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Friday, April 8, 2005


Apple May Skew UK Music Business

Indpendent labels in the UK feel threatened by the imminent combination of the physical and download single sales charts on April 17. They believe that merging the charts at this stage will skew the charts in favour of artists represented on Apple's iTunes service.

Wall Street Swoons To iPod Love

Apple remains in positive light with analysts at First Albany and Piper Jaffray issuing positive assessments on the company's second quarter performance in the week before its financial announcements due.

Apple Hopes Users Will Grab Tiger By The Tail

Forbes: Apple 442nd Bigggest Company In The World

Apple has moved up from 762 in 2004 to 442 in 2005 in the Forbes' ranking of the world's largest companies.

More Awards For iPod Silhouette Ads

The iPod campaign won Global EFFIEs, which recognize campaigns that have proven effective in six or more countries across two or more regions, as well as regular EFFIEs.

Griffin Is 'Made For iPod'

Apple Is No-Show At Music Compatibility Hearing

Apple failed to show up for a hearing in which the music industry fought a proposal by US Congress that by law all music files should be compatible.


CherryOS And OSS

Apple Versus The Free Press

For Apple, the company may be biting the hand that feeds it but it's identified that there's a clear definition between healthy speculation and company secrets. And it's indicated how prepared it is to protect the latter — even if it does lose a few friends along the way.

Are Bloggers Journalists? Let's Ask Thomas Jefferson

Anyone who engages in reporting — whether for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or blogs — deserves equal protection under those laws, whether the news is delivered with a quill pen or a computer.

How Apple Can Weather Mounting iPod Threats

Wasting your time and energy on comparatively trivial lawsuits and threats is beneath such a great company, especially when there's a world waiting to be conquered.

Apple Work With Microsoft? Let The People Decide

It's down to the public, not the government, to decide whether Microsoft and Apple interoperate.


Apple iPod Shuffle Battery Pack

The iPod shuffle Battery Pack's single purpose is to extend your music playback life, and for that, it works and works well. Whether you'll really need it is another question.

Spring Buyer's Guide: PC Prices Get Cheaper, But Complexity Grows

Numeric iPod Battery Display

Although the little battery icon in the upper right corner of your iPod's screen is cute, it provides only a very general idea of the iPod's remaining battery charge. Dock connector iPods (exclusing the iPod photo) can also display a numeric readout of remaining battery life.


Yet Another Religious War

Cool, yet another Mac-verus-PC religious war is breaking out, this time over the behavior of Finder/Explorer in replacing/merging folders.

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