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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Apple Wins iTunes Cybersquatting Battle

Taiwan-Made iPod Shuffle-Like MP3 Player Draws Concern From Apple

Luxpro's chairman Fu-Ching Wu told Economic Daily News that patents do not cover appearance.

The Evolution Of The Playlist

A mixed tape can be a personal statement of hipness or a declaration of love. The technology is merely the means.

Apple 'iPod Zone' Blankets London Subway Stop (With Photos)

Mac Developer Raskin Mourned

One Nation Under Pod?

The popular digital music player Apple iPod will make its eagerly anticipated debut on the Vietnamese market this month.

Apple's Dual-Sourcing Strategy For iPod Tech

Apple Takes Over London Station For iPod Shuffle

Apple has launched a major advertising campaign in the UK for the iPod shuffle, including taking over a London Underground station, turning it into an "exclusive iPod zone."

AOL Clarifies IM Privacy Guarantee

America Online said late Monday that it plans to revise its user agreement in response to concerns that instant messages sent through the company's service could be monitored.

New Apple Hire Foreshadows Possible ITunes Subscription Service

Apple has made a key hire in its quest to deploy a subscription-based iTunes music service, luring Julia Miller from Microsoft's XBox Live team.

iTunes 4.7.1 Quietly Brings Sharing Restrictions

With the update to iTunes 4.7.1, Apple has quietly introduced a limit to the number of users who can access your iTunes shared music per day, according to several posts on websites and Apple's own support area.

How To Tune A Ukulele With Your Mac

Do you need a small useful tuning program to help you ensure that you are hitting the correct notes while laying down the vocals to your band's new album in Garageband?

Aspyr Releases Doom 3 For Macintosh

Aspyr expects Doom 3 for Mac to hit store shelves no later than March 19, 2005.


In Most Cases, You Can't Have Too Much RAM

No matter what you do with your Mac, treat it to a RAM upgrade and it will run better, faster and smoother.

What About An iTunes Radio Station?

There would be no charge for the iTMS Radio Station, as the idea would be to promote more song purchases from iTMS itself.

MSN Unplugs Mac

Think about all the options available these days, and you know it's simply a whole new world.

iTunes' Black Mark

Makers of exciting music products are being given the cold shoulder by Apple, their products bearing a black mark that they don't deserve. And their customers are left jumping through hoops in order to play back the music they rightfully paid for. It's a real shame.


FireWire Hard Drives: Portable, Desktop External Storage Devices Compared

Delicious Library 1.0: Easy, Fun Library Software Catalogs Your Media

In addition to being useful and easy to use, it's just plain fun.

iPod Shuffle


Rumor Today: Tiger Hitting Stores On Apr 15

eWeek: Sources told that Apple plans to make copies of Tiger available in its own retail stores as wwell as through independent dealers by April 15, with official announcement of the product coming earlier in the month.

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