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Monday, March 14, 2005


AOL: AIM Conversations Are Safe

America Online on Sunday moved to quell public criticism of the terms of service for its AIM service, insisting the controversial privacy clause does not pertain to user-to-user instant messaging communication.

300 Gig iPod

Why would you need a 300 gig iPod? If you have to ask, you just wouldn't understand, Poindexter.

Paying Tribute To Mac's Daddy

They came from near and far, and they waited in line to get in. Nearly 600 people packed the Bayside Performing Arts Center Sundy for Jef Raskin's memorial.

Apple Confronts LuxPro Over iPod shuffle Imitator

"Our lawyers are in the process of weighing legal options."

Teen Reporter Pays Price For Apple Coverage

Nicholas Ciarelli is an excellent journalist. Too bad.

Use iChat? You've Waived Any Right To Privacy


Motorola's iTunes Phone On The Rocks

The tech match made in heaven has prompted a hell of a standoff.

Apple Should Think Different About Blogger Suits

The lawsuits pose an imminent threat to Apple's most precious asset: the company's reputation as a hip underdog, a cool alternative to bigger and blander competitors such as Microsoft, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

On Protecting Journalism And Democracy


There's More Than 1 Way To Skin An iPod

PowerBooks' Added Little Touches Make Big Difference

Apple has focused on evolutionary improvements, but sometimes the little touches can add up to something big.


Can Apple Do Licensing Right?

Pippin? Dead. Mac clones? Dead. HP iPods? Probably dead soon. And iTunes phones? Might well be dead too.

Can Apple ever do licensing right?

Don On Shuffle

Don Norman: Apple Shuffle is an excellent compromise among the conflicting requirements of simplicity, elegance, size, battery life, and function... The Apple Shuffle is honest. It doesn't pretend to be other than what it is.


Attack of The Anti-iPods

While some of the players mentioned here are good value and others are compact and cool, the anti-iPods still can't match Apple's ease-of-use. But they're getting closer.

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