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Saturday, March 12, 2005

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Judge: Apple Can Pursue Fan Site Sources

Apple has the right to subpoena the electronic records of PowerPage, which published items about an unreleased product, a judge ruled Friday.

Timing Right For Mass Market Assault — Apple CFO

Having invested a lot on marketing and extending its channels over the last few years, and with the benefit of the iPod halo effect, Apple feels that it is now in a position to address the broader market, according to the company's chief financial officer.


Mac Mini VW GTi Install

Matt Turner was kind enough to drop us a line about his month-long endeavor of permanently installing and integrating a Mac mini into his 2001 Volkswagen GTi.

Fetch 5.0 Goes Beta

PearPC Developers Attack CherryOS "Code Theft"

According th Charles Darvy, one of the contributors to PearPC, the released version of CherryOS includes both code and graphics directly taken from PearPC.

Scott Weintrob: Everybody Dance Again

"There was a time when filmmaking was a closed industry — you had to have lots of money and equipment to shoot something. The idea of Apple is that anybody can go shoot footage and edit it and show it to a worldwide audience."

John Kuramoto: Animating Historic Architecture

"The most exciting thing for me is that you can design a full, retail-quality DVD on a single computer. I consider it groundbreaking that you can do all that on your Mac."

Poll: eMac Attraction Fades As Educators Turn To Portables

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer revealed that independent third party research group Student Monitor had found that in education sphere intention to buy Mac — particularly portable Macs — is way up.

Jobs' Net Worth Increases To $3 Billion

Microsoft Drops Support For Mac MSN Client

"Beginning May 31, Microsoft will make changes and no longer support the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software client. Instead of accessing MSN services using the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software... customers will now access MSN services and features via their preferred browser."


Apple's "Trade Secrets"

Companies will simply slap "trade secret" protection on everything they do, and any reporter who gets a scoop on anything the company doesn't want the public to know about will be under a legal threat.

Apple Lawsuit: Thinking Different?

Such has been my dilemma, watching Steve Jobs operate over the years, that I still don't know whether to applaud or boo.

Apple Conspiracy Theory Of The Week

Note to self: never, ever, ever, again admit to Apple that a machine had third-party RAM installed.

Apple Springs A Leak

What I'm saying is that if you are an employee, supplier or distributor for Apple Computer, and you care more about the First Amendment than the Little People's Republic, you might think about dropping a dime on Apple, and help pre-announce everything the company's got in the works for the next five years.


Rumor Today: Tiger In April

Think Secret: Apple will officially announce Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's release at an event in early April and will begin shipping the operating system within two or three weeks afterwards.

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