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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Making The Leap

There are still many of you out there at smaller newspapers that have yet to make the leap. For years, you have known you need to eventually upgrade your layout software and migrate to a modern operating system. But you are still getting the paper out on the old stuff, right?

.Mac Members Get 30-Days Of Free T-Mobile HotSpot Service

Scoop! Brit Chip Designers Score Coup As Apple Picks Chips For Next Gen Mobile Multimedia Device... The m-Pod?

Apple has contracted to use the powerful video, image, and music chips designed by Alphamosaic, in Cambridge, UK, in a future multimedia mobile device.

Apple Offers Logic, Logic Express 7.1 Pre-Order

CherryOS Goes Open Source

Duke Decides To Tweak Mass iPod Giveaway

Only students enrolled in certain classes will get the free gadgets.

iPod Security Still A Stumbling Block For Firms

Companies are also failing to clamp down on the use of USB memory keys and many other removable storage devices — all of which have the potential to either unwittingly or maliciously undermine a company in the wrong hands.

Duke University To Continue iPod Program

Officials from Duke University said on Wednesday that they would continue distributing Apple's popular iPod digital device to students next year, albeit in a more focused manner.


Xserve, Like No Other

As a server administrator there is no system on the planet easier to manager.

Apple, RIAA Should Sue Each Other's Fans


URL Reminder

Play Anything

With so many Windows-centric files floating around the Internet, it's easy for Mac users to feel left out. But with the right software — most of which is just a free download away — you can play almost any file your Windows-using friends throw at you.

Maximizing The Life Of The G4's Battery

Apple does not recommend leaving the PowerBook plugged in all the time with its lithium-ion battery connected because the internal chemistry can stagnate.


You Still Want The Old Files, Right?

Like many others, I too have been surprised by this bug in Windows' file explorer, where "replacing a folder" really means "merge the two folders" instead. Thankfully, no files were lost in the process, only a slightly confused human being who was surprised to find old files still lurking inside the folder.

Unfortunately, I now have to find a special location in my memory to keep this little fact whenever I operate a Windows machine.

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