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Friday, December 3, 2004

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Apple iTunes 'Overcharging In UK'

The Office of Fair Trading has referred Apple's iTunes service to the European Commission on grounds that it overcharges UK customers.


iPod Year's Hot Gift

But the price $299 for the basic model means it isn't likely to find a home in every stocking this Christmas.

Res Life To Hand Out Free iPods

Residential Life is offering free MP3 players if eligible students apply by 5 pm Friday.

Take A Bite Out Of This Apple

The iPod maker still has great prospects but it makes sense for investors to cash in on gains.

.Mac Affiliate Program

Apple Releases New Mac OS X Security Update

The update for 10.3.6 Client includes updated versions of Apache, AppKit, HIToolbox, Kerberos, Postfix, PSNormalizer, Safari, and Terminal.

Music Fans Celebrate Hotly Anticipated Candian Launch Of iTunes

Canadians Get iTunes On The Cheap

Although Canadians had to wait awhile to get access to the iTunes Music Store, they are getting a comparative bargain.

Band Aid Is iTunes Number 1


Apple, Google — And The Power Of Rumour

Therein lies one of Apple's most valuable yet least tangible assets — the insatiable power of rumour.

Why There's No Me In iPod

Something is rotten in the state of music culture. I'm talking about the love of music being replaced by the love of technology.

Flash Gordon

No matter what the case, if there is a flash memory iPod in the pipeline, the fact that it uses flash memory is the least interesting part of the story.


Thank You For The Competition, Dearest IBM.

Yes! It's a hard-fought battle. Two PC companies, Apple and IBM, were competing directly for a slice of the personal computer pie back in the 1980s. Apple has its Apple ][ and Macintosh line, and IBM has its IBM PC and PCjr line. Twenty-plus years later, Apple has won the battle, as IBM is now, as rumor-mongered by New York Times, selling off its personal computer business.

Yes, Apple has won the battle.


Okay... It's A "Nice Device"

But it doesn't matter, claimed Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. iPods and standalone music players will be obsolete in five years, replaced by mobile phones that have much more powerful MP3 players built in, reports Mike Wendland.

Censorship Blackbox Discovery

Xeni Jardin over at Boing Boing is trying to discover what kind of censorship is there behind Microsoft MSN's new blog hosting and tool.

But as Dan Gillmor notes, "this will make Microsoft an object of derision in the blogosphere. Better to do it right, and let people say what they want to say."


I.B.M. Said To Put Its PC Business On The Market

While I.B.M. long ago ceded the lead in the personal computer market to Dell and HP so it could focus instead on the more lucrative corporate server and computer services business, a sale would nonetheless bring the end of an era in an industry that it helped invent. The sale, likely to be in the $1 billion to $2 billion range, is expected to include the entire range of desktop, laptop and notebook computers made by I.B.M.

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