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Saturday, August 7, 2004


Apple's Mini Player Sells Out At Taiwan Debut

Only 100 units of the iPod mini were available yesterday. One company official said more would be coming but couldn't say just when.

SoHo Apple Store Celebrates Two Million Customers

Apple's SoHo retail store in New York City celebrated its two million customer today by giving away more than US$2,000 in Apple gear to a lucky customer.

State Reaches Accord With Apple To Put Laptops In High Schools

Apple agreed Friday to a revised deal that will place laptop comptuers in roughly one-third of Maine's public high schools this fall, Education Commissioner Susan Gendron said.

Apple Aces Academia

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his troops have clearly been on a college roll.


Apple, Real And 'Best Interests'

Apple is a chess player, and Real Networks is trying to play the game with Apple. All we have seen is one of a series of moves, and the better story is much further down the road.

iPod Tech Support — Second Time's A Charm

Having a person who can actually see (or in my casee, hear) the problem you're having can be much more effective than just talking to someone on the phone.


It's Hard To Commit: Apple Or Sony?

I'm not placing bets on the long-term victor. Apple has floundered too many times in its history to be counted on, even now. And Sony could succeed, somewhat like Microsoft, on sheer size and momentum.

Well, Just Listen To This... It Really Works

What is there to write about when the software and the device just plug in and start working?


Is Virtual PC Finally Coming

Microsoft has just release Windos XP SP2 to manufacturing. That means that the latest Virtual PC from Microsoft will finally be reaching your hands soon.

Make Your Applications Nice And Quiet

Previously, I wrote about one of my wishlist, of being able to mute just particular applications on my Macintosh, while allowing other applications to play sounds. Thanks to a reader, it seems that my wish has already been granted.

Rogue Amoeba's Detour "lets you control where audio from all your programs is going." And, based on the screenshot, it seems that it can also control the volume of individual applications too, which is exactly what I wanted.

However, the cost of Detour is US$12 (6.25 Big Mac from where I am living in Singapore; 4.14 Big Mac in United States, 9.52 Big Mac in China, and 3.56 Big Mac in Britain.) which is a bit higher than my taste for this functionality alone.

But if you have a need that is served well by Detour, do check it out.

Thanks For The Mention

Here's a thanks to Your Mac Life for mentioning this little website of mine in the latest edition.


Microsoft Comes Through With Windows Service Pack 2

After some last-minute waxing and buffing, Microsoft finally sent its Windows XP Service Pack 2 to amnufacturing early Friday.

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