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Monday, September 13, 2004

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Musical Shares

Apple's supremacy in the digital music market will be challenged by a joint launch this month by Microsoft and Napster.


FileMaker Offers New Volume Licensing Bundles

Non-iPods Get 'Legal' iTunes Solution

A German company is offering what it claims is a legal method of making iTunes Music Store music playable on devices other than the iPod. The Tunebit software re-records tracks purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

Music Everywhere

It's all about the algorithm — but which one will win?


iPod Revolution

A five-star player! The iPod mini is a must-have for any mobile music aficionado.

A Simple Guide To Macintosh Security

Macintosh security is built in, not added as an afterthought. The design of Mac OS X made security a top priority and achieved it in many different ways.

An Aquarium Full Of Fish Without The Fuss

Put the aquarium on the monitor screen of an office computer, and I'd wager you'd have an audience of mesmerized coworkers standing in front of it.


Rumor Of The Day: New iSights

O'Grady's PowerPage: Details are sketchy, but one can assume that the new iSight camera will have more features to better work with the H.264/AVC video technology coming in Mac OS 10.4.

In related news, Apple is also secretly working on successors to the PowerBook, iBook, Power Mac, and iMac. Some will have modest upgrades, while others will be more "exciting." Apple intends to release new versions some time in the future, on a date which we have yet to be confirm. :-)

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