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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

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An Ode To iPod

To Steve Jobs' fans (I am one), he's the Edward Tufte of digital design, sculpting objects of desire out of metals and plastics that somehow marry Art Deco with Frank Gehry, the classical with rock and roll, the pragmatic with the magical. Nowhere does this resonate more than with the iPod.


New Computers For Bayonne Schols Will Be Able To Show Latest Web Pages

The $543,096 contract with Apple includes the leasing of 507 eMac model computers for each classroom in the city's 11 elementary schools and 35 for Bayonne High School for a three-year period.

Reacting To Jobs' Cancer, Apple, Pixar Shares Fall

Apple shares declined Monday, slipping 2.35 percent, or 76 cents, to close at $31.58 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

iPhoto 4.0.2 Update No Longer Available

It appears Apple has removed the iPhoto 4.0.2 update, which was initially released on Monday, without any explanation.

Dr. Mario Roederer: Revolutionizing Flow Cytometry

When Roederer began developing on the Mac, there was a bit of a steep learning curve. "But once you get over that initial learning curve, it's glorious."

Apple's iPod Is Here, But No iTunes

Computer maker Apple launched iPod mini in India on Tuesday but was not sure when the web-based music download service — the iTunes Music Store — will be available.

Click At Your Own Risk

Apple's iPod digital music player may be the hottest electronic toy in the world, but it has almost no legal use in Austrlia.

The "Big Mac" Supercomputer Biz

Apple wasn't a serious playr until researchers discovered how well its high-end computer clusters perform for a relatively low price.

The Importance Of Back-Ups: Tech Firms Often Unprepared To Replace Their CEO

Silicon Valley's business culture is partly to blame: It traditionally has worshiped its visionary companyf ounders and charismatic leaders. Tech companies' rapid product cycles add to a short-term mentality. And executives working on cutting-edge technologies are loath to embrace stodgy management structures.

Publis Disclosure: Health Of CEOs Brings Up Issues Of Personal Privacy

Recent revelation highlighted the need for high-ranking executives of publicly traded companies to disclose their serious health problems.

Apple Versus RealNetworks: A Lawyer's Perspective


Apple's Control-Freak Tendencies Could Crush iPod

Apple can't win by keeping its music technology to itself.

Illness Shows Us The Human Side Of Super Steve

How strange it must be to have your own illness be the talk of the town and the subject of speculation concerning your companies' stock prices.

Moving On Up: The New iPods


21.5 Things You Can Do With Office 2004

This article is here to show you some of the nifty little tweaks you can apply to Office.

PocketMac Pro 3.3: Software Supplies Mac Functionality To Your PDA

PocketMac Pro 3.3 is not the only way to get a PocketPC working with OS X, but its e-mail and Web features (as well as its support for PIMs other than Address Book and iCal) give it the edge.

ArtMatic Voyager 1.1: Bryce-Like Landscape Generation Returns To The Mac

ArtMatic Voyager 1.1.2 may not fabricate images realistic enough to fool you, but what it does produce is impressive.

RSS On Your Mac: What It Is, Why It's Cool, Why You Need It

America's Army: Special Forces 2.1

If you're looking for a great, free way to explore player tactics in a good, realistic environment, then there's nothing better out there than America's Army.


Ten Worst Laptops, Ever

The original Apple iBook (the toilet seat edition) got into John Dvorak's top ten worst of the laptops. "I described it as a 'girly' computer... This got me into a heap of trouble with politically correct Apple users."


Microsoft Shifts Researchers To Windows Unit

Microsoft is shifting about 70 technical staff from its research unit into its Windows effort as the company gears up for Longhorn, the next major release of the operating system.

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