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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

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Macs Find Way Onto University Roll Calls

One after another, schools are switching to Macs from Windows-based computers, including the University of Tokyo, which did so in spring.


Indie Execs In Own 'Band'

The largest U.S. independent record labels are banding together to form a trade association that will help them get better prices from online music services, The Post has learned.

One Day iPod Will Save A Life

Apple's iPod continues its travels as plat-de-jour in multiple industries, with a combined US and Swiss radiologists demonstrating how their Mac-based open-source medical imaging software, OsinX, can merge information from multiple imaging modalities into a single presentation.

eBay Negative On Negativland iPod

eBay removed a modified U2 iPod frm its auctions Monday after Apple compalined of copyright violations, to the wonder of several intellectual-property attorneys.

The Picture Of Devotion

John Charlton is a Newton fanatic and a fanatic photographer who has combined his passions to produce a series of fantastic Newton photographs.

Could Apple Blow Its iPod Lead?

Rivals are stalking its consumer-electronics star, and history shows its strategy still has old weaknesses. But catching Apple won't be easy.

Hardware Today: Apple Server Snapshot

In terms of usability, Xserve is the easiest Unix-based server to get up and running.

iPod My Photo

Send them in a photo and for twenty bucks, pick the background color and caption, and they'll photoshop it or something or other to make it look like one of those iconic, ubiquitous iPod ads.

Apple Macintosh Installed Base Set To Grow Again

Demand For Apple's iPod Brisk, But Forecasts Vary

The online music market is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to gauge whether today's devices will be in use three years from now — or whether they will command even a quarter of the price they do today.

Sony To Take On iPod With PSP

Sony plans to take on Apple's iPod by getting the Playstation Portable in the hands of consumers as a gaming device and then use it to market music and video.

Parisian Hipsters Adore Le iMac

A swanky Parisian boutique has devoted almost its entire window display to the iMac G5.


Mac Enthusiast Sites Hosted On Linux, FreeBSD

iPods Everywhere

The clever ad campaign that focuses on those white wires makes people see iPods everywhere, even when they're not there.

An Apple Rumor A Day

It' sinteresting to note that the reason Apple is apparently attractive is because it's hot. Conversely, in 1997, while in the throws of what appeared to be a death spiral, numerous reports had the company being acquired by an investor group cobbled together by Larry Ellison, Sun, or even IBM.

Will Analysts Stick With Apple This Time?


Homemade Dot-Mac: Remote Control

In this article I'll show you a free way to control your home computer from any location in the world, and I promise it is easy and painless.

Apple iBook G4

It's clear that Apple has done its homework and provided an affordable laptop with everything a student needs.

iPod And The Spoken Word

Some of the programs I've been enjoying [on the iPod] the most lately are free.

iPod Gift Week: Headphones & Speakers


Attention, Photographers

Landis Bennett is looking for VR photographers to participate in the World Wide Panorama project on the winter solstice.


I predict that as long as Apple still don't have a Flash-based iPod — because the cost is too high and/or the capacity is too small — there will always be Flash-based iPod rumors.

Anyhoo, here's the latest — with CG images.


IBM Sells PC Group To Lenovo

IBM will sell its PC division to China-based Lenovo and take a minority stake in the former rival in a deal valued at $1.75 billion, the companies announced Tuesday.

Michael Dell: IBM Deal A Dud

A deal that would let China's Lenovo acquire IBM's PC unit would work about as well as other mergers in the industry, Michael Dell said — that is, not well.

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