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Friday, December 17, 2004


iPod Is The new Bling Among Fashionistas; Accessories Hot Sellers

As true fashionistas are finding out, owning an iPod isn't enough these days.

New Rule: Apple, Others Required To Expense Options

Normal iPod Outselling iPod Photo

University Of Maryland: The Right Tools For Research

"All of a sudden, on one platform, our researchers can run their open-source scientific applications and have productivity, email, Word documents."

iPod: The Gift That Keeps On Going

Apple couldn't ask for a better dilemma — with nine days left until Christmas, retailers are reporting a shortage of the popular iPod digital music player.

Hankering For An iPod? Don't Lose Hope

While some stores are sold out, Apple has rapidly expanded its retail distribution for the player.


Is Apple Worth More?

The continued exponential growth of the wildly popular music player is questionable in my book. With competing players being introduced at a rapid pace, the iPod's market share could fall, and with it Apple's stock price.


Mac Gems: Changing Names

ChangeShortName has been available for a few months now and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.


Why Cyclists Wear Black

We don't play ball. (Not exactly work safe.)

Echo Chamber Illustrated

All I want to say is that the photo illustration is great.


Will Microsoft's Spyware Buy Cast A 'Giant' Shadow?

Analysts predict that Microsoft will start a price war by introducing an enterprise-class product that fights both spyware and viruses. But will customers buy a security product to protect software sold by the same company?

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