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Thursday, August 26, 2004

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Tunes, A Hard Drive And (Just Maybe) A Brain

Shuffle commands have been around since the dawn of the CD player. But the sheer quantity of music on an MP3 player like the iPod — and in its desktop application, iTunes — has enabled the function to take on an entirely new sense of scale and scope. It also hightens the risk that a long-forgotten favorite song will pop up, for better or for worse, in mixed company.

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"You fool," gasped the Arch-Editor, as he fell to one knee, black fluid running from his ears, "Have you not heard? This iPod can play music... at random."


Sprint Certifies QuickTime, Xserve G5 For Phone Media

Telecommunication company Sprint on Thursday announced that it has certified Apple's Xserve G5 and QuickTime as mobile multimedia delivery platforms for Sprint's own PCS Vision Multimedia Services.

Pittsburgh Apple Store To Open Sep. 4

San Francisco Apple Store Holding 'College Night'

"Amazing prizes will be given away every half hour, including an iPod mini and a PowerBook G4."

Microsoft To Debut Store

With the ability to funnel 350 million users a month to the store via its Hotmail, Messenger and MSN sites, Microsoft will likely become the number-two player int he market for legally downloaded music and ultimately could challenge Apple's reign at the top.

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Of course Microsoft sought iPod support, and of course Apple said no.

Microsoft To Take On Apple's iTunes In Netmusic Battle

Microsoft will not be delivering a competitor to the iPod, but a number of hardware vendors are expected to piggyback the announcement of its service and launch portable players in direct challenge to Apple's phenomenally successfully product.


The iPod Club


Express Takes Digital Music A Step Further, But It's No iPod

There is much to like about this first version of AirPort Express. But I suspect music man Jobs is already on a mission to compose something even better.

Dominions II: The Ascension Wars

For the strategy game aficionado, Dominions II is a worthy title. It is difficult to learn to play, but once you overcome the steep learning curve, it is a satisfying game.


Microsoft Updates Tablet PC OS

Among the input improvements is an in-place pen input panel that opens directly below an input area such as a text input box. In addition, the updated operating system has real-time handwriting recognition in which the user can preview the text conversion before placing it into a document.

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