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Thursday, December 16, 2004


Adobe Smotthes Kinks In Acrobat

Adobe issued an updated version of Acrobat for the Windows and Macintosh OS X platforms this week, fixing three security holes that could be used to compromise a user's system.

Jobs Gets OK To Tear Down Historic House

Steve Jobs received the green light from local government officials Tuesday to demolish a historic building on his property in Woodside, Calif.

RealNetworks Promises iPod Lockout Fix

"Any time there are changes made to FairPlay we have to evaluate it to see how Harmony works with it."

Apple Computer To Open 'Mini Store' At St. Louis Galleria

Start With Fruit, Add iTunes, Season To Taste

California produce sellers will be giving away free tracks at the iTunes Music Store.

Apple Releases Mac OS X v10.3.7

The update "delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability."


Are There Ways To Make Money From The iPod Phenomenon?

The catch is that the device is so new, it's unclear what the future holds.

Apple Changes The iPod Locks

There's a bigger question at stake here, and eventually Apple is going to have to address it. The music industry wants a unified digital standard.


Cool Mac Stuff: What To Give For The Holidays

Making The Most Of Season's Big Gift: iPod

Dealing With iPhoto Duplicates

If you're serious about managing your photos, use a different utility.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Replay ability is a serious factor.

iCal 1.5.5: Problems With Installation

In most cases, users receive the message that iCal is already running and must be quit before the update process can take place — though iCal is not active at the time. Some have been able to resolve this problem by checking the option "Turn off alarms when iCal is not open" in the Preferences pane of iCal.

Queen Of Hearts

You buy a Mac because it works and is a pleasure to use.


Slow News Day?

Apple broke Harmony. Anyone surprised? No.

Real promises fixes soon. Anyone surprised? No.

Anyone care? Probably not. :-)


Evaluating The Rivals To iPod Mini

On something that's as personal and frequently used as a music player, little things make a big difference, and it's in the Little Things department that the iPod mini really shines.

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