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Friday, March 4, 2005


Finidng God On Your iPod

Godcasting is the latest advancement in online religion, in which preachers convert their sermons to audio to be heard on portable digital audio devices.

Drexel Gives iPod Photos To Education Grads

The Drexel University School of Education, following in Duke University's footsteps, will distribute free Apple iPods to incoming students next fall in an attempt to integrate technology into teaching.

Students Get Hip To iPod Trend

No matter if you're walking from the General Classroom Building or walking on the treadmillin the fitness center, the iPod's little gray earpieces can be seen hanging from the ears of several students on campus.

Mobile Music Challenges 'IPod Age'

Can mobile phones replace the MP3 player in your pocket?

Hand-Cranked iPod Shuffle Charger

iPod Owners Spend Millions On Accessories

The "iPod economy," as it has been dubbed is unusual because of the "emotional attachment" people feel toward their iPods.

Official Star Wars iPod Cover To Ship In April

Apple Wins Initial Ruling

Apple can force three online publishers to disclose where they got confidential information about new Apple products, a judge tentatively ruled.

Apple Resellers Monitor Class Action

Local APple resellers are watching with interest after their US counterparts, in conjunction with consumers, filed a class action suit against the vendor.

Apple Has Intel Inside — Sort Of

According to Intel marketing materials, the Xserve RAID uses Intel's IOP 331 chip, a derivative of the XScale processor. The IOP chip, which is used in many storage systems, is designed to speed the task of shuttling data in and out of a computer system.

Repurposing The Powerbook Motion Sensor

It's enough to make a man lie to himself that he needs a shiny new Powerbook.

New PortalPlayer Chips Cut Power And Size; Future iPods To Benefit?

It should be noted, however, that many factors such as LCDs, hard disks, and other integrated components will have a significant impact on battery life.


Apple iPod Mini 6GB

The newest mini is a worthy upgrade to a wildly popular player.


Don't Wear White. Nor Mini.

Somehow, New York University's campaign to "warn its students against sporting iPod earbud headphones while venturing on and off campus" reminds me of the warning that girls shouldn't be sexy in order not to be raped. Many of us rejected the latter warning — so how should we deal with the former?

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