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Thursday, December 30, 2004


Podcast Bring DIY Radio To The Web

An Apple iPod or other digital music players can hold anything upto 10,000 songs, which is a lot of space to fill. But more and more iPod owners are filling that space with audio content created by an unpredictable assortment of producers.

Feed Your Head

Podcasting is DIY radio for programmers and listeners alike. Will it save us from corporate radio? Or further isolate us inside our own miniature media worlds?

Pass The 'Pod And Pour The Pernod: Podtender v2.0 Released

iPod BeamDock Coming In February

Networkx has released the iPod BeamDock, a wireless sound solution for the iPod.


Why iPod/iTunes Won't Be Killed Anytime Soon — It's About "Style" But It's Also About Cluetrain And "Long Tails"

Apple's 2005 Challenge: Surpass The iPod

The company needs to take its knack for making products desirable in a new direction.

My Opinion On The "iCheap"

I just don't see it. Something's missing. Apple likes to sell soup-to-nuts solutions, and pairing a $499 computer with a $1299 monitor ain't it.


Bose SoundDock: iPod Speaker System Lacks Features But Offers Impressive Sound Quality For Its Size

At $300, the SoundDock is more expensive than competing systems. However, it's currently the best sounding of the all-in-one speaker systems we've tested, and its uncluttered elegance and ease of use make it an appealing offering for those willing to plunk down the change.

Myst IV: Revelation — Another Round Of Challenging Puzzles And Gorgeous Graphics

Myst IV: Revelation builds on what has made past Myst games so good.

FrameForge 3D Studio: 3-D Application Creates Elegant Video And Film Storyboards

MovieWorks Deluxe 6.0.2: Mutlifaceted Multimedia-Authoring Package Makes You An Interactive Auteur — Without Blowing Away Your Budget

Despite the lackluster performance of its supporting applications, MovieWorks Deluxe is an excellent tool for creating interactive audiovisual presentations on a limited budget.

How-To Record On Your iPod (For Free)

7 FileMaker Power Moves

Here are seven powerful ways to take advantage of FileMaker Pro 7.


New Creation

People are already thinking of new ways of using the headless iMac — as a beautiful home server, a product that is "announced" only in the rumormill so far.

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