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Tuesday, March 1, 2005


Apple Seeks Staff For Canada's First Apple Store

Apple Introduces Web Chat Tech Support

Apple is testing a new Web chat support service for iMac customers.

Apple Bumps Up To Third Most Admired Computer Company

Fortune's 23rd annual Most Admired Companies ranks Apple Computer third among computer companies, while IBM and Dell captured the top two spots.

Who Can Really Take Credit For The Mac?

Personal computers were practically non-existent at the time, yet Raskin obsessed on their possibilities.

Apple To Open Tiger

Apple said it will let developers get as close as they want to its next-generation Mac OS X, code-named Tiger, as part of its annual summer forum.

The iPod Factor

Apple's recent emphasis on consumer gadgets and services such as the iPod and iTunes are boosting its position in the home computing market.

SA Snaps Up Apple Minis

Mac minis enjoyed a sell-out launch at three Apple centres in South Africa on Saturday, when the entire shipment of about 80 units was sold in three hours.

iPod Experiment

As the year-long "experiment" of providing 20-gigabyte Apple iPods to all freshmen winds to an end and the media frenzy slowly dies down, administrators have begun to evaluate the future of the project.

Georgia Looks At Maine Laptop Program, Tops It

The Cobb County School District entered into a nearly $70 million deal with Apple that will supply about 63,000 iBook G4 laptops for students and teachers in Grades 6-12.

Macs In Business To Stay

Apple still remains a dominant player in verticla market segments such as publishing and digital media. And with the growing popularity of its low-cost Xserve Unix servers, Apple has an opportunity to compete head-to-head with industry leaders like Dell inside the data center for general-purpose applications such as e-mail and Web serving.


Raskin's Moment

There is little doubt that he was one of the key, if not the key figure in the creation of the technology that became the Mac.

Apple Needs To Advertise

The Mac mini is being ignored.


Mobile Mac: No Files Left Behind

Whether you need access to files or to your Mac's desktop, you can probably get both — using tools built right into OS X. And if those aren't enough, you've got a couple of good for-pay alternatives.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1: Improved Remote-Management App Says Good-Bye To OS 9

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 has matured nicely but could stand some improvement.

23-Inch LCDs: These Big Displays Give You More Room, Great Performance

The HP L2335 is our Editors' Choice for its very good performance in our tests, as well as for its outstanding value.

30-Inch Cinema HD Display: Mammoth Apple Monitor

Starry Night 5.0: Astronomy Program Reveals The Wonders Of The Night Sky

Route USA 2004 3.6: GPS Trip-Planning Software Guides You On Your Way

Ivory 1.0: Virtually Flawless Virtual Pianos Sound Superb

Eye Candy 5 - Textures: Photoshop Plug-In Upgrade Targets Specific Projects, Adds New Patterns

Cleaning House In iTunes

Call me a neat freak, but I can't stand a messy database, and the iTunes Library is essentially database of track information. It was time to clean house.

Mac Gems: TextSoap, SlimBatteryMontior; Smell-O-Mints; Solitaire Till Dawn X

Finally, BlackBerries Speak Macintosh

Making Music With GarageBand 2

First-timers will enjoy Apple's easy-to-use app, but more seasoned musicians will likely feel stifled.

Custom Feed Refreshing In NetNewsWire


Apple Phasing Out The iPod?

You can buy all sorts of Macs — from Mac mini to Power Mac — but you cannot buy a Macintosh anymore. The computer for the rest of us is so successful that there are now different kinds of Macintosh to cater to different groups within the "rest of us" community.

If one can call the Macintosh successful, the iPod must be very successful. And that's why I predict that Apple will not be selling iPods anymore. Currently, out of the seven models of iPods, only one carry the name "iPod". My guess is that Apple will soon drop the iPod model, concentrating the iPod photo for those who are... well, rich, and iPod mini for those who are not so rich. And maybe an iPod movie in the future for the very rich.

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