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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

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Music Labels Seek Higher Download Prices

Success of Apple has some in industry worried.


iPod Shuffle Gel Shield

Project CFFA: CompactFlash For Apple ][

You can finally build that less-than-real-time MP3 player for the Apple //e you've always wanted.

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 300 Million

iPod Music Finds Chemical Reaction

PeriodicPod is an educational software for chemistry class, and seems set to be part of a range of such products.

Former Exec Sues Apple Over Dismissal

Tim Bucher, who headed Macintosh Hardware Engineering until last fall, filed suit last month alleging that Apple terminated him without cause and failed to pay all due compensation, including restricted stock grants and a bonus.

Turning A Mac Mini Into A Touchable Stereo

Is The Mac Mini Apple's Future 'Smart' iPod Dock?

Was the Mac mini orginally intended to sport an integrated iPod dock? That's the suggestion made by one electronics specialist who's taken a closer look than most at the compact Mac's internal workings.

Florida Apple Reseller Closes Doors


Crushed In The Apple Press

It's clear that yes, people love their music, and for the time being, the iPod has become synonymous for wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Will Janus Hurt iTunes?

Memo To Steve Jobs — Buy TiVo


OS X Backup Sucks

Me, I'll stick to Retrospect.

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons Of WWII

Logic Pro 7

There's a lot of love in Logic Pro, and anyone looking for maximum bang for the buck will be whistling a happy ditty in no time — though learning to produce the same ditty using this app will take a little longer.

Mail Factory

For mass mailings — or to replace that chicken scratch you call your handwriting — Mail Factory is a valuable utility.

Photoshop Elements 3.0

Not only is Elements a great tool for most users, it's one you won't soon outgrow.


The SoundDock's $299 price is comparatively steep. But if you want an iPod speaker stand that's louder and sounds better than the rest, it might be worth it.


It's easy to get caught up in video editing and production instead of actually focusing on the content. Totem's a great way to make sure you spend your time wisely.

Actions For Photoshop Elements 3

Build An iTunes Remote Control

Here's a great evening project using your web-enabled cell phone and the power of Mac OS X.

A Vision On Blind Copying

Early versions of Apple's Mail played hide and seek with the Bcc field, but it's eaiser to invoke with recent versions of Mail.


Isn't This Just An Entry Somewhere Inside That Big O' Registry?

And isn't it sad that there's probably a whole new shareware community devoted to changing the default web browser on your Windows machine?


Say Goodbye To Your iPod

Sony, the company that invented the Walkman, will take on Apple with a mobile phone which can store up to a dozen CDs of music.

Microsoft Says 64-Bit Windows Due In April

Apple iPod Pressure Forces Creative To Drop Prices On Music Players

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