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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Cable Lets The iPod Photo Link Directly To A Camera

HP Seeks Larger Role In iPod Mania

The first computer with a built-in spot for an iPod is on its way — and it's not a Mac.

Tiger On Track For Mid-April Release

iPod Shuffle Clone Tweaked, Renamed 'Super Tangent'

Will HPs Hurd Hear A New iPod Plan?

Unless it can create the same kind of halo effect for other HP products that Apple has been able to with its products, it's unclear what the advantages are for HP. For that matter, what are the advantages for Apple?

Apple Re-Posts Security Update 2005-003 (1.1) For Mac OS X Server


Unswitch? I Don't Think So

It is unfortunate, but at the moment the two main options for unswitching aren't that good.

A Failed Analogy


iMovie HD Drag Clean

The Best Photo Organizers

If you have a Windows PC, Picasa is a decent choice, as long as you understand and maintain a good system of folders on the hard disk. But Mac owners have a better overall photo organizer in iPhoto.

Cinema HD Proves Bigger Truly Is Better

Let's get this out of the way right upfront: The Apple Cinema HD 30-inch flat panel display is, without question, the finest computer display I've ever used.


Win An iPod Shuffle

For the Singapore readers out there: drink Pepsi and win an iPod shuffle.

Let's Take A Look At That iPod Movie Again?

If you didn't know already, Microsoft owns part of MSNBC. (Where do you think the MS of MSNBC comes from?) So, it may well be the Redmond company's secret weapon in pushing its Portable Media Centers.

Or maybe not. How many times have your kids in the back-seat of your car asked for the latest update on the Michael Jackson trial?

But, nevertheless, Apple should take note. And perhaps Pixar too.

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