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Saturday, September 4, 2004


In Internet Calling, Skype Is Living Up To The Hype

Skype's distinction is that, for now at least, it is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way for individual customers to begin using VoIP.

iNeck For The iMac G5 Announced

Joswiak: 'True To What An iMac Has Always Been About'

Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak gave Macworld editors a guided tour of the desktop's new design.

iMac G5: Another P From The iPod

The iPod has redefined consumer expectations and given Apple a whole new market.

Pod2Go Downloads News, More To iPod


You Can Choose Any Color You Want, As Long As It's Black

Help pages are more useful when they're helpful, rather than spiteful.


Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 2

Theft is a primary source of information leaks and other hassles when you travel.


Breaking News: Microsoft To Stop Making Windows

"To be honest, we're tired of Windows."


Promises, Promises: Microsoft's Credibility Questioned Over Longhorn

Partners are accustomed to product delays out of Redmond, but some say this latest slip of the storage system, code-named WinFS, combined with well-publicized delays to Yukon, is snowballinginto a tremendous credibility problem.

One Music Store To Rule Them All

Microsoft's answer to iTunes isn't pretty, doesn't have that great a selection, and won't sell songs that play on an iPod. But it'll still probably take over the world of online music.

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