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Monday, April 18, 2005


Mouse Pads No More?

Apple Store never carried anything as archaic as a mouse pad.

Adobe Systems To Buy Macromedia

Adobe Systems on Monday, seeking to expand in audio and video graphics applications for websites developers and advertisers, announced an agreement to buy Macromedia in a stock-based deal valued at $3.4 billion.

Creative Bites Apple's Music Pie

"Not having an iTunes store in Australiasia has had no impact on sales [of iPods]."

USB Keys Can Be Used For Good Or Evil

Apple Goes To Vegas

Apple did put on a pretty good show at its so-called 'customer event' on Sunday morning to kick off Apple's participation in this year's National Association of Broadcasters trade show.

Apple Executives Discuss Final Cut Pro Studio

Rob Schoeben said that Apple liked to think of 2005 as the year of HD and the company's consumer and professional product strategy is going full force behind this belief. "We are not just talking about HD in Final Cut Pro — it's a complete solution."

Apple Annoucnes Final Cut Studio, Shake 4

Apple Introduces Soundtrack Pro


iPod Goodness And Apple Idiocy

Major Hangups Over The iPod Phone

At issue is whether Apple and Motorola leave room for carriers to benefit.



This slick (and free) utility places a multi-document drawer onto your desktop, which can play host to pretty much anything you want to place into it.

In Praise Of Automator

Automator brings back the programming to the masses.


Oh, And One Last Thing...

Steve Jobs is finally getting his wish: an user interface that is really good enough to lick

You Can Donate All Your Unwanted iPods To Me

Now that George W Bush has, well, sort-of endorsed the iPod, do you have that sick-in-the-stomach feeling so much so that you'd want to "toss your iPod in the Potomac"?

Either that, or you can write in to get my address on where to send your iPods. :-)

Stuff That I Don't Really Understand But Sounds Cool Anyway

RAC on Mac: In the 64-bit technology space, no company can match the Apple OS X / Darwin technology and price.

The More You Know...

Did you know that Apple uses PayPal's system to handle iTunes Music Store's payment? Well, now you know.


Microsoft Plans Massive Windows Ad Campaign

Even though Windows XP has been on the market for more than three years, Microsoft is hoping a new advertising campaign will "start something" when it comes to enthusiasm for the operating system.

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