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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Apple May Need To Power Up Mac

For the company to maintain momentum — and its sky-high stock price — the Mac computer line needs to catch some of the iPod's fire, analysts say.

Apple To Start Online Music Service In Japan — Report

Apple plans to start online music distribution services in Japan by the end of the year, the Mainichi Shimbun reports, citing Apple Japan's representative director Yoshiaki Sakito.

Apple .Mac Deal As Tiger Stalks In Synch

Apple Faces Challenge To Go Higher

When Apple reports its second fiscal quarter results on Wednesday, unless the iPod and Mac maker soundly trounces analyst estimates, it could be hard for the stock to move higher, analysts said.

Tiger Unleashing To Boost Apple's Q3 Revenue

Piper Jaffray said that based on the announcement of the next Macintosh operating system from Apple will boost revenue for the fiscal third quarter ending June.

Atlanta-Area School District On Verge Of Laptop Plan

This week's vote would simply approve the first-year concept. A contract with Apple computers is still in the works.

Apple Offers Tiger, iLife, iWork Bundle

A savings of $38.

Microsoft Talks Tiger Compatibility

According to Microsoft, it has worked closely with Apple to make sure that Office 2004 works with new Tiger technologies, and "will conduct final testing" on its Virtual PC product when Tiger is available.


Call To Apple: Open Source Appleworks!

Current users of Appleworks, users of iWork, Apple itself, and the open source comunity will all benefit as a result.

Apple's Tiger, Burning How Bright?

The updated Mac operating system will impress techies and novices alike. But new features may not be enough to significantly boost sales.


A "real" journalist wouldn't be so completely wrong, not apologize, not make any corrections and yet, still go ahead and take credit anyway.

All Rights Reserved

There's no telling where computers and hard drives stop and music, movies, and television begin. The result is a potentially cataclysmic clash of special interests fighting over your rights as a consumer. And Apple finds itself right in the middle.


Unwritten Rules For New iPod Users

Apple iPod: Apple's Evolutionary iPod Gets Better But Leaves Room For Improvement

The iPod's thoughful design and features make it an excellent MP3 player. But for picky buyers who are holding out for the ideal portable music device, the wait continues.

Web Wordsmith

17 Things You Might Not Know You Could Do With iWork

Joe And Sally Want To iBlog

Bionicle: Pricey Action Game Aimed At The Kids Who Are Buying The Toys

The game's frustrating camera controls alone make this one to avoid.


One Simple Rule For Using Your Shiny New iPod

Be safe.

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