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Monday, December 20, 2004

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Apple's Computers Languish Next To iPod

Is Apple playing the same old song, teasing investors yet again with a sizzling product that in the end will provide it with only a temporary boost?


iTunes Malaysia? 'No Annoucement Yet'

The official line from Apple Malaysia, whenver the subject is brought up, is that there's nothing to announce, although it does not deny that that discussions are being held.

iPod Fans Get Into The Picture

Not only are iPod users making their own ads for Apple, they're turning themselves into ads for Apple. iPod My Phto is a new web-based service that transforms any digital photo into a signature iPod silhouette-style ad.

Apple Takes Regent Street Office Space

For Listeners With No Time, The Radio Show That Records Itself

Melvyn Bragg's heavyweight Radio 4 discussion programme In Our Time is hardly the obvious choice for the iPod generation. But last monght, the programme was downloaded 70,000 times on to listeners' computers and MP3 music players, in a new type of broadcasting that is set to become widespread soon.

Tangling With Technology? It's An Art

Even skeptics are making peace with advancements that affect their fields and enhance the ways in which they express themselves.


Lying To Get The Sale

Any time a salesdweeb starts off with something that's a clearly a lie, I stop listening.


Altec Lansing inMotion iM3 Portable Audio System

For the shelf-space conservative iPod fanatic, an iM3 would make a great audio addition.

Miscellaneous Mac Tidbits

When I use my Powerbook in dark spaces like conference sessions, I find that even the dimmest backlight setting is too bright.

Mac Office

Office 2004 has some worth-while improvements but it's not compelling.


A Lot Of Explaining To Do...

Dave Winer: At some point Microsoft is going to re-staff the IE team in response to Firefox. When they do it, how will they explain the seven years during which they invested nothing in the user experience of the browser?

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