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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The All-New iMac G5

Where Did The Computer Go?

So, which Mac fan don't want this?

Apple Puts The Squeeze On New iMac

"I think what Apple is recognizing is that at least right now the iPod is going to drive its brand and they want to take advantage of htat. Why does this look like the iPod? Because it's clearly positioned as the consumer PC for people who own iPods but don't own an Apple desktop."

Initial iMac Availability To Be Limited, Sources Say

Apple dealers are being told that flat-panel iMac G5s will be in very limited supply until late-November, early-December.

Rapturous Applause Greets New iMac

There's a single power cable which comes out of the back, and so long as you're using AirPort or Bluetooth (neither of which, unforgivably, is fitted as standard) no further connections are needed.

New iMac: No Horticultural Inspiration

It looks like Apple has returned to the original ideas of its head designer, Joanthan Ive.

iMac G5: Good Bye Arm, Hello Slab!

Given Apple's difficulty in getting PowerPC G5 chips from IBM, I think it's safe to double those estimated-shipping numbers as a realistic timeframe for delivery.

The New iMac: One Thing Too Many

I don't mean to put a damper on the wonderful new iMac, but Apple needs to look far back to the tradition of the Performa line.

Apple Expo: New Flat-Screen iMac G5 Revealed

"It's the world's tinnest desktop. It's just two-inches thick."


Apple Stock Rises On iMac Refresh


Apple Expo: Europe Buys 5 Million iTunes Tracks

Virex 7.5 Pulled From .Mac Due To 'Technical Issues'

"Due to customer feedback and technical issues currently under investigation, we have temporarily discontinued distribution of Virex 7.5 from McAfee until further notice."

'Cult Of Mac' Covers 'The Apple Underground'

Leander Kahney's "The Cult of Mac" introduces readers to Mac fans who get Apple tattoos, build aquariums out of old Macs, wake up well before dawn to be first in line at an Apple Store opening and do other things that show their deep loyalty to their favorite computer.

FileMaker Unveils Advanced Server Edition At Devcon

The advanced server, which brings better Web support to the product line, is the last of several FileMaker family members to ship this year.

P Diddy's iPod Rocks

Very reassuringly expensive.

Making A Strong Case For The iPod

Go ahead — drop your Apple iPod on the gym floor. Smush it with a weight. Take it with you while you're kayaking or kickboxing or running in the rain. But first — get an oPod.

iPods And DVDs Top Children's Wish-Lists

Mobile phones, DVDs and iPods have replaced bikes, roller-skates and footballs as children's must-have items, a poll reveals today.

Computer Sales

The University of Oregon Techno Team says the top buy this school year is the Apple Macintosh laptop computer.

Skype For Mac OS X Beta Available

Matias Releases Clear Hardcase For iPod Mini

Bare Bones Releases BBEdit 8.0


The Dramatic News From The Apple Expo: Phil Schiller Is Funny

What! No Reality Distortion Field? But instead, Phil Schiller had a quite different weapon: humour.

Let Word Do It

It makes no sense, whatsoever, to think in terms of some mythical "average" user. What does make sense is to think in terms of the defaults that will satisfy most users.

Microsoft Word And "Smarter Than"

What the Word team lacks, in my view, is an awareness that, when a user is trying to get his or her own work done, the user is always smarter than the technology.


BBEdit 8.0: Even More Muscular


Live Coverage

If you are up, and is looking for live coverage of the unveiling of the iMac G5 (maybe), Mac Observer is giving you the live coverage.

Let's Pretend Our Reporters Don't Think At All!

Scott Rosenberg: I never understood the sort of journalistic code of ethics — now prevalent in many American newsrooms, particularly those owned by big corporate chains — that requires newspeople to pretend that they are not human.

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