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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


How Do You Play It?

The bulky walkman has been long replaced by its new counterparts — the Discman, the MP3 player and the iPod.

Adobe Presses On In Digital Pics Editing For Mac

The whisper was that feeling weer less than warm between Apple's Steve Jobs and Adobe's Bruce Chizen, and that a miffed CHizen might put the kybosh on further development of Elements. That hasn't happened, and there seems to be a new, chummy spirit between them.

Springfield School Board OKs Plan To Purchase Apple Laptop Computers

The aim of the four-year pilot project is to increase student achievement by delivering instruction in new, engaging ways.

First GarageBand CD?

Steve Sobek, a Pennsylvania-based folk rocker, claism to have made the "first studio-quality CD of original songs recorded entirely using Apple's GarageBand software."

Apple Responds To .Mac Email Problems

"A small number of customers were having difficultiies receiving mail due to database issues... The issue is now resolved and mail should be delivered as expected."

iTunes Get Exclusive Eminem Single Despite Lawsuit

Fly Business On Air France, Get An iPod Mini

Air France is offering customers of its "l'Espace Affaires" business class service an opportnity to get a free iPod mini.



So wy can't I stop laughing at Griffin's new $20 mini light show?

No Such Thing As A Free iPod?

Though it might introduce an unwelcome bit of reality, the Pyramid Scheme Calculator clearly shows that those who join the pyramid party late are the one tasked with cleaning up the mess.



A True Publisher

I've been a fan of Dan Gillmor and his writings for quite a while already, but I've never notice this before: he never has a typo. As observed by Shel Israel: "Gillmor never has a typo. He never has a conflict of subject and verb, and I know he wouldn't cheat and use an editor [for his blog]."

Busy Days Ahead

Between the new NetNewsWire/BlogLines and the new Frontier, together with my existing tasks like taking care of my daughter and bringing out the trash :-), I foresee interesting and busy times ahead for my weekend "hacking".

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