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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

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New iMac Tries To Play It Cool

One of Apple's biggest challenges with the latest iMac was making sure the machine was cool.


Steve Ford Quits Toshiba For Apple

Steve Ford, New Zealand country manager for Toshiba, will join Renaissance on Sept 17 as general manager of the Apple Computer Division.

Apple Leader Remains Best CEO — Forbes

Apple Denies Major G5 iMac Push At iPod Users

Apple executives are denying any official marketing campaign is afoot to entice iPod users to buy the new slim line mac.

Apple Launches iTunes Affiliate Program

Apple today announced the launch of the iTunes Affiliate Program, which the companys ays makes it the first download music store to offer direct links to a la carte singles and albums that generate paid commissions to affiliate Web site.

Ronquillo: iPod People Are Taking Over

Many students have said that while the iPod is cool, it's just too expensive for their budget.

Longhorn? "We're Years Ahead" Reckons Apple

Virtual PC 7 Starts Rolling Out In October

Microsoft Virtual PC 7 for Mac has been released to manufacturers, Julie Fogerson, spokesperson for Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, said.

Apple Posts Apple Expo Keynote Video


iTunes May Rock, But Microsoft Will Win

Am I arguing that Apple needs to open an dlicense its music platform? Nah. Wouldn't matter. iTunes and iPod should stay proprietary to Apple to keep them both insanely great — while Microsoft takes over.

The iMac G5: Impressions And Predictions

New iMac Design Looks Better For Business

In fact, the low-end model would have a keyboard, a power cable, a network cable, and perhaps cables for an iPod and iSight camera dnagling from the back. Sure the machine looks sleek in the pics, but it won't looknearly so good on your desktop.

My Impressions Of The iMac G5

My toddler would knock it over.

iMac G5: Thinking Of Tablets And iPods And Displays

Combine a wall-mounted iMac G5 with Open Door's Envision and Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and you've got one heck of a cool Mac that doubles as art when you're not using it.

Apple's Missed Opportunity

Apple presents us with a fabulous living-room-compatible unit with an excellent display and lots of storage designed for digital media — but doesn't allow for connectivity to the broadcast network.


Something Is Missing... And It's Not Just The Clothes

Gizmodo: Do they have a special iBook with the Apple Logo removed, or are their photoshop people just that good?

Warning: not totally safe for work.

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