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Sunday, August 22, 2004


Rick McKay: Broadway: The Movie

The testimony, shot over 5 years with a single off-the-shelf digital video camera and cut together with impossibly rare recordings of legendary performances on a Power Mac running Final Cut Pro, offers fans something like a second chance to experience what it was like inside the 10 city blocks and 40 prolific years that yielded the best in American theater.

Apple Delays G5s With NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra

The company said it could ship the system a bit sooner if the customer would accept an ATI card and wait for the Nvidia card to be sent at a later date.


A Craving That 10,000 Tunes In My Pocket Would Satisfy

I don't want an iPod. I need an iPod.


iPod Mini Aims To Shake Up MP3 Player Market

Korean digital music buffs do not carry their entire CD collection. Instead, they cherry pick the most popular music numbers on the Web and frequently change the selection to follow rapidly-changing trends.

AirPort Express Review

I've been waiting years for Apple (or someone) to elegantly bridge the wireless void between my Mac and existing home stereo, and in that capacity (though limited and one-way) it works as advertised.

OmniWeb 5.0

OmniWeb 5.0 in a nutshell: outstanding browser features, but an oudated rendering engine.


Are We There Yet?

This blog from Grant McCracken brought up an interesting point: is the iPod and iTunes Music Store such a success that the record labels cannot afford to sell songs at iTMS? That is, is it time that Apple can push the envelop a little?

Is There A Moral Doctor In The House?

Don't steal music, advise Apple on each and every iPod. But what if the iPod already comes with free music when you purchase it from Apple?

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