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Monday, August 9, 2004

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Mac Keeps Lead On Linux

"In emerging markets like China, Russia and Latin America, many locally assembled PCs are sold without an OS or with Linux," Gartner reports. "On 90 percent to 95 percent of these PCs, a pirated version of Windows is installed within the first few days."


FileMaker To End Upgrade "Amnesty" Program In Sept

FileMaker today announced that its FileMaker Pro 7 upgrade "amnesty" program — available for versions of FileMaker Pro dating as far back as 1993 — will end on September 17, 2004.

Is There Life After Jobs?

Who'll Do Jobs' Job?

Lacklustre Tablet PC Sales Suggest No Mac Version

The chances of Apple introducing a tablet-style Mac appear to be slim to nothing, following the latest figures to show how the Windows-powered version has failed to make much of an impression.

Online War For Danish Music Sales

Microsoft and Apple are vying for the growing Danish market for online music sales, with the two rivals planning simultaneious debuts of legal music downloading services in Denmark.

Apple The Fashion Brand

The iPod mini demonstrates that what will differentiate consumer technology use in the future will not simply be the functions. It will be about how you implement and package those functions.

Consumer Reports Rates Apple Tops In Reliability And Support


iPod Hooks Another Victim Of Consumerism

Suddenly, I realized in a zombie-like trance: Everyone in the world owns an iPod. Without it, I was nearly extinction. iPod, therefore I am. I was sans pod. Who was I?

Apple Enterprise, Please!

How About A .Mac Type Service For Developers?

A .Mac for ADC members seems to be a logical addition to the developer services.


BT-500 Mobile Mouse


If you want to let your kids explore the Internet at times when you can't provide direct supervision, BumperCar is a must have — it's easy to set up and quite a vigilant watchdog.

InCopy CS

Adopting InCopy will require some changes to any established workflow, but the benefits — smoother production cycles and peace between artists and editors — can be huge.

InDesign CS PageMaker Edition

All in all, you get a solid list of features that make an already powerful program even more so.

Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King

Even if you're too cool for the Dungeons and Dragons or hobbit rigmarole, Return of the King's fast-and-furious combat, gorgeous eye candy and immersive sound make for some truly enjoyable aracde-style action.

Office 2004

Sure, it's got its share of annoying quirks, bunglesome solutions, less-than-snappy performance, and weird behavior, but it's still the king of productivity.


The PodFreq has just about everything we could as for in an FM transmitter. But it looks like a protective case and does indeed cover the iPod's back and sides, but not the highly scratchable lCD screen or anything else on the iPod's front.


We hate waiting. That's why we dig DV-caputing hard drives such as the QuickStreamDV.


Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six 3: Raven Shield

It's realistic approach to battle made for some totally immersive moments. But its difficult learning curve will definitely be a stumbling block if you just want to open the box and have fun from the get-go.

Toon Boom Studio 2.5

If you're creating or converting traditional animation into any digital format, Toon Boom should be a part of your palette.

Xserve G5 Dual 2GHz

If you have high-performance computing needs or are looking to set up a render farm, the Xserve is the perfect solution, with its rackability, connectivity, affordability, and raw power.


Walkman? That's So 1980s

I am not sure why Sony — and a lot of other people — thinks that the Walkman is such a great brand name. To me, the brand Walkman means casette-tape player. Big, bulky, and sequential access to my tunes. In fact, if I am not wrong, Sony's portable CD-player was marketed under the name Discman.

So, I am not entire sure there's wisdom in re-using the brand Walkman in Sony's latest MP3... er, well, digital music player.


IBM Tells Users Not To Install Windows XP Update

While developers at Microsoft may be celebrating that they finished work on Service Park 2 for Windows XP, IT departments around the world now face the question on whether they should update their systems, or not.

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