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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


iPod Spawns Micro-Economy

The range of businesses adapting to this single product is so varied that the iPod could be said to have created its own micro-economy.

Apple To Blossom As Tech Recovers

The success of the iPod is likely to leave Apple as the only tech company with revenues of over US$10 billion and a growth rate of over 20 per cent.

Apple Releases Security Update 2004-12-27


It'll Be A Happy New Year If Apple Lives Up To Predictions

Having scoured the rumor sites and probed the minds of Mac-savvy friends, I believe it's time for Dr. Mac's WWAD (What Will Apple Do) 2005.


iPod Anywhere

With these accessories, you and your iPod can make beautiful music together just about anywhere.

It's An iPod! — Now What?

What kindo f care and feeding does your new best digital pal need?


Tired Of Waiting...

I'm tired of waiting. The iPhoto book printing service never did arrived in Singapore, and I doubt the iTunes Music Store will ever materialise here either. So, I'm throwing this out, instead, to the Scobleizer: when will Microsoft bring its Media Center PC to Singapore?


P.S: Sheal Israel: Scoble is an evangelist for Microsoft and is totally enthused about its technology. What is news is that Scoble, at times, is among Microsoft's toughest critics... He's the most honest company evangelist youwill find, anywhere.

Hands to S.E. and S. Asia

Send your prayers and your power of urge via Flickr.

More Ways To Help

Singapore Red Cross.

More organisations and resources are listed in this blog..

Rumor Today: Taiwan's Asustek Wins Order For Apple's iPod Mini Player (With Flash)

AFX News Limited: "With the flash memory-based device, Apple is apparently seeking to make further forays into the Asian Pacific market, Economic Daily News said.

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