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Thursday, September 30, 2004

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.Mac Bumps Up Storage Capacity, Improves Mail

The service's base online storage has been increased to 250MB, e-mail service has been enhanced, and the cost of uupgrading has been reduced.


Analysts, Apple On Logic, GarageBand

Research analysts feel that Apple's overall product strategy of offering multiple products from consumer to pro is sound.

Apple Debuts Logic Pro 7, Logic Express 7

Mac Mod: iMac To PC

The winner of's Great Mod Challenge is a very strange fish indeed: A Pentium III PC mounted inside a gutted iMac, running Windows XP skinned to look just like OS X.

Win Your Inner Suit With Microsoft Mac BU

Apple Plans EU Expansion Of iTunes Next Month

Apple is planning the next wave of expansion for its popular iTunes online music store with a multi-country European launch in October.

.Mac Web Services Down, Second Outage In Two Days

Apple Introduces Two New Jam Packs

The new jam packs includes dance, hip-hop, electronica, rock, alternative and country music tracks.

Griffin Ships RadioSHARK

RadioSHARK is a USB-powered desktop AM/FM radio with Mac and PC-compatible software that included time-shift recording capabilities and the ability to automatically synchronize with iTunes.


But Macs Are Slower, Right?

John, Paul, George, Ringo... And Steve?

This is one suit that appears to present a strong chance for an Apple Computer win. However, it's nearly impossible to predict judicial logic — even if the judge owns an iPod, as the one hearing this case does.


CopyWrite 2.1: A Simple System For Organizing And Editing Manuscripts

CopyWrite 2.1.1 is a top-notch text editor and organizer, and it's reasonably priced. I recommend it for use with multiple related documents where content is more important than presentation.

Dr. Frame3D: 3-D CAD Program Determines Structural Strength

It's easy to learn, it has every feature you might reasonably require, and it sells for the lowest price ever seen for this kind of software. It should be part of every designer's tool kit.

Portfolio 7: New Version Brings Ease And Flexibility To Image Management

Portfolio 7 is a powerful cataloging and inventory tool, and a great way to organize your digital assets. It makes particular sense for small and midsize organizations that use a dedicated Mac for asset management.

I Love iPod

Move Beyond Amateur Filmmaking

Wanna be a filmmaker? Just grab your DV camera and start shooting, right? Well, if you want to produce something more professional than a glorified "home video," it's not that simple.

SimCity 4: Rush Hour


Statistics About Installed-Base: How You Can Rebuff Your Linux Fan Next Door

According to Gartner, "about 40 percent of desktop Linux PCs (in the US?) will be modified to run an illegal copy of Windows, a bait-and-switch maneuver that lowers the cost of obtaining a Windows PC. In emerging markets... the trend is even starker. Around 80 percent of the time, Linux will be removed for a pirated copy of Windows."

That's why, according to Gartner, the installed base of Linux PC is only 1.3 percent while the percentage of shipped PC for Linux is 5 percent (10.5 in Asia).

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