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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Tiny Electric Scooter With Built-In iPod Amp

Yamaha is shipping a tiny, 19mph battery-powered scooter with an integrated iPod, that plays through a built-in amp and loudspeakers.

NIN's Trent Reznor Releases Song As garageBand File

iPod Devotees Rocked By Thefts

Victims of growing crime in area say loss of playlist makes them feel violated.

Software Giant Plays Catch-Up

Once again, Bill gates is playing catch-up to Steve Jobs.

Au Revoir, Rendezvous

Au revoir, Rendezvous, et bonjour, Bonjour.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.3.9 Update


Tiger Prices

Tiger will cost Britons £89, or USD$169, and Singaporeans will pay SGD$248, or USD$151. That's not so fair.

How Woud You Change The iPod?


Minis Help Build Bigger Mac

The Mac mini is a golden opportunity for individuals who are fed up with the viruses and other security problems that plague Windows, but so far have largely spared Macs.

Find A Pocket Of Serenity In Crochet Hook And An iPod

A Windows Guy Finds A Lot To Like About The New Mini

This machine is funa nd easy to use and deserves consideration by all reasonable PC fans — even evil ones.

Menu-Bar Icons Prove Invaluable

LinkBack: Applications Working Together

The best part about LinkBack is that it is fairly easy to add it to your own application.

Rise Of Nations: Real-Time Strategy Game Should Also Please Fans Of Turn-Based Games

Combining some of the best things about real-time and turn-based strategy games, Rise of Nations will please gamers of both stripes.


5 Computers In The World? 640K More Than Enough? No Wireless, Less Than A NNomad, Lame?

CmdrTaco's spur-of-the-moment review of the iPod when it was first introduced will live forever in the blog-o-sphere.


Microsoft Dusts Off 'Palladium' Security For Longhorn

Redmond updates the game plan for its next-generation Windows security system, now set to debut in Longhorn.

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