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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Apple's Tiger Launch Prize Plans

The company's international network of stores including stores in Japan, the UK and across the USA will be offering store visitors attending the launch a chance to win great prizes, including a PowerBook G4; an iPod and "other prizes".

Microsoft Launches Windows XP Campaign With Ad Made On Apple Mac

"A picture launching [Microsoft's] big campaign designed to steal the thunder from Apple — is made on a Mac!"

Apple Store Birmingham Opens April 29

The second European store opens at the Bullring Shopping Centre.

Apple To Settle Another Tiger Leak Lawsuit

Apple Paying For Cobb County Laptop Study, But With School System's Money

Cobb County schools spokesman Jay Dillon emphasized that it would've been the company's responsibility to pay for the study regardless of which computer company the school system chose to provide the laptops.

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-004

Apple Updates Garage Band Jam Pack 4


Safari And Rich-Text Editing: Still Waiting

Let Tiger Breed Before You Buy It

Big changes like that require a lot of testing, and no testing method works as well as testing by real users doing real things.

Dissent Within The Linux Rank And File?

I don't understand why the most popular Linux distributions have to be any harder to setup than FreeBSD or OS X.

iPod Security Of The Sock Kind

Secure your iPod in a sock, you won't be sorry.

What Can PC Makers Learn From Apple?

From the company's product design to hardware and software compatibilities to the pleasant Apple Store environment, there's an awful lot to like.


Mac Mini Eye For The Linux-Windows Guy

The Mac mini's lower entry barrier convinced me that the time had come to buy and try a Mac OS X box. I'm convinced that a large percentage of first time Mac buyers buying a Mac mini are Try-ers like me.

Mac Mini

If you're looking for a small second (or third, or fourth) PC, the Mini is worth a look.

Mad Mac OS X Customization

Default Folder X 2.0 For Tiger

Font Management Software: Several Third-Party Products Advance Beyond Apple's Font Book

If you're having problems with corruprt font files, duplicate fonts, and mismatched PostScript printer and screen fonts, FontDoctor 7 is the best remedy.

iTunes' Sound Check And You

Lord, Save (As) Me!

If you're frustrated by OS X's Open and Save dialog boxes, you owe it to yourself to purchase Default Folder X.


The Right Tool For The Job

Hey, we should always choose the right tool for the job. That's why it shouldn't surprise anyone that Microsoft's ad agency used a Macintosh to create the latest ad campaign for the Redmond company.

Yeah, "Start Something" with Windows XP. But to really finish the job, you'll need a Mac.

(Yeah, I know. Cheap shot. Sorry.)


The Black Screen Of Death

You know, it is so rare that the Mac OS X crashes that it's worth an upload over at Flickr when it does happen.


Creative Q3 Profit Seen Surging On MP3 Sales

Creative has produced some of the strongest contenders to the iPod, but Apple's product still leads the hard disk drive music player market by a wide margin. Apple has also encroached into Creative's market for MP3 players based on flash memory chips with the launch of the gum-stick sized iPod shuffle.

Robert Scoble's Guardian Angel Leaving Microsoft

I do think something should be done about Microsoft's current funk and it definitely should involve some executive heads rolling. I hope it doesn't take the stock hitting $10 before some action is taken.

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