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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

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MyTunes Returns For iTunes Song Sharing

Tools that turn Apple's iTunes software into the core of a song-sharing network are multiplying, with the re-release this week of the previously defunt MyTunes.


Music Industry Warms To Downloads

A Japanese version of Apple's iTunes has been unable to get started due to opposition from the local recording industry, which deems its copy protection measures to be inadequate and has refused to offer its music catalog.

Apple iPod Interactive Award Nominee

Apple's iPod is up for an award, this time fromt he British Interactive Media Association, in association with Revolution magazine.

New iPod Ad For UK TV And R.E.M. For Free

UK iTunes Music Store users can download a free three-minute preview consisting of snippets of tracks from new R.E.M. album.

Apple Releases Security Update 2004-09-07

Newton Nuts Show How It's Done

A committed band of fans has done a better job of looking after the Newton than Apple ever did, believes a leading researcher.

Apple Bioinformatics Award Winners

Meet five people whose breakthroughs make the progress of science real.


Why Yahoo And Google Still Don't Get It

How will you get influencers to praise your product if they can't run it?

Online Music Buyers May Be Saved By... Microsoft?

Microsoft's MSN Music store has been running for a week and it is already available in parts of Europe, Australia, Korea and even Brazil. That's in addition to the United States, of course. I don't know if Singapore is on the list yet but the fact that Microsoft is going to so many places so soon after the launch means it will get here sooner rather than later, right?

Pining For Open File Formats

I still seethe over all the extra work, and silly hoops I had to jump through, because vendors feel compelled to create proprietary formats for storing information, and make it hard for other people's software to simply read and write the information to achieve whatever goals their users might be pursuing.

A New Take On The Mac Tablet

Apple's best movve is to leverage its own mad skills with industrial design and multimedia to create some truly innovative new hardware breeds based loosely on the current tablet concept. And that effort, I trust, is already underway.

The Goo,d The Bad, And The Ugly? First Impressions Of The G5 iMac

The iPod's Big Brother

What you get is quite possibly the coolest personal computer yet created.

Mac OS X, UNIX, And The "Average" Mac User

For better or wose, I beleive that effective Mac OS X troubleshooting still requires a familiarity with tbe basics of UNIX and Terminal.


After Effects 6.5

Don't let the .5 designation fool you — this is a major step forward for After Effects.

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is the best re-creation of WWII we've seen yet. Even if you're not big on the history, this game's easily worth it for the furious action alone.

DVD Studio Pro 3

Even though Studio Pro 3's encoding tools could be sharper, there's no denying it makes the rest of the authoring experience a pure joy.

InEffects 1.0

Though InEffects is definitely a must-have add-on for serious graphic designers, it's not exactly loaded with features for the price. However, if you currently use Photoshop to create lots of effects that you cold otherwise create with InEffects, it will pay you back in time saved.

Mariner Write 3.6.1

Mariner Write is a fine alternative for home use or other situations where you need a capable word processor more than seamless compatibility with Word. But in a corporate setting, you'll likely want a word procssor with better Word compatibility.

Shrek 2

If you're not a Shrek-head, don't bother — the game is short enough that by the time you warm up to the characters, it's over.


When turned on, the SightLight is an annoying presence, shining directly in your eyes. The light it casts gives your face a dim blue pallor, especially when supplemented by room lighting — not flattering.

Smart Styles CS

It's easy to use, versatile, and saves time. If you work on highly formatted publications, such as newletters, magazines, and newspapers, make Smart Styles your new assistant.

Space Colony

Space Colony is definitely a decent way to pass time. It's fun and the universe is engaging while you're in it — but once you come back to Earth, you won't necessarily feel compelled to go back to revisit the colony.

USB Server

Not everyone needs this type of widget, but it's a solid tool for centralizing a small workgroup's USB devices.

Homeworld 2

If you're a fan of space battles or real-time strategy games in general, Homeworld 2 will be your world, your life.

Browsers That Aren't Browsers

Thanks to the WebKit technology built into Mac OS X Panther, it's become much easier for software developers to create applications that are web-savvy. In this article, we thought we'd take a look at a few of them.

Help For Help Viewer

For reasons best known to Apple, Help Viewer tendes to be mor eprone to problems than other applications. Fortunately, there are a limited number of things that can cause such problems.


Creative Performa MP3 Players

Creative seems to be taking some hints from Apple's previous playbook: flood the market with many models of MP3 players and hope that some of these models stick. :-)

But seriously, Creative does have an advantage over Apple here in Asia: there's no iTunes Music Store. Now that Apple has showed the world how to run an online music business, the first-mover advantage in the rest of the world is ever more important. If Apple don't move fast, the Asia online music market will be dominated by Microsoft.

Technical Notes For Dummies

Jason Levine: "How to Pick Up and Carry Your iMac G5" might be dumbest technical note I've ever seen published by a computer manufacturer.

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