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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


RealNetworks Targets iTunes With Song Sales, Ad Campaign

Apple's iPod Invades The Classroom

iPods are being used to listen to languages and othe rmaterial in a few college courses, quickly making the pocket-sized gizmos the newest sweetheart of the college learning experience.

Darren Brandl, Student Filmmaker: Film Mogul In The Making

Supported by his iMac and Final Cut Pro, Brandl has been the recipient of multiple national awards for his work. Not a bad resume for someone who just graduated from high school.

Longer G5 Chip Delay May Hurt Apple Earnings

"Apple had previously stated that it expected to have shortages of its 1.8 GHz and 2.0 GHz procesors through July, with supply catching up in August. We now believe that IBM may be having difficulty meeting its revised supply commitments."

'Playlist' Magazine To Focus On Digital Music

The magazine was originally to be called iPodworld, but the name was apparently changed after Apple said it would not give permission for use of the name.


Why iSync Is Cool. What It Really Needs.


Color-Changing Case? It's Already Here

There's been a lot of hooha lately about Apple's patent of a color-changing computer case, powered by little LED lights. And there's a lot of speculation what the next iMac, as a result, will be like.

But, an interesting point out there suggests that this has already been implemented by Apple: the sleep-light on the latest iBook and eMac.

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