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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


iPod #1 With American Teens, Survey Shows

The Unofficial iDVD FAQ

The site looks to be a great resource for iDVD users and has recently relaunched.

Apple To Open Store At Eastview

Apple is to open its Rochester-area store this summer at Eastview Mall.

Component Makers Set To Get Boost From iPod Sales

Demand for the iPod has not yet peaked and firms that make components for the music player remain attractive investment targets, a brokerage said.

Hearing In "Think Secret" Case Postponed

Apple had asked for more time to respond to the site's motion to throw out Apple's lawsuit.

Apple's COrporate Share Grows

Apple's building up a dedicated sales force and taking on new resellers. Its new server and storage products have given it competitive options, and the new Mac mini is a credible option for many organisations' next PC refresh.

Invasion Of The Pod People

This is the sound of the world's first iTour. A digitally downloadable guide to Glasgow's creative hotspots, well off the beaten path and with a soundtrack to die for.

Night Of The Pod People: Bar's New Promotion Keeps Musical i On Allston

Research Firm Hints At Possible Apple Innovations

Apple Store Mobile Launches In Japan

"Apple Store Mobile" has opened for Japanese AU and NTT DoCoMo handset users.

iPodlounge Q&A: Odeo's Evan WIlliams Talks Podcasting

Apple Announces Earnings Webcast, Shareholder Meeting

Apple Enables Gore's Current

Best Buy To Carry mac Minis

Apple's Mac mini is finding its way to more store shelves, with Best Buy planning to carry the $499 computer nationwide.

Mac Emulator CherryOS "On Hold"


Getting Downgraded

Is the government coming to take away your iPod? Of course not. But your iPod is already less functional than it should be, and if cases such as MGM v. Grokster don't go the way of the technology companies, you can expect more compromised, crippled hardware and software in the future.

Under Mac Attack

Call off the dogs — we really do support Macs at InfoWorld. It's just not a religious thing.

Taking Time To Task

I might suggest that the first way to peel that Apple is to stop looking for mythical chinks in the iPod's armor and design a truly original and attractive music player that outperforms the iPod in meaningful ways.


OtterBox for iPod Mini

Tax Preparation Software

Intuit's TurboTax Deluxe 2004 is hands-down the easier of the two applications to use.

Xsan And You

This product will change the way many of us work, and save us money while doing so.

Apple iPod Shuffle Add-Ons

Got $29 to spare? Apple has an iPod shuffle accessory for you.


The bugs and excruciating gameplay makes longer games a chare.


iPod Killers, On Your Mark, Get Set, Checked!

All the "iPod killers" out there promises more features than iPod: Here's a list of features not found on iPods. FM radio, check. Support for Microsoft music rental service, check. Microphone, check.

Hey guys, how about giving us new functions, rather than just a checklist? How about TiVo-like time-shifting of local radio programming? How about Amazon-like music and podcast recommendations based on what I like to listen? How about Newton-like personal assistant based on my dictation?

Not checked yet.


Longhorn Delayed Again — Who Wins?

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