsoft Will Die

This is no longer the PC era and monopolies are no longer necessary.

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