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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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Mac OS X Tiger To Ship April 29

The operating system, which the company says includes hundreds of enhancements, will be available to customers beginning at 6.00 pm on Friday, April 29, 2005, at special events held at the company's retail locations and authorized retailers. Pre-orders for Tiger are being taken today at the online Apple Store — Tiger will cost US$129.


Mac OS X Server v10.4 Also To Ship On April 29

Mac OS X Server v10.4 touts a number of additional improvements, such as the integration of more than 100 open source projects and standards-based software applications and 64-bit addressing.

Two New Apple iPods From HP Announced

iPod Motorbike Wheelies Into View!

Get the low-down Yamaha's special edition iPod-modified electric bike...

Independent Newspaper Gives Ultimate Approval To iPod

The UK's Independent newspaper is currently running an advertising campaign in which it seeks to twin itself with the iPod.

Open Sourcing On The Grid

Best Buy In-Store Mini Displays

THe Mini was being displayed as a first-class citizen.

Apple Computer: More Than iPod

There is plenty of disagreement over how long the company can ride the digital music player wave.

TVN 24: Xscan Drives 24-Hour News Station

The speed and flexibility of the Apple solution has contributed immeasurably to the TVN 24 success story. "I wanted a system that could lead in the market, not fall behind. With Apple, I have that."

JP Morgan Raises Estimates For Apple Computer, Inc.

News Organizations Support Bloggers In Apple Trade Secrets Case

More than a half-dozen news organizations are supporting three online journalists who published articles about a top-secret technology product that Apple says was protected by trade secret laws.

Pledged To The Mac

During a recent volunteer session at Oregon Public Broadcasting, I noticed that things had changed dramatically — instead of paper and pen, there was a shiny white iBook sitting at each phone station in the studio.


Apple Vs. The Press

It's important here for people who do journalism at all points along the spectrum from "pro" to "citizens" to step forward and say: If you ask questions with intent to publish, and you publish information someone considers news, you're a journalist, and should be treated as one by the courts.

Why Doesn't Apple Advertise Mac OS X On TV?

Countinuing iPods A Mistake

The university should not try to mask PR intentions under the guise of academic enrichment, and it should not continue a program that has been unsuccessful in the past.

Apple Computer Is Coming Off A Blow-Out Xmas Quarter — What's Next? Stock Buybacks?

This year, we will find out whether there really is a "halo effect". If not, we look for the company to adopt the new trend for technology companies — stock buybacks and/or start paying dividends.


iPod Remote Rundown

An FM Transmitting Monster

Moneydance Eases A Tax Burden

The Little iPod That Could

The Shuffle is a cool, cost-attuned way to step into the digital-music world. And for athletes looking to break up the tedium of long runs, this device is for you.

Which Online Music Service Is Best?

Apple's download-only iTunes Music Store is the biggest in the business, and a walk through its catalog begins to explain why.

X-Plane 8

Doom 3: First-Person Shooter Is Dark And Deadly

Doom 3 is a technical marvel that's challenging fun, and truly scary. But you might just feel left in the dark once too often.


Some Day, We May Finally See A Microsoft PC

Yet another example of why it may well be a good thing that Apple controls both the hardware and the operating system: turns out that PCs that are being overclocked may be responsible for random hardware failures that will crash Windows. "And it makes Windows look bad."

But Microsoft, being a court-certified monopoly, cannot simply ban or warn users who use overclocked hardware. "It takes only one false positive to get people saying, 'Oh, there goes Microsoft blaming other people for its buggy software again.'"

The Pods And The Pods

There's PodShow, and then there're PodShows.

And there's one confused-me.


Samsung Vows To Take A Bite Of Apple's Sales

It plans to spend $40 million on overseas marketing for its MP3 players in an effort to unseat the iPod, which controls 70% of the market.

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