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Friday, September 17, 2004


Apple Details iChat Security Flaw

The problem is with "links" sent by an iChat user that can start local programs if clicked.

iMac G5 Gives Apple Strong Product Momentum

The new iMac presents "another leg of strong product momentum and a boost to its underperforming consumer desktop product line."

Adobe Acrobat X 'By End Of Year'

Adobe Systems says it is on track to ship a much-enhanced version of its Acrobat document management software by the end of the year.

Love Affair With Macs Unabated After 20 Years

"I have always been a Mac user. I was presented with Mac and PC at the same time and chose to be a Mac user. It is simpler, easier and more fun."

District 23 Buys Database System

"Power School was the most cost-effective for what we needed and it had a very friendly graphical user interface."

Apple Opens Third East Bay Retail Store

The store is located on the lower level of Stoneridge. It will be the third East Bay location for Apple, which also operates stores in Emeryville and Walnut Creek.

Renaissance Says Apple Supplies Easing

"Supplies are quickening up and we expect the shortage to ease significantly in the next few weeks."

Cover Comes Off G5 iMac

A drooling audience of over 900 Macintosh devotees and probably a few new converts was last week treated to the first glimpse in New Zealand of Apple's new iMac G5.

Apple Shuts Down iTunes Plug-In

Following a request from Apple, a small Mac software developer has pulled iPodDownload, an iTunes plug-in that allows users to transfer songs from any iPod to their iTunes library.

Apple Patches iChat With Security Update


In Praise Of Minimal Design

For those of us with more generalized needs Apple's minimal design actually increases the efficency of the product.

A Pink iPod For My Frugal Wife

The funny thing about CDs these days is that at the rate we are consuming music as MP3 digital files, we are very likely to handle the CD just once.

Success Can Be Bitter, Apple

Fans of free commerce should be on Apple's side in this dispute. To the Brits on board, I say: If you don't like the price, stop paying it. I guarantee that if you stop buying, Apple will lower the price.


Be A Garage Mick Jagger

If you know how to use a mouse — and even three-years-olds can — then you can compose a song in GarageBand in less than 30 minutes.


You Want To Put Your iMac Where?

Here's a free idea. (They are usually a dime a dozen.) I call it the Freedom of Choice of Where You Put Your iMac G5.

Battery pack for the iMac G5, so that you get can have a very heavy laptop that you can move your iMac G5 easily anywhere in your house without needing to shut down the machine.

Is Bill Gates Innovative?

I'd argue, to a certain degree, yes. After all, he is probably one of the major force in creating the software industry — software as something that a company can sell on its own, rather than something that is given away free with the hardware.

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