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Monday, April 11, 2005


iPod Shuffle Database Builder Lets You Avoid iTunes

Want to use the iPod shuffle like a regular drag-and-drop flash-based MP3 player? You're in luck.

Class Action Suit Averted As Appeals Court Rules That Steve Jobs Is Not Psychic

A federal appeals court last week upheld a lower court's ruling that Apple investors cannot sue the company over the fact that the Power Mac G4 Cube didn't live up to Apple's predictions.

People Like To Own Their Music

A new report shows that consumers prefer downloading tracks to own, rather than to hire.

iPod Aids Study Of Jewish Law

HP Remains No. 1; Apple, Not Sun, Bright

Apple was the bright spot in hardware thanks to the iPod. The Cupertino company is now shipping more than four times as many iPods as Macintosh computers.

Apple Comptuer CEO Steve Jobs Named To 'TIME 100' List Of Most Influential People In World Today

In Britain, Apple's iTunes Fans Have Reason To Be Confused


The First Pod

What's on George W Bush's iPod? If you really must know: George Jones, Alan Jackson, and Kenny Chesney. And no "Fortunate Son".

And The Word Of The Day Is...

A New York Times' reader has this little tale to tell in the New York Times city blog...

My 10-year-old daughter, Kate, is quite an avid an dknowledgeable baseball fan. Recently, while she was reading The Times, she asked for help sounding out a word she wasn't quite sure of.

"I just know it's a baseball word," she said. I went over to help her.

The world was subpoena.

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