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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Laptop Legs And Mac Feet Keep Portables On Their Toes

iTube: Tube-Based Amp For iPod

Another iTunes Restriction: iPhoto Slideshows With AAC Tracks

Apple's DRM protection also disallows iPhoto slideshows with embedded iTunes-purchased tracks to play when distributed to other systems.

Too Many Choices May Slow Consumer Electronics Spending

iPod Shuffle All-In-One Headphones Hack

Jim Younkin has completed this fun (if simple) hack to cram an iPod shuffle inside of a pair of $1 thrift-store headphones.

2,000 Talmud Tapes, Or One Loaded iPod

The ShasPod is a solution to a vexing question: how does a commuter study a 2,711-page book?

Apple Seeks 'Tax' On iPod Accessories

As part of a "Made for iPod" logo program, Apple has been angling for a slice of the revenue from the growing array of third-party add-ons that connect to the iPod, sources said.

Wikis In Schools

Students working on writing projects are accessing their teacher's wiki from their Safari bookmark toolbar on their Macs via Apple's Rendezvous.

Apple To Gain PC Market Share Over Next 2-3 Years

Piper Jaffray cited the iPod halo effect, "continuous innovation leading to highly functional products at realistic price points," and security and perfromance issues for PCs based on Microsoft Windows.

Gillmor's Readers Chastise Him For Mac Attacks


Lose Friends And Disenfranchise People, The Apple Mac Way

It does seems strange that a company that prides itself for 'thinking differently' seems to have embarked on a mission to appear as unpleasant, as ruthless and as willing to crush the little fella as its Redmond neighbours.

My Security Blanket... Er, iPod

I am an addict. Yes, I am addicted to my iPod.

Memo To Apple: Lay Off Your Fans

Apple's Advantage

The Mac mini's price may have spurred interest in a Mac, but what really made the Mac a contender was a change in how it is viewed: not as a PC, for working with word processors and databases, but as an appliance for managing all the digital photos and music.

The Customer Owns The Customer

Traditionally, the battle for customer ownership in the mobile space was between the operators and the handset makers. The battle is about to get a lot more crowded.

Who Needs A Video iPod?

Few Hot Rivals To Apple's iPod

Until Dell or Creative can prove me wrong, I must admit it's starting to look as if the iPod is unstoppable.

It's An iPod Mini, Not A Mini iPod

I know it's pedantic of me to get so riled up over such a minior infraction but it really annoys me!

Enlightment Through Eavessharing

I'm not sure that eavessharing is the most practical (or ethical) way to go about it, but it may help expand your musical horizons when other means fail. If you'd like to do your part, leave iTunes running and its sharing switched on when you're connected to the Web in a public place.


Mac Mini Delivers Big Results

Good looks aide, the Mac mini delivers a software suite that by itself is worth the purchase price.

Mac Gems: Digital Hotspotter; Jiggler; RePorter; CLIX

Inside The Mac OS: A Look At AppleTalk And Zones


Getting Ready For Halloween

A few months ago, the wall clock in my living room mysteriously dropped onto the ground from where it's hanging, right at the stroke of midnight. (Or thereabout.) Closer examination shows no damage to the nail in the wall that hanged the clock. Anyway, that clock broke, and we replace it.

This morning, I woke up to discover my watch has stopped and one of the snaps broken. You guessed it — the watch stopped;at just around midnight. (12.01 am)

Coincidence? I don't think so. :-)


Microsoft Yielding To IE Standards Pressure?

After a year-long drumbeat of developer complaints, Microsoft may finally be budging on its support for standards and on key missing features in its Internet Explorer browser.

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