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Friday, August 13, 2004


Euro Filing Reveals Apple 'Handheld Computer'

The filing, made in May this year but only published this week, covers a "handheld computer" and contains sketches of what look like an iBook screen minus the body of the computer.

Apple Releases iPod Updater 2004-08-06

Griffin Debuts All-In-One iPod Device

Griffin Technology today announced the RoadTrip, an all-in-one iPod charger, FM transmitter and cradle in one compact unit.

Apple Making Inroads Into Film Editing; Avid Remains King

Ask any professional who has worked in the film or video industries for at least a decade, however, and he or she will tell you that the leader in this space is not Apple, but Avid Technology.

Stanford University Lab Builds An Xgrid

What began as eight computers providing 4 GHz of processing power has become as many as 200 systems around the world providing between 80 and 130 GHz of processing power.

Apple To Open Second Japanese Retail Store This Month

Apple will open its second Japanese retail store later this month int he western Japanese city of Osaka, it said Thursday.


Apple Replays Old Mistakes

Apple's resolve to go it alone and not work with others backfired in the past and will do so again if ikt doesn't change its ways.

Avoiding The iMac

Expedient iTunes Music Store Browsing


Apple 17-Inch PowerBook G4

I, Pod

Audio Hijack Pro 2.0

Microsoft Office: Mac 2004

The Mac version of Microsoft Office has several new features that differentiate it from its Windows stablemate.

Must Haves: Upper Case iPod Cases


More Reasons Not To Upgrade

One common wisdom in the Macintosh land is to never install updates from Apple immediately. Wait a while, and let all the other beta testers upgrade and report their successs or failture before you do so. Who knows, maybe Apple will even pull the update so that they can work on it somemore before you update?

But now, there is another reason why you shouldn't update so quickly: find out if the latest and greatest Apple patch will disable your beloved hack — whether it is to play Windows Media files through your AirPort Express, or copy your RealNetwork files to your iPod.

Sometimes, the computer industry can make one sad.

Where Is My Network?

Apple has apparently done the right thing, according to Glenn Fleishman, in naming the default SSID of its wireless network based on the AirPort's unique hardware identifier.

"What happens when 500 networks in a building are called 'linksys,' 'default,' or 'netgear'?"

Rumor Today: iMac Is Coming

Think Secret believes that new iMac — to be unviled late this month at the Paris event — will be a flat screen monitor with the CPU attached at the back.

Welcoming The New PM, SM, MM

Singapore has a new Prime Minister, Lee Hisen Loong, yesterday. (See my other blog, SingaporeSurf, for some links.) It is No-Big-Deal for almost everyone here in Singapore, as we all know this day is coming.

The other two acronym up there in the title refers to Senior Minister (SM), the appointment created previously for the first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, which is now occupied by the second (and outgoing) prime minister, Goh Chok Tong, and Minister Mentor (MM), the appointment now created for the first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. Yes, that's right, all of the prime ministers in Singapore are now in the same cabinet.

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